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Arnold -- She Just Doesn't Listen!!!

10/14/2009 1:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dear Gov. Schwarzenegger,

While you were Twittering a few minutes ago about the "swift action" coming to Maria, your scofflaw wife was at it again -- jawing away on a handheld cell phone while driving in Brentwood.

Maria Shriver: Click to watch
But it gets worse ... while Maria was illegally yappin' away (the third time she's been photographed doin' it) she saw our cameraman catching the illegal activity on tape -- and that's when she dropped the phone in an attempt to cover it up! The tape does not lie....

Arnold, the fines are bad enough -- but do you have any idea what your Verizon bill is gonna look like?


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Allred Tree    

The sociopathic, narcissistic Maria Shriver should be fined to the max and ordered to apologize on national tv to the citizens. She could have killed someone or maimed them for life! The Special Olympics, her books and anything enabling the Schwarzennagers to profit should be BOYCOTTED until such time as Maria Shriver APOLOGIZES TO THE NATION for her CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR! She is an immoral hypocrite setting the worst possible example! ROTTTEN TO THE CORE and worse First Lady California has ever had!

Could she have a secret lover she needs to sneak a chat in with or make plans to meet before she meets up with her husband?

1800 days ago


But, but, but.... she's a Kennedy. Surely the law can't apply to HER. This is typical of politicians and their families. They're happy to make all these laws to regulate the sh*t out of our behaviour, but they and their friends don't have to abide by the rules.

We have a tax cheat as a treasury secretary. When he gets caught, he only has to pay back what he owes, no interest. Do you think the IRS would be as understanding of YOU?

Senators and congress critters who get special low interest home loans from mortgage companies with links to gov't programs (Chris Dodd, I'm looking at you - amongst others). And these same people are making banking law!

What a cesspool.

1800 days ago


Hey, maybe this is why Arnie signed that law making it more difficult to photograph celebrities. He doesn't want TMZ showing how his wife doesn't think the law applies to her (THREE times, Maria?)

1800 days ago


LOL! She was on the phone with Arnold at the time the paps caught her! It was Kale-forni-cation phone zexy talk!!

1800 days ago


Doesn't California have a "Three-Strikes Law"? I don't care who she's married to or how rich her family is, her driving license should be taken away for repeat stupidity.

1800 days ago


Maria must have borrowed that phone from the prop shop where they filmed "Pretty Woman."

1800 days ago


with all that money, can't she afford a [bleeping] bluetooth???? geez!

1800 days ago

Frankie Delmane    

Oddly unsurprising. Mildly insulting. Ticket that blue blood.

1800 days ago


The Kennedy family have a sense of entitlement that puts them above the law. Maria will keep on talking on her cell for as long as she likes.

1800 days ago


So tell me why is it? Govenator
Police use cameras to catch people running red lights and speeding, then use the tape as evidence.
So why is it this lady continues to break the law and not a single ticket is written.

1800 days ago


I guess the idiots at TMZ have nothing better to do. They're probably the biggest "scofflaws".

1800 days ago


I can't wait for it to come out that she was talking to Arnold and he knew she was driving, phone records????

1800 days ago


You think this is bad, I live in Santa Barbara, California, and I saw a cop in his police car talking on a cell phone. Don't police have bluetooths. If the police break the law, why not
Mrs. Terminator

1800 days ago


they should sick chris brown on her......

1800 days ago

w. judge, jury, executioner...
or a guardian angels.......??

1800 days ago
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