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Arnold -- She Just Doesn't Listen!!!

10/14/2009 1:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dear Gov. Schwarzenegger,

While you were Twittering a few minutes ago about the "swift action" coming to Maria, your scofflaw wife was at it again -- jawing away on a handheld cell phone while driving in Brentwood.

Maria Shriver: Click to watch
But it gets worse ... while Maria was illegally yappin' away (the third time she's been photographed doin' it) she saw our cameraman catching the illegal activity on tape -- and that's when she dropped the phone in an attempt to cover it up! The tape does not lie....

Arnold, the fines are bad enough -- but do you have any idea what your Verizon bill is gonna look like?


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HOW TYPICAL AND NOT SURPRISED ! But i do forgive her, we all make mistakes !

1833 days ago


Unless she is fined for this , others who have paid fines for the same infraction, should be refunded thier money. In spite of the fact that the law is wrong, maybe then it will bring to the attention of these idiots who impose these intricate laws that they don't need to write into law every definition of a basic law that has been established since the horse and buggy, it's called "careless driving" That covers it all. They need to get to work on more important issues.

1833 days ago


Not surprising considering most celebrities and politicians consider themselves above the law including the ones they publically endorse.

1833 days ago


Of course she can get away with it. She's a Kennedy! Aren't they considered American royalty? A Kennedy is always forgiven in the eyes of Americans.

1833 days ago

Hans Morten Sundnes    

Leave this to the police. I thought USA was theland of the Free - not the land of envy, denunciation and harassing.

1833 days ago


I've met Maria Shriver. She has to walk around with the knobbiest, veiniest old lady knees. They are horrific!

Seriously, that's punishment enough.

1833 days ago


It's bad enough that she's endangering other..but she obviously doesn't care how it make her husband look either.

1833 days ago


Convenient that Arney just signed a bill keeping paps and others from taking pics of celebs that would be considered invasions of privacy. I wonder if his wife being photographed breaking the law will count??

1833 days ago


Ohhhhhh, the Today show just said Arnold is going after TMZ for publishing pictures of his wife ... his new anti-pap law at work. Like CA has the time or resources to go after TMZ ... they can't even collect taxes from the richest celebs in their damn state.. go after them, it's more profitable.

1833 days ago


why can't she get ticketed for the 3 times she has been caught on tape.......they do it for when you run a red light, they send you a picture of your car going thru the light, from cameras placed in the area. she's a moron.

1833 days ago


she thinks that the rules don't apply to her. she has been brought up with so much wealth and -priveledge, ;these kind of people really believe that they don't have to live by societies rules'. And she's right, she won't have to pay for her illegal cell phone use. BUT you can bet that if you're "average Joe", who, these days is probably a laid off from work, in the middle of foreclosure, stressed out from life and depressed person,just barely squeeking by in life, you can BET thhat they will be ticketed for illegal cell phone use and, no excuses, have to pay the fine if he gets caught. Maria Shriver is just a stupid baffoon with a lot of money. period.

1833 days ago


Don't talk about it Maria - be about it.

I'm talking about role modeling. How about rolling with that?

1833 days ago


the law is a joke. I see cops doing it all the time.

1833 days ago

Linda Mott    

I got hit 2 times in the last 5 years by teenagers. One was a giggly girl that she pulled out and hit me because she was talking on the phone. Since I getting rid of the car, I gave her a mini talk and told her not to talk on the phone and drive.
The other time was a young boy that was a new driver and I saw just a scrap so I forgave him.
I expect more from MARIA

1833 days ago


I can't stand the bitch. She claims she no longer wanted to be a newscaster because of all the news about Anna Nicole when she passed away. Truth is NBC didn't want her ugly Skeletor face on the news anymore with her holier than thou attitude.

1833 days ago
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