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Eddie Cibrian's Wife --

He Cheated, Duh

10/14/2009 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Cibrian's wife says she found out he was cheating on her through the media, this according to new documents filed in their divorce.


Brandi Cibrian says she "first learned of his infidelity in March 2009," according to docs obtained by TMZ. Brandi never names the other woman -- it just happens Us Weekly posted a video of Eddie making out with LeAnn Rimes at a restaurant that same month.

Brandi claims Eddie said he promised to stop cheating -- and they even sought counseling -- but by July, 2009, she found out the affair was still in full blossom ... again courtesy of the media.

Brandi also claims Eddie was unfaithful to her with at least one other woman during their marriage.


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Brandi is well rid of Cibrian who is a serial cheater. It has nothing to do with their marriage. which was probably no better or worse than other marriages, he just likes to cheat. It gave him a buzz and then he liked to go home to his wife and family. I have no doubt that he had NO intention of divorcing his wife but was manipulated into it by Rimes who made sure that the media knew about the ongoing affair.

I don't care about their affair but I think that their cruel behaviour towards their spouses was absolutely despicable. There was no reason to drag their families, and especially his wife and little boys, into the media limelight in such a way. If he had decided to separate, then he should have been honest with his wife of 8+ years - she deserved at least that.

I hope that Rimes understands that what goes around comes around. He isn't going to change at his age, he will always be a cheater. Now they are in the "lust" part of their relationship but that will end soon and then what....

1802 days ago


Check out the co-star he was supposedly engaged to in late 1997, Julianne Morris. Check the dates and notice something else.

Julianne Morris is crushed by something (Eddie cheating?), the engagement is off and he is dating Brandi in '98. Wouldn't you love to ask Julianne what happened !!?

Just stuff I 've found online. Who knows but it could be him up to it again.

1802 days ago


Meg and Meg is a Liar, what bar did you work at?

1802 days ago


I think we all agree that Brandi is the winner in this case. How awful it must have been for her to find out about his dirty deeds through the media. Nobody deserves that!

1802 days ago

None of Your Business    

Why is everyone blaming Eddie's wife? Eddie is the cheater and she is the victim. A serial cheater can't be cured because it's all about "me, me, me" and it's obvious Eddie is a selfish bastard. When you cheat and you have kids you are cheating on your kids too. Leann Rimes is just as selfish. Two marriages destroyed and kids that are heartbroken. Eddie and Leann deserve each other... and they won't last either.

1802 days ago


Beauty is not everything. Looks mixed with a terrible personality never wins.

1802 days ago


#4...are you retarded? Brandi is hotter and thinner than Rimes. And your comment about fitting into your cheerleading uniform...lame. Oh, and because you are so petty...dear, I can also get into my old uniform, a size 2, and I am 42. Get a life.

1802 days ago


Yes, his wife is much prettier than Rimes. But I think the affair was nothing more than a career move.
Who actually knew who he was BEFORE he started up with Rimes and made the covers of all these tabloids? He is using Rimes for the publicity!
Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone.

1802 days ago


If you saw her as she is now you wouldn't think she's so hot.

Besides she looks so plasticized. Maybe she's one of those "street angels, house devil" types.

1802 days ago

Lady Z    

His wife is way prettier than LeAnn. WTF? Well, Bruce Springsteen left his gorgeous model wife for that horse face girl who sang in his band. And look at Letterman, his girlfriend AND his wife are both horsefaces. Some men are intiminated by beautiful women.

1802 days ago


Someone at TMZ put up the best photo of Brandi they could find and a blurry, unflattering one of Eddie.

Believe me Brandi is not very pretty. There are recent photos and she is average.

We could find some very good pictures of Le Ann and say "very pretty" too.

Neither woman is very good looking. Take away B's plumped up lips, the silicone and implants and what have you got? Plain Jane.

1802 days ago


The question becomes, who will be cheated on first, LeeAnn or Eddie, because cheaters cheat, and they are both cheaters. They deserve each other!

1802 days ago


LeAnn has always been gorgeous, and she has so much talent. Her videos are fantastic, too.

1802 days ago


I don't know these people but her CHEEK Implants are way too big for her face!

1802 days ago
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