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Landlord Declares War on Soulja Boy

10/14/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy Tell Em's been living in his luxury LA apartment for less than a year, and he's already accused of being the tenant from hell -- allegedly being too loud, over-crowding his building, and owing nearly $10,000 in unpaid bills.

Soulja Boy

TMZ obtained a letter the landlord fired off to Soulja Boy late last month which states, "We have received complaints of noise disturbances and guests wandering the hallway and Observation Deck. This is a direct violation of your Lease Agreement."

The letter continues, "Additionally, we were notified that you had over 10 cars parked in guest parking on the evening of September 25th. This is a violation of your lease ... which states, 'You may have no more than two overnight guests at a time unless we provide specific approval.'"

Less than a week after that letter was sent, the landlord followed up with a bill for $9,376.10 in unpaid rent and late fees.

Just last week Soulja was arrested in an abandoned house in Georgia ... maybe he was just looking for a place to move.

We got no comment from his people.


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I was watching Cribs this summer and I was wondering how he was able to live in a place like that! I mean- yeah he's had a couple hits... but that doesn't last forever, especially with a hella nice place like that! When will rappers learn not to throw away all their money?! Invest it! (Haha I laugh as I say that.)

1837 days ago


If the landlord would have done some 'profiling', he wouldn't be in this position. Just look at Soulja. Nothing about him says 'civilized'. His songs are redundant and just plain suck. I predict he'll either be selling crack or flipping burgers in 5 short years.

1837 days ago

whats up Doctors    

A FOOL and his Money SOON PART..

1837 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Kooky , You should start doing Cliche's. Then you can be Kooky Kliche

1837 days ago

jon q. public    

what is i recently saw one of the guys from the his label speak....and he went on and on about how smart this idiot is.....uh...ok....he sounds like a real brain trust.....

1837 days ago

FED UP!!!!!    


1837 days ago


soulja boy...whatever...why is anyone still talking about this no-talent bum?. How he even got a recording contract is beyond me. Needs to just go away; stick to real news TMZ. Enough with the crap stories no one cares about.

1837 days ago

Nyle Caiby    

C'mom Simone. I'm assuming you are white, writing that stupid sh it that you wrote. You are "supposed" to be the superior race and the best you can come up with is to call us monkeys? We've heard that before...come with better. Anyhooo...

'You may have no more than two overnight guests at a time unless we provide specific approval.'" Where the fu ck is soulja boy living? a college dorm, overnight camp? If I'm paying thousands of dollars a month to lease...everyone in the projects is staying over...right Simone? stupid bi tch.

1837 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Odd how some blacks go out of their way to reinforce racist stereotypes.
Thank God I don't live in this crappy building, there would be blood on the carpets and weaves in the pool.

1837 days ago

Deirdre B Pride    

Only 2 over night guest permitted......,but it's how much to rent this place? Oh well, he should just buy his own. Then again, he's only 18. He has a remote control chain. I'm sure he has the moola to pay the rent. Hello,........He's been busy lately.

Hey racists, kill ya damn selves or move to Switzerland. We are not going anywhere.

1837 days ago


he might be drinking too much vodka and chrome soda!!

1837 days ago


# So many people here are trying to use racist comment. Why white people need a small chance to show how racist they are? Poor people... You will never gonna be free until you die. We will still hunt you every where you are and we will still gonna do our best to prosper. Pigs

1837 days ago

Tracy R    

Sorry but sounds like a dumbass

1837 days ago
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