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Katherine Jackson -- Those Kids Won't Be on TV

10/14/2009 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says Michael Jackson's kids will not appear on any TV reality show in her lifetime.

Katherine tells TMZ Michael would never want his kids to appear on TV, much less on a reality show. She says her son went to great lengths to protect the kids from TV cameras, often shielding them with masks.

There are reports A&E's Jackson reality show will include MJ's 3 kids. Katherine, who is the legal guardian of the kids and ultimately makes the decision, tells us it will NOT happen.


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There is no such thing as reality tv    

I am glad they won't be on tv. They do not need to be exploited. MJ's kids need to be protected. I just hope Katherine does not give in to the other Jacksons and let the kids appear on the show.

1801 days ago


53. 46. that was rehearsed so how could she have asked to do it,,they made her read it from a card..get real..those kids are already mental defectives anyways..with a father figure they had its no wonder as he was doped to the max and crazy as a loon

Posted at 2:23PM on Oct 14th 2009 by germaine

You are 100% right.
They played the media and gullible fans.
They told that poor child what to say they even pushed her to continue when she broke down.
They are master manipulators just like their brother

Posted at 2:36PM on Oct 14th 2009 by WACKO JACKO

Wow great post by both of you and the truth.

Posted at 2:45PM on Oct 14th 2009 by tellin the truth
This is a rare video of Paris Jackson crying on Latoya's shoulders before the speech. Stop being ridiculous and jealousy that those children loved their dad and he loved them back. And plz dont bother responding with the drug stuff.

1801 days ago


55. I don't believe one damn thing these Jacksons say. Katherine is giving Michaels money to her sons to support their fat lazy asses. Shes giving money to Joe who is another lazy assed b*stard. It aint nobodys fault but those demented Jackson who blew through their money time and time again. Losers, let them seek real employment. Where is Doc Klein to rescue these chilkdren, HIS true Bio children!

Posted at 2:48PM on Oct 14th 2009 by Minnie HaHa

Katherine made the right choice! the children have their own lawyer to make sure their money is safe and the court checks on it! stop believing the media lies! MJ left custody of his bio-children to his mother for a reason...she was the best choice and would respect his wishes!!

I pray that Katherine has updated her will and made provisions for her grandchildren!

Leave MJs children alone and arrest murray and klein already!

1801 days ago


There is a division in the Jackson family over this??? Why would they even consider it??? Who in their right mind would go against a dead family member's extremely strong wishes about his children? They are pure evil. Thank goodness there are a couple of family members with some decency. I hope Katherine lives a long time.

1801 days ago


Looking in my mirror!!!Took me by suprise!!!I can't help but see you running often through my mind!!!!Helpless like a baby sensual disguise!!!I can't help but love you it's getting better all the time!!!!!I CAN'T HELP IT IF I WANTED TO!!!!I WOULDN'T HELP IT EVEN IF I COULD!!!I WOULDN'T HELP IT NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU MICHAEL MY ANGEL IN DISGUISE!!!!

1801 days ago


Not In Her Life Time...whats that 2 years! ols ass greedy woaman

1801 days ago


Right on Katherine. You are doing the right thing. Let the kids have a protected life as Michael wanted. Thanks for doing the right thing!

1801 days ago

a fan    

Thankfully, Katherine is abiding by her son's wishes.

I would like help making a list of the people in MJ's life who did NOT use him for money or their career or fame while he was living or after his death.

1801 days ago


56. KUDOS TO KATHERINE!!! Now we know why Michael adored her a much as he did!!! She is a wonderful grandmother/guardian and I applaud her!!!! Let those other greedy freaks cash in on MJ's deth---she just wants to live and take care of those kids.

Posted at 2:48PM on Oct 14th 2009 by terry

Like the way she bravely stood up to Joe?
She did not even protect her own kids why would she protect these "grandchildren".
Do you think that she is happy that these kids will get everything while her biological grandchildren will get nothing.

1801 days ago


I hope Katherine lives a long time.

Posted at 2:56PM on Oct 14th 2009 by truth

I hope the all die and then give those kids back to Debbie. Yes I said that!!!!

1801 days ago

mjfan 4ever    

Thank goodness,what a wonderful grandma you are!Don't let Joe or those other kids of yours push you into anything you dont want to do!

1801 days ago


This is such a beautiful story about our guy that I wanted to post it again. The good deeds he's done all over the world are countless.

Posted at 2:31PM on Oct 14th 2009 by Jan

38. Less than a day after Michael Jackson's death, the mayor of Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil, announced that the city would erect a statue of the
singer in Dona Marta, a favela that was once notorious for drug dealing
and is now a model for social development. The change was spurred partly
by Jackson's 1996 visit to film the video for "They Don't Care About

Jackson shot two videos for "They Don't Care About Us," the fourth
single from "HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I": one in a prison
and another in Dona Marta and Salvador da Bahia, a colonial Brazilian
city known for its Afro-Brazilian culture and music.

When Jackson came to Brazil to shoot the video, directed by Spike Lee,
Rio's local government became concerned that the singer would show the
world an unflattering picture of poverty. At the time, Brazilians, like
people the world over, saw Jackson as an idol. He'd been to the country
twice before, once with the Jackson 5 in the '70s and again in 1993,
when he played two concerts in São Paulo to 100,000 people each
At the time, the concert promoter Dodi Sirena recalls a "sensitive"
artist who asked for an amusement park to be reserved for his use, then
invited children from the poorest public schools. "He displayed great
concern for everything in the country, with poverty, with street
children," Sirena says.

In that context, Jackson's choice of locale for his video made sense.
"The video is about the people no one cares about," says Claudia Silva,
press liaison for Rio's office of tourism.

When Jackson shot the video in Rio, Silva was a journalist for the daily
newspaper O Globo, but Lee and his staff had banned journalists from the
shoot because Dona Marta drug dealers didn't want the attention. But
Silva found a family that let her spend the night at their home and saw
the favela residents washing the streets to prepare for Jackson's
arrival. "The people were so proud," Silva says. "That was the best
thing for me. People got up early to clean the area, they prepared for
him, they took out the trash."

Jackson arrived by helicopter but walked the streets of Dona Marta
shaking hands and distributing candy. "People were very surprised in the
end, because they were expecting an extraterrestrial guy," Silva says.
"And he was—it sounds strange to say this—a normal guy."

Jackson shot scenes in Salvador, alongside throngs of people,
accompanied by the Afro-Brazilian cultural group Olodum. In the video,
he can be seen dancing to the beat of hundreds of Olodum's drummers and
with cheering fans who reach out to touch him—and at one point burst
through security and push him to the floor.

"This process to make Dona Marta better started with Michael Jackson,"
Silva says. "Now it's a safe favela. There are no drug dealers anymore,
and there's a massive social project. But all the attention started with
Michael Jackson." --Leila Cobo

1801 days ago


Less than a day after Michael Jackson's death, the mayor of Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil, announced that the city would erect a statue of the
singer in Dona Marta, a favela that was once notorious for drug dealing
and is now a model for social development. The change was spurred partly
by Jackson's 1996 visit to film the video for "They Don't Care About

Thank you for the link. MJ was more than just a thriller dancer.
Even in death, Michael is influencing the world for the better. Since his death, people have embraced his Heal the World message & are giving back in meaningful ways to their communities & world at large. I have personally become more forgiving & more loving because of Michael's example. I have also adopted an African child through World Vision that my husband & I support through monthly donations. I just felt compelled to be a part of Michael's vision to Heal the World because it IS a beautiful vision that I've helped in other ways since his Man in the Mirror song. But his passing compelled me to do more because he lived, breathed & died that message. The least I could do is help him to realize his dream that WE would all come together & MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR YOU & FOR ME.

1801 days ago


I hope the all die and then give those kids back to Debbie. Yes I said that!!!!

Posted at 3:04PM on Oct 14th 2009 by hahahahahaha

I actually like Debbie. She is nothing like the media has portrayed her. They did to her what they did to Michael. Her and Michael were friends for many years. I hope she and Prince and Paris can form some sort of a relationship. I would trust her before I trust any of the Jacksons, including Katherine.

1801 days ago

They were in it for the money    

If you seriously would get with it. Did you not know every blessed Jackson, every person who spoke at the memorial was in fact paid the going rate as dictated by AEU that would be actors equity union. The final funeral was also a paid gig. When are you people going to wake the hell up and realize this is a performing family. They always have been. They have no feelings except to give a perfect dialog and gather your money in for them, only for them. Don't you all know they signed with Satin himself, for gods sake! I hope when they meet their maker he sends them right to hell asap.

1801 days ago
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