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Arnold's Solution -- A Driver for Shriver!

10/15/2009 5:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the ultimate hands-free solution -- Maria Shriver didn't just get a Bluetooth ... the habitual cell phone violator also got herself a driver!!!

Maria Shriver: Click to watch
Today, the woman who got in trouble with her husband for having a cell phone conversation while she was driving -- ironically had lunch at a place called La Conversation in West Hollywood.

After the meal, Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife sat shotgun in her waiting ride -- where she was legally free to yap her ear off as much as she'd like.


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I've already fired off an e-mail demanding the immediate refund of the $500.00 "Red Light" camera ticket I got last year since Shrivers multiple violations CAUGHT ON CAMERA went unpunished...I feel discriminated against, and unfairly punished since I paid my dues while she skates on HABITUAL offenses...Her license should be revoked for her blatant disregard of the LAW...

1798 days ago


Could someone clarify if taxpayers do pay for the driver and the car? What else do they bill taxpayers pay for, and how much does it all cost?

1798 days ago


Her uncle, Teddy Kennedy, should have had a driver, too, in 1969.

Her cousin, Congressboy Patrick Kennedy, needed one, as well, when he crashed his car while driving under the influence.

Kennedys should not multi-task while driving... Unlawful, big trouble.

1798 days ago


Oh come-on, its funny!!!!!

1797 days ago


Didn't anyone notice? She didn't use her seatbelt either!

1797 days ago


Any notice the seat belt? It doesn't look like she is wearing one.

Maybe Harvey can start on this all over again lol

1797 days ago


Jesus to many stupid people here. They are rich and can afford drivers. He doesn't even get paid for being a gov he gives it back. He also fly's back and forth on his own dime on his own jet.

They can't give her tickets just because there is video. This isn't a murder.

But I think she should own up and donate the fine she should have got for three strikes to something. Hell that sounds fair at least. If it was my wife and I had the cash they have I would 10x it on top of that. Maybe to MADD or something

1797 days ago


Grow the Fu@k up Maria! A rule is a rule, the law is the law and especially when it's made by your husband. He should have fined you and NOT gotten you a chauffer. You're a regular citizen who puts their pants on the same way as everyone else. Just remember that.

1797 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    


Instead of solving the problem appropriately, quickly and inexpensively, Governator added staff and increased expenditures (albeit his own). So typical of the mindset of our leaders. Democracy has evolved to IDIOTCRACY......

Viva Argentenia!!!!!!!!!!

1797 days ago


It would be less expensive for California taxpayers if Shriver would simply behave like an adult and exercise some respect for traffic laws and the safety of her fellow citizens.

1795 days ago


OMG some of you people need to do some research before you go off dissing her and her husband because of the cost to taxpayers. He donates his entire salary back; is entitled to Governor housing yet opts to pay for his own room at the Hyatt across the street from the Capitol; foots the bill for his travel to/from his home in southern California. Anyone who thinks we California taxpayers are footing the bill for Maria's driver is living in fantasy land. The fine for talking on your cell is something like $50 or less - she said she's donating money to a charity...something tells me she'll be donating more than $150.

It's not that big of a deal. I see multiple people breaking hands-free law here everyday. It's not that big of a deal in the scheme of things...some of you are acting like she "got away with" a felony or something. I'm personally not a fan of Maria or Arnold, but geesh...some of you are holier than thou comments are laughable.

1793 days ago
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