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Balloon Boy

Found Alive

... at Home

10/15/2009 7:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The kid who everyone thought was flying through the air in a homemade balloon was finally found -- hiding in a cardboard box in the attic of his home.

Balloon kid
Officials say Falcon Heene's parents were "hysterical" during the search -- but turns out he was just hiding the entire time.

Cops also tell TMZ they won't charge the Heene's for the manpower it took to chase their crazy UFO balloon that didn't have a kid stuck inside.


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Why did it take so long to find him?? I mean I'm glad he's ok but that boy need a slap on the butt!!!! That's what the parents get for not watching there children.. All it takes is a second for something bad to happen. Let this be a lesson learned..

1797 days ago


Yay!!! Poor baby must have been so scared of his crazy ass dad to hide in a cardboard box for hrs.!!! Child Services please investigate these unfit parents ASAP!!!

1797 days ago


I hope those boys get punished. I don't care how old they are. If your old enough to build a "balloon" with your dad then your old enough to get punished. Maybe these parents will think twice about they're activities and they're science experiments, etc......

1797 days ago


58. For some reason I think this was all a "publicity stunt", Harvey or Mike...What do you think???

Posted at 6:29PM on Oct 15th 2009 by Fran

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I think the very same thing. Read up a bit on this father, & a lot of other people will too! This guy wants his own 'Discovery' channel show!

1797 days ago


What a great joke played on the world media machine.

I first heard about balloon boy on New Zealand talk radio as it was happening. They had the same reactions you all do.

Oh, and don't rule out it all being a media stunt planned by the parents ... someone should look into that.

1797 days ago


I seen this family on wife swap and they are so crazy to let there kids do anything and dangerous storm chasers to. They had drills to and the kids slept in there clothes in case they needed to chase a storm??? Craziness!!! Doesnt surprise me as that episode was just mind blowing that they didnt seem scared of anything there kids did.

1797 days ago


He needs his ass kicked.

1797 days ago

jennifer allensen    

This family was on wife swap....They are a little nutty on the show...extreme weather fanatics! They had their boys help out in following tornadoes...Don't think these guys have safety as a priority!

1797 days ago


I knew it. I'm wondering if this was all a ploy to get attention? Obviously the family likes attention hence the reason they were on a reality show in the first place.

1797 days ago


Did they SAY it was a prank? Sounds like he just was scared
sh!tless he was going to be in trouble for letting the balloon go. Normal 6 year old reaction. I feel sorry for him: from now on he will always be "BALLOON BOY"...ugh. That is gonna haunt him. LOL. Least it had a happy ending.

1797 days ago

White chicken    

People, WTF do you say???
He is just a little boy!
How can you beat his ass?
It's not nice :((
Children is children..

1797 days ago


This was all just a big hoax, the crazy dad and phsycho mother need to be investigated. This was all a publicity stunt aimed probably to get a reality show based on this absolutely retarded family. youtube has all kinds of videos including a gay rap video with the kids swearing and acting very insane. please take the kids from their piece of sh!t parents and make sure the parents pay for all this.

completely ridiculous (neuter the parents)

1797 days ago


I heard these idiot parents were loons on Wife Swap. Typical liberal sh1t family. Let there kids run around all they want with out discipline. This is how all liberals are.

1797 days ago

who dat    

When does this family get a weekly series on TLC, a multi million dollar book deal and motion picture movie.

1797 days ago
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