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Boy in the Balloon Appeared on 'Wife Swap'

10/15/2009 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The boy was not in the balloon when it landed.

The boy currently flying over Colorado in a homemade flying saucer appeared on "Wife Swap" back in March.

Boy in the Balloon Appeared on 'Wife Swap'
Six-year-old Falcon Heene's family is described as "storm-chasing, science-obsessed Heene family from Colorado" on the show's website -- and sure enough, in the background of the family photo, there's another flying saucer.


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#41 you are a heartless idiot and the world would be a better place without you

1781 days ago


it just figures. niether one of those parents should be left of the hook, what i saw on wife swap, it only was a matter of time till something bad happened to one of those boys.

1781 days ago


33. In reading over some of your's amazing to me how many of you are cynical, ignorant and just plain hateful. What's wrong with you people? Have a heart, this is a 6 year old kid!

Posted at 4:09PM on Oct 15th 2009 by "TT"

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1781 days ago


I. too, have seen the episode of "Wife Swap" with this family. I remember g=how out of control the kids area and that the parents allow and encourage this. Its not the kids fault that the are the way the are. The kids also have a very disturbing video on "YouTube" called "Pussification"and its about how they are not being raised to be p@ssiys. The parents are both in the video and the kids are rapping. They elude to to saying words like "titties" and "c@ck" and its really disgusting. I have 2 boys and would NEVER allow them to act that way. My boys are being raised to have respect for others and they are thoughtful. I believe that the boys may have hurt their brother or even killed him. They are using tis balloon as a way to explain what happened to the boy to cover themselves. First they say he climbed in the balloon and it took off and now they say he fell out. I think they are lying becaus ethey are scared to say what really happened.

1781 days ago


I bet if he's found okay he'll be on the Ellen show.

1781 days ago


Yes...I know I should have used spell check and fixed my errors! Sorry for my mistakes!!! And what I wrote is just my opinion...I know he is just a little boy and is lost somewhere. I hope he is alive and not hurt or worse, dead. But something is fishy here. I really have a strong feeling that the older brothers may have been a little too rough with the little one! I mean, they are allowed to jump off roofs, etc... Maybe the little one was trying to keep up with the bigger ones, and got hurt and the brothers are covering up what happened because they are terrified! It makes sense, doesn't it???

1781 days ago


Saw this family on Wife Swap and thought then that Social Services should intervene. The parents are irresponsible, immature, obnoxious, and erratic people who are not qualified to rear children. I hope the little boy is found unharmed and all the kids find a new home with mentally stable adults.

1781 days ago


His mother is chinese!!!!!!!!

1781 days ago


He was found alive in the attic

1781 days ago


He was found alive in the attic

1781 days ago


Some of you are just plain ugly..............

1781 days ago


Those parents are morons. I saw the show and everyone i know who saw the show thought the same. The parents throw bigger fits than their children. They are horrible parents and it was just a matter of time before they became even more recognized for it. Its a shame that people like this have a legal right to raise other human beings. May God help us all!

1781 days ago

who gives a shit    

#79 go peddle your wares somewhere else. This is not the place. Enough with you people trying to sell stuff. Glad the little one was found safe! Maybe this will teach this family a good lesson. I remember seeing them on Wife Swap and they should really learn a lesson from this.

1781 days ago

Stephen Wilson    

I wondered if the flying saucer balloon project was really big enough to carry a six-year-old, so I did a little math.

1781 days ago


I vote this family should be the first sent to Mars - with no return flight.

1780 days ago
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