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Former Letterman Intern Makes Self at Home

10/15/2009 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "other" other intern David Letterman allegedly got down with certainly made herself comfy in Dave's office back in the day.

 Former Letterman Intern Makes Self at Home

As we first reported, Holly Hester -- an intern for Dave 2 decades ago -- says she also had a secret relationship with the late night host when she was a student at NYU and fell head over heels for him. She says they dated for a year.

The pics, taken when Dave was still at NBC, are totally innocent -- Holly is goofing around in his office ... Dave nowhere in sight. But Holly was a bold intern -- daring to puff on one of Dave's beloved cigars.


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It's nauseating to see this. Letterman seems to have picked the most vulnerable and easily controllable women who would be in awe of him and keep the secret. A young average looking woman interning for him would be the easiest to control and manipulate, would be more in awe of getting noticed by a tv star, and would be most afraid of angering him in any way and jeopardizing her future. Letterman seems to have intense anger for women that has been off putting even before this debacle. He's a public figure with great influence over public opinion and over politics, and has not been shy about using public airwaves to exercise that influence. If he wants to enjoy political and cultural influence, he likewise needs to be accountable for who he is. Can't have it both ways. Whether or not Letterman was married is irrelevant. He was in a committed relationship. Let's see how dudes who say this react if their girlfriend is cheating on them. He seems to have gone to great lengths to keep these trysts secret. If they weren't wrong, he wouldn't need such secrecy

1797 days ago


Does anyone else think she looks like JENNIFER ANISTON? Pre nose job, pre makeover, in the 90s???!!???

1797 days ago

john johnson    

look at her, all horozontal and everything. just ready to be broken in.

1797 days ago


It looks like Michael Jackson's oldest son, waiting for daddy.

1797 days ago


He has a thing for the "plain Janes", don't you think? Merrill Markoe, his wife, Stephanie... they aren't traditionally attractive. And they have "butch" quality about them if you ask me.

1797 days ago


he has a type and it's ugly homely women with ironing board bodies. Gross! she looks like a dude, they all do! Uncombed hair, No makeup, NO BOOBS HIPS OR ASS. he has bad taste, but hes really ugly so beggars cant be choosers!

1797 days ago


That was twenty years ago FFS. The woman musta needed some extra cash real bad to come crawling outa the woodwork after all this time!!!!!!!!!....Who's next TMZ? The first person letterman kissed?

1797 days ago


Hi im ladee da, i make remarks about others because its a reflection of my life. I am a gay man but im really ugly and no one likes me. I am a sad disgusting creature who has nothing to offer humanity. im unhappy so i say stupid things. my life sucks i will be a nobody till i die..

1797 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Harv, Ya need to find a pic of them together 20 years ago,They may have made a nice couple. The only thing we know for sure is Dave may had more hair back then.

1797 days ago

I love him!    

Oh my God! A man who chooses girlfriends based on personality and not looks. Let's lynch him. You can tell who is from California on this site.

1797 days ago


Dee must be uglier then these girls and must be CanAdIaN

1797 days ago


1797 days ago

my two cents    

My former boss had an affair with an employee 17 years his junior. It went on for a year before his wife found out. It is called a MIDLIFE CRISIS. Dave wants to be 25. It just makes him look moronic.

1797 days ago

Dave Evans    

Damn dave
she's too skinny.
that'd be like boinking a skeleton or dinka tribe woman.

1797 days ago


I love dave! before i go to bed i always drink my chrome soda and enjoy dave!

1797 days ago
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