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Kate: 'Profoundly Disturbed' by Allegations

10/15/2009 5:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate GosselinKate Gosselin tells TMZ she is "disturbed" by reports that Jon has hacked into her emails and other personal accounts.

Kate's rep says "Kate Gosselin has heard the allegations made by Stephanie Santoro that Jon Gosselin 'hacked' into her emails, phone, and online accounts, and she is profoundly disturbed by them."

The rep continues, "Under the circumstances, Ms. Gosselin is carefully considering all of her legal options regarding this matter, and she will pursue them if and when the time is right."


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Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon should just throw in the towel and make his exit. He is killing any career opportunities, who would want a thief, liar, and an unstable psycho at his breaking point working for them or promoting anything for them?

If Eva Longoria is smart she will tell them that she will not do New Years Eve in Vegas next to that screw-up.

1798 days ago


I'm so sick of people bashing Kate-at least she cares about her children. Everything Jon does is self motivated and short sighted. Him and the junkie Hailey deserve each other.

1798 days ago


WHO CARES ! Are Americans this desparate for entertainment ? Don't we have more important problems to be discussing other than keeping up with TLC created soap operas ?

1798 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

would some one please take him out already? For his kids sake? Just off him on the street or dump him in the ocean.

1798 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

haha Jon is not smart enough to hack, he wishes, it was all spouting more lies to look like a bad ass to get Stephanie to sleep with him. He sucks at everything he does. He cannot even tie his shoelaces without help from Hailey. The boy needs big boy diapers and a pacifier. It is lame and disgusting how immature this grown man acts.

1798 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon, here is your theme song...

Beck..LOSER (I'm a loser why don't you kill me) *singing*

1798 days ago

just SHUT UP db

1798 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Just a lil update..I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, nobody hungry yet, so I hve a lil more time to laugh at the comments..hehee

1798 days ago


This skanky woman needs to remember she is the mother to eight children. Why she continues to ACT this way is far beyond my comprehension. These two clowns need to get a life. TLC is just as bad for continually filming this family's unravelling.

1798 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

OMG LMAO at these comments! The Lily Allen Fu*k You song was hilarious, great pick for Jon Gosselin, great lyrics!

1798 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    


douche on a rope, just don't drop the soap Jon (grinz), when you are in that jail cell with me and our bromance.

Ima waiting on you my fudge packing friend. Wam bam I'll turn you into a man.


1798 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Hailey has nothing on Kate. Kate has the looks the success and chances at success, Hailey is this road hard put away wet, leathered, wrinkly drugged out whore. Kate has it all, no wonder the Kate haters are jealous and Jon and Hailey are even seething with jealousy to try to bring her down.

Kate is a strong woman who does not sit back and take it.

Wrong is wrong and hacking and stalking is wrong and illegal, so go after him Kate, take him down for his vindictive and his and Hailey's drug induced psychosis issues. I think drugs are exacerbating his behaviors or else he is in a serious manic phase of bipolar swinging like a mad monkey from a tree flinging poop and wacking his tiny tim like a red butted monkey, for onlookers to watch him for attention. Either way or for whatever reasons he does what he does, he is sick in the head.

KEEP HIM FROM THE CHILDREN, what if he gets in a vehicle under the influence and hurts those kids. They end up hurt or to the hospital in reports when they are in HIS care!

Some thing horrible is yet to happen to one of those kids, prevent the accident before it occurs. Jon is reckless and irresponsible and only thinking about himself, on the road under the influence he is not going to care for the mini van of kids next to him that he drives into, or when he has one or two of all of his kids with him and his reflexes are slow from the drugs and drinking.

GET him tested or file a motion with the court that he may be endangering them and you!

We will read and mourn about the loss of one of your children next with his reckless behavior, he is crying out for help already, this is NOT the Jon any of us know or love. He is some one else, reckless, selfish, and self destructing, don't let him hurt you or those precious 8 or an innocent family on his trips from NY to PA and back.

1798 days ago


Stop the madness and shut up Kate! These are ASSUMPTIONS! Why plague the media with this information based on what someone said. You are proving that you are an incompitent idiot who can't keep her ugly trap shut.

1798 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Nancy Grace, on her show on CNN, had a legal panel discussing his criminal acts too. If he is doing this or did, or put a program on her email or computer, like you do with kids or how the spouse who does not trust the other spouse does, it is a program that will send you a copy of your spouse's email or your child's email.

Maybe it is on Mady's laptop too, have it checked out. They are programs that take snap shot photos of emails and send alerts when your child gets an email or sends one, or instant message, etc or any activity or site you visit, it can be set up to take photos randomly every so often and send that information to your email.

They are silent hidden programs, software you purchase and download on to computers. If it is on Mady's or your computer Kate, it can be found. It also traces your online activity, if you go to a bank website, shopping, who you email, copies of the email (snap shots). When you send or receive, etc.

Husbands or wives who suspect their spouses are cheating download these and set it up to catch their cheating spouse. My brother in law did that and caught his wife cheating with some guy and having cyber sex.

1798 days ago


Boy, some of you really suck. You are just too stuck on Jon and whatever he does you think is just great!!!! Wake up!!!!! Jon is the one that's always opening his trap and saying things he's not suppose to say. He's stupid and that's putting it mildly. Don't you think if Jon really had something on Kate that he wouldn't have used it by now. Also, her lawyers aren't going to release a statement unless they have some proof.

Gee, some of you want Jon to get custody of the kids. That would be interesting!!! Jon sure wouldn't have time for Hailey and I'm willing to bet if he had all the kids, she would be gone like a flash!!!! When Jon is with the kids he has plenty of help, nannies, etc. So what is so bad if Kate has help???? I thought it was interesting that Jon left the kids with a nanny and went to New York for some press thing, but I suppose if it's Jon that's okay----- I would hate to see the kids if Jon was in charge of doing the laundry and keeping them clean. He looks like he could use a good shower and a set of clean different clothes. He looks like he slept in his clothes and fell out of bed. I guess it's all that drinking, and weed I hear he smoking.

Kate is not perfect and she has her faults, but she knows when to keep quiet and the paps are not her buddies, like they are Jon's. I would suggest you don't judge her so harshly until you walk a mile in her shoes!!! If Jon was so unhappy with Kate, he could have packed his bags and left a long time ago. He wasn't chained to the house. I think Jon's 15 minutes of whinny like a little child are just about up.

Kate hang in there. I wish you and the children the very best.

1798 days ago
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