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Mel Gibson & Pregnant GF -- Finally Some P.D.A.

10/15/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what seems to be their first public display of affection, Mel Gibson put his arm around his unwed pregnant 39-year-old girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva after they broke bread in Manhattan on Wednesday.


Oksana is due with the 53-year-old conservative Catholic's eighth child some time this fall.


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You people crack me up. All the nasty trash you have to say and I bet there's not one of you that is any more perfect than Mel (everyone is faulty!)

Mel makes great movies and that is why we pay the bucks to go see him. The rest of the info on him is nothing. So why make so much of it??

Get over yourselves.

1799 days ago


"Oksana is due with the 53-year-old conservative Catholic's eighth child..." THE POPE MUST BE SO PROUD!!!!

1799 days ago

Jomica Man    

This women will be finacially set for 18 years plus due to old Mel not using a condom in those many heated exchanges. If in fact she has a child from Timothy Dalton, that is additional income from child support. Though the money from Mel Gibson will be much more significant in my opinion. This women knows how to pick them out and forsake birth control, though it is a two way street. Dumb ass Mel, must have been stinking drunk.

1799 days ago


He makes me SICK SICK SICK!!! I use to love him, now I can't stand the sight of him. Being the wonderful Catholic he is I'm sure there is a special place in HELL just for him.

1799 days ago


I wonder if her name is Sugar-Tits? It's good Mel believes in hell because he's got a suite awaiting according to his savior and star of his blood bath of a movie, The Passion Of The Christ.

And speaking of holier than thou Mel and religion. There's a new hysterical issue of Girls and Corpses Magazine with Mel on a cross and even an interview with Jim Caviezel who played Jesus in Mel's Passion of the Christ.


1799 days ago


TNA is TNA..she looks great&they look GOOD togather.Once you FN a russian you never GO BAC.She must be cooking in the sack.

1799 days ago

A. Minnitman    

"53-year-old conservative Catholic's" Hey Harve,...when is the last time that you identified some celebrity as a "Liberal Jew"? Typical anti-gentile Hollywood propaganda.

1799 days ago


Mel and Oksana plus 8 minus ex. At least he can afford child support unlike the biggest loser father of the year Jon Gosselin.

1799 days ago


Ok TMZ, so were you trying to put down both conservatives and Catholics in your little remarks? So what if he's conservative and Catholic.
Look at all the celebs you promote who are unmarried and have dozens of kids. How many kids does liberal Jolie have now?
What's your point?

1799 days ago

A. Minnitman    

The "Hollywood crowd" and their shadow army has had it in for Mel ever since the Passion of the Christ movie. Some people feel so threatened by history that they then feel compelled to change it or silence and discredit anyone who dares to bring it up.

1799 days ago


If Mel Gibson was not loaded with money most young women would not give him the time of day. These old coots think they are hot stuff; they don't realize that it is all about money. Hook some old man and try to get pregnant as fast as you can. Instant pay check for eighteen years. Mel is not the first old man that is too stupid to see past his pants. Women don't want what is in your pants idiot; they want what is in your wallet.

1799 days ago


re:Pax....unwed mothers are hoe's?wow do you have alot to learn and you really need to grow up i expect that comment was made by a 10 year old would be the only excuse i can see.. to all you unwed mothers out there doing the best job you can out there alone my support,i know how hard it is.

1799 days ago


Damn he looks old for 53.

1799 days ago


re:pax....that is exactly what you said here read YOUR OWN WORDS...1. TMZ - such hypocrits. How come you NEVER refer to Angelina Jolie and an "UNWED MOTHER" ?????? That's exactly what the ho is. You're real quick to refer to other, that you don't like so much, as such.

Posted at 10:03AM on Oct 15th 2009 by Paxx

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1799 days ago


She's ugly and old and do not appear to be in love.

1799 days ago
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