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Mel Gibson & Pregnant GF -- Finally Some P.D.A.

10/15/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what seems to be their first public display of affection, Mel Gibson put his arm around his unwed pregnant 39-year-old girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva after they broke bread in Manhattan on Wednesday.


Oksana is due with the 53-year-old conservative Catholic's eighth child some time this fall.


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Britney's Lawyer    

Isn't Mel so Catholic that he built a church on his property in Malibu so he could pray daily???

Now he knocks up his girlfriend?? Maybe they can pray for foregiveness in his custom made church together?

1832 days ago


Posted at 1:22PM on Oct 15th 2009 by Linda
Women don't want what is in your pants idiot; they want what is in your wallet.
What if your wallet is in your pants pocket?
Please inform.

1832 days ago

Slut stink    

she looks like she has pancake makeup on her face. what a slut and a home-wrecking whore. both are sleazy adulturers. their unborn spawn will be a bastard, by definition.

1832 days ago


My comments got in more than once. TMZ guys maybe you can remove some of the duplicates. Sorry about that!!

1832 days ago


I love him and his movies!! cant wait for his next one! just hope they have chrome soda at the theater!

1832 days ago


He needs a facelift, and she needs a bag over her head!!!!

1832 days ago


Mel, Mel, Mel:
A nice Catholic boy like you getting a girl all knocked up.

Grow up.

1832 days ago


"53-year-old conservative Catholic's" Hey Harve,...when is the last time that you identified some celebrity as a "Liberal Jew"? Typical anti-gentile Hollywood propaganda.

Posted at 12:40PM on Oct 15th 2009 by Bill Dabunkar

What's the matter, Bill? Are you upset that other people's views are made public now? Are you upset that it's not just so one-sided anymore? Now, everyone's opinion is starting to be known and publicized, not just the Gentile view all the time like it used to be. I'll bet you like Rush Limbaugh's views.

1832 days ago


I'd like to tell Mel to Kiss My Ass, but kissing his GF's lips would be pretty much the same.

1832 days ago


Ok TMZ, so were you trying to put down both conservatives and Catholics in your little remarks? So what if he's conservative and Catholic.
Look at all the celebs you promote who are unmarried and have dozens of kids. How many kids does liberal Jolie have now?
What's your point?

Posted at 1:04PM on Oct 15th 2009 by Maria

Maria, why is okay for you to label people?("liberal Jolie"), but it's not okay when someone else does the same thing?

Why is it okay if some groups always try to label people, saying "liberal Jew" or a "far leftist" or some other stupid label,
but then the moment one of the groups throws it back at them and does the same thing(for example, "53-year-old conservative Catholic") some people get all excited and jump up and down?

1832 days ago


The "Hollywood crowd" and their shadow army has had it in for Mel ever since the Passion of the Christ movie. Some people feel so threatened by history that they then feel compelled to change it or silence and discredit anyone who dares to bring it up.

Posted at 1:05PM on Oct 15th 2009 by Noah Revision

Noah, that doesn't make any sense, because TMZ makes fun of all kinds of people, and not just one person or group.

1832 days ago

A. Minnitman    

RDC, I think you're just one of them Hollywood syncophants. Hollywood and it's minions have been jamming their liberal nonsense down America's throat since the inception of the so called entertainment industry. Mel was ostracized long before the girlfriend issue and the other incidents. The anti-Mel attitude started when certain people felt threatened by his movie "The Passion of the Christ",that insecurity on their part was very telling indeed.

I think people are finally on to your games of historic revisionism, scapegoating gentiles and omnipresence in the media.
Now scurry away back into your servile dank and dark corner RDC.

1832 days ago


So the perfect Conservative Catholic is having a BASTARD-child. Please don't preach to the non-believers. You cheated on your wife, you had sex out of wedlock, and you knocked up this ugly woman..... HA! This chick 'locked' into your millions by making sure she got knocked up.

1832 days ago


Mel looks like a silly old man in heat with his skeezer girlfriend. She certainly does not look to be in her 3rd trimester.

1832 days ago


SusieqinBA I agree with you totaly!
well seen!
and add to it that oks is not even pregnant!
she is officialy in her 8 month and is wearing tight blue jeans with some high socks on it.
There is no baby and no prengacy its all a farce!

1832 days ago
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