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Balloon Boy -- The 911 Call

10/16/2009 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by a hysterical Mayumi Heene yesterday, trying to tell the operator her 6-year-old son Falcon was aboard in a runaway "flying saucer."

Eventually, papa Richard Heene takes over the call and explains how the "saucer" works.

During the call, the operator asked Richard, "Are you sure that [Falcon] is in there?"

Richard replies, "Yeah, we looked everywhere ... and then my son just said ... yeah, he verified it ... he said yeah he went inside just before it went off."

Richard continues, "We had it tethered ... it wasn't supposed to take off."


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You know whats ironicly funny bout this posting? Right above it is an ad for quaker oats, with a kid being lifted away......By a! Other than that...Ya all this is staged for some publicity, but the boy blew it on national tv...Wow!

1799 days ago

PJ Miller    

I wonder if the reason they're not going to charge the parents for the man-power it took to do the search and rescue is because the police say they searched their home TWICE and the boy was definitely not in the house. Could the family blame the cops for not being thorough enough???

1799 days ago


If they weren't going to send that thing up why did they fill it with expensive helium gas just to sit in the backyard?? Hoax!!!

1799 days ago


HOAX! Why did it take them 20 minutes to call 911? So they could practice the call and their bad acting. If they thought the boy was in the balloon, they would have called 911 IMMEDIATELY. OK acting by the wife, BAD acting by the husband. He hangs up from the 911 operator to smoke weed.
Note that the 911 operator starts to laugh when he explains the voltage.
Helium and a million volts in the backyard? Throw them in jail!

1799 days ago


What a load of crap! The mother and father sound very fake! Make them pay for the search! What horrible parents to put their child in that position!

1799 days ago


Obviously NOT a hoax. Think about it, this kid has been on tv before so he probably thought the news crew filming him was a "show". He took them to the place where he hid and showed them what he did, which is probably where his statement came from. They were also filming the takeoff in their backyard with their own cameras and from past experience, these kids probably associate cameras with being on tv, or to them, they are filming their own show. Also,the parents are scientists, not award winning actors. Listen to the 911 call, they were frantic and genuinely upset.

1799 days ago


Totally phony and crying is reminiscent of Susan Smith after she killed her boys. Jerks wasting tax payers money!

1799 days ago


Let's see, my beloved baby boy lifts off in an unmanned helium filled contraption. What ever should I do. I KNOW!!!! First I'll call the news station, then the FAA, then I'll have my nearly unintelligible wife call 911, then when they ask for me, I'll chat w/911 for a few minutes, but if a call comes in for me, I'll leave the 911 operator hanging to find out who it is, then I'll just walk away from the 911 operator altogether! DUH what else would someone as upset as I am do?

1799 days ago


I might eat my words later, but for now I do NOT think this was a Hoax!!! These parents were going on what their sons had told them! The balloon was not on the roof, it was in the backyard for one thing, and for another, you can HEAR the PANIC in their voices when trying to talk to 911!!! Of course they searched for him before calling 911! I would! The dad had said FIRST it was just a few minutes since he was missing! How can you think straight in that situation?? The 911 operator is the one who said 20 minutes! Their other son is the one who said he got into it before it took off. They probably thought he got into the bottom compartment somehow. The dad also stated he was worried about him being electrocuted if he touched it!! Makes sense to me! Can you even imagine what it would feel like to think your child was probably facing imminent death???
As far as what the poor little boy said about it "being for the show" give me a break, he's only 6!!! He had been questioned for HOURS and has subsequently gotten sick twice on t.v. today for him and his dad being asked that stupid question AGAIN and AGAIN!! He probably doesn't know what he is SUPPOSED to say!!! If you ask a child the same question over and over again, they think they are not answering it correctly and will change their answer. They were recording themselves earlier that day experimenting with the balloon, he could have thought they were recording a show. Maybe for YouTube or something!? And they have been on T.V. twice! You have to realize he is just a child!
He was hiding because he was in trouble, as kids will often do, he's just a little guy, he doesn't realize the horror he put his parents through!
Now everyone wants to tear the parents to bits, and throw them to the wolves! I am sick of the media ruining people and families with their rumors and speculation!
AND they didn't stay away from the media, because then everyone would be saying they were hiding something!! You can't win in this kind of environment!! No matter what they said or did, someone would find them at fault!
You can hear the poor mother sobbing in the background, and for all of you to bash these poor people to death, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

1799 days ago


I don't think they're lying. One of the first things a scientist needs to think about when designing an experiment is safety, and the dad makes it clear to 911 how worried he is about the electrical charge the balloon gives off every five minutes AND his concern for the possibility of a collision with an airport since the balloon was heading towards an airport. I don't believe for a second that this guy would allow a balloon -- manned or not -- to dangerously fly away from his home where it could cause major damage or death. Heck, if he can't afford to pay the Garcia's car accident damages, he sure isn't going to be able to pay for any costs that could incur from a runaway balloon, which would be WAY MORE.

Also, I heard on CNN yesterday as the drama unfolded that the person in charge of the search on the ground had people looking EVERYWHERE for him, so it's not like we're relying on the parents' account that the house had already been searched. OTHER PEOPLE searched thier home, too, and they couldn't find him.

1799 days ago


It is human instinct to call 911 instantly when there is a crisis of this magnitude. A 13 yr. old boy wiped out on his skateboard (w/out a helmet) on the sidewalk in front of my house & then was not moving & as I raced outside to help him I grabbed the phone & began calling 911. I have absolutely no recollection of thinking about or making a conscious decision to call 911. The fact alone that these parents waited 20 minutes before calling 911 is a dead give-away that this was a hoax, never mind the little boy saying what he said on CNN and multiple other details that make no sense. And the mom not being fluent in English - unable to effectively communicate vital info to the 911 operator - why didn't THE DAD, obviously a native speaker of English, speak on the phone immediately? When they finally made the decision to call 911, that is. I have never in my life heard of anyone treating an operator with such disrespect. The boy was so lethargic on TV this morning that he actually shut his eyes. That child is being victimized & I am very concerned for his welfare.

1799 days ago


Oops. I meant to say "collison with an airplane."

1799 days ago

gene yuss    

best hoax ever

1799 days ago

Urha Khunt    

Even Yoko Ono can act better than this beeotch.

1799 days ago


Oops, typo..."r" didn't make it in "information". Anyhow, this family is a joke, a sick joke. I hope they get the professional help they need!

1799 days ago
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