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Balloon Boy Busts Parents

10/16/2009 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Falcon Heene and his family were just on Larry King Live -- where he suggested his family set up the entire "boy trapped in a flying balloon" story, saying "You guys said that we did this for the show."

His father responded by saying "Man," his mom adding "No."

Wolf Blitzer didn't hear what the boy said and moved on to the next question.

The family appeared on the ABC show "Wife Swap" back in March.


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They were in it for the money    

Richard needs to fly off in a balloon-His azz is in deep doodoo- BLess little Falcon. hope no harm comes to the little guy. I think this guys 15 minutes of fame is OVER! He is a card carrying member of SAG and of AFTRA...Damnned! What poor method scool of acting did he attend-Probably the one that was mail order schools. Uh Hu....Violator! Cheap excuse for a husband and a father! Shame on you, you froot loop!

1813 days ago



1813 days ago

its me    

Lulu Spencer better stay away from Dante on General Hospital. the girl has no chemistry with ANYONE! every character shes around she ruins them. she makes the Spencer's look stupid just like her boring ass brother Lucky. he cant act , lulu cant act and she acts like a snob with that big ass forehead and the EMILY/REBECA girl is HORRIBLE at acting . she also has long arms and makes funny noises in the background when the camera isent on her so plz get rid of this strange boring character. KEEP LULU AWAY FROM DANTE! KEEP LULU AWAY FROM DANTE! I REPEAT THAT A MILLION TIMES! THE ONLY THING LULU HAS CHEMISTRY WITH IS A WALL. GET RID OF HER BECAUSE SHES GONNA RUIN A GOOD CHARACTER LIKE DANTE! EMILY U SUCK AND YOU CANT ACT! YOUR LIPS SHRIVEL UP EVERYTIME YOUR DUMB ASS TALKS. THEY SHOULD KEEP CLAUDIA BECAUSE SHES FUN TO WATCH AND I LOVE JOHN AND OLIVIA!! HEY CARLY?! GO EAT ANOTHER FRENCH FRY! WWW.SOAPCENTRAL.COM WTF IS UP WITH PEOPLE SAYING BALLS?? DO U NEEED SOME BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE A MENTAL PROBLEM

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Knew it from the start. This family needs to pay the bill for the helicopters, police agencies, National Guard, etc. who helped in this quest. Of course it's ironic that they are already on TV a couple of hours later. Hope he makes enough to pay taxpayers back!!!!!!!!!!

1813 days ago


Where was LK tonight? He would have caught that right off. I know I did and was wondering why it was not questioned immediately. When Wolf did at the end, the dad became very defensive. This family seems nuts. I was laughing throughout the interview.

1813 days ago


OMG! this whole thing was staged???
*rolls eyes*
like, duh
What really surprises me is how gullible the authorities were.
Now, what kind of bill did the National Guard ring up on this one?

1813 days ago


This was the funniest thing I have seen in years.

1813 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Why did those nice Sheriff men go and axe that balloon whack whack whack if they thought a small child was inside of there. All that Helium I mean, come on...Did they go to the Barney Fife School of Axe Bashing U.? I hope Denver gives this A Hole a huge bill, fine and jail time. People could have been killed, it could have caused a major fire, everyone was so worried for his child, but he wasn't. He used an innocent 6 year old child with some brains and the kid foiled it. Happy Halloween and a Merry Christmas to you Richard dumbass Heece.

1813 days ago


1813 days ago


They were totally busted out. Give me break..the kids was sitting in a box for hours? he couldn't sit still for a second on CNN. They were busted on live TV and I hope he gets all he deserves for all the anxiety and time that was spent to assist his publicity stunt.

1813 days ago


Theres obvious abuse going on in that family---emotional and physical for certain. The wife is probably a victim too...the husband should be banned forever from any more CNN or Weather Channel updates with his storm chasing routines....a bona fide headcase, abuser, possible drug user as well. A dangerous sort, and at a minimum he should be up on local charges of endangering children, his and the whole towns for having such a dangerous contraption in the backyard.

They've been caught...but they must be investigated for shows in the behaviour which was also evident on the Wife Swap espisode. The husband is a ticking time bomb---with a fascination with science and gizmos, the unexplained, ufo's and names a Kid after a bird. Chicken or Pigeon might now be a better name as that kid is going to have his lunch handed to him the rest of his life for this routine...oh wait, they probably homeschool like all good underground weathermen do. Probably a Bill Ayers follower too....only he would be the bomb maker type...scary strange. Avoid at all costs. Save the Children Colorado, save those children.

1813 days ago


LoL! I's not really funny but you just gotta laugh at the guys face. HeHe...I can just see him squirming and wanting to pinch the kid.

1813 days ago


Good to see this turned out this way.

1813 days ago


Did anyone ever think the boy ment that they told him that he was doing it for "show" you know to get attention? I know my kids do things for "show" to get attention. Just throwing another opinion out there.

1813 days ago


CPS should investigate this family..This could have lingering affects on a six year old being forced to stay in an attic for three hours..I thought something was up when I saw the child in the middle on LKL..He was fidgiting, and making noises, like he knew it was all a hoax...The Dad acts like a lunatic, and will do anything for fame, and a paycheck.. Get a real job, and stop whoring your kid out for your fame.. Your 15 minutes are up, Bozo!

1813 days ago
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