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Balloon Boy Investigation

10/16/2009 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Larimer County Sheriff's Department will conduct an investigation into the getaway balloon caper. We're told they have not decided if it's a criminal investigation -- presumably filing a false report.

After a meeting today, Sheriff's officials tell us they will conduct interviews with the family beginning tomorrow, including the boy.

A Sheriff's official told us they will not interview the family today because "their physical and emotional state as of this morning is not well."

Thing is ... they've been doing TV nonstop. We're just sayin' ...

Story developing ...


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These parents are kooks, especially the father. He needs some SERIOUS counseling. I feel sorry for the boys, having such a weird family.
Shame on the TV interviewers who did not stop the interviews when this poor boy was upset enough to vomit. Idiots.

1799 days ago


I think it was a hoax. The dad acts like he is drunk in the interviews and acts like he is bipolar as well.

1799 days ago


Who knows if this family is trying to get a reality show? If it is a hoax the family sure should pay for the manpower etc. I live about a half hour away from them, the Larimer County police are pretty good so I assume they will get to the bottom of it.

1799 days ago


The parents should be made to pay the fees,they also should be investigated for the way they have their children lie or try to lie, It is so obvious that this child knows it is wrong but is being made to lie by his parents.

1799 days ago


The Lifetime Channel is going to re-air their first Wife Swap, on 10/29, and is titled "Heene/Martel".

1799 days ago


This family wanted to have the attention ... wow did they get it. The truth came out with the boy (Falcon), " Dad told him it's for the show"!!!!! These people will do anything for attention, but shouldn't be at the expense of the Government, they should learn their lesson for this and pay a step fine. The truth will come out and these people will be checked out ... the three boys need correcting ... and the parents should be held responsible!

1799 days ago


His defense is that he has nothing to promote or sell.

Dunno 'bout that there Heene, looks like some traveling gadget that you built seems to be the main star of this story.

Where do i place my order for one of those?

1799 days ago

White guys love lil kids lmfao    

That's is a damn shame. You white ppl have some serious issues. Why do white folk act like this?

1799 days ago


I Think that Richard Henne pulled a stunt to get media attention. Reading that he has been shopping different network's for his own reality show is very suspicious to me. I remember when he had done the show Wife Swap and I watched the episode. I witnessed that Richard Henne never put his children safety first. He's a bit over the top and he seems to make no sense when he says anything in regards to what has happen with his Balloon.
He seemed concerned about what Falcon said during the interview with CNN and when Falcon mention doing it for a show; Mr. Henne looked very surprised and seem to want to crawl into a hole.I was captivated by the whole incidence and when I saw who the parents where to this little boy Falcon I was immediately suspicious of all of it.. Thanks from Vista, CA

1798 days ago


I just came up with my own idea for a hit reality show. It's called "Float or Die!". The premise is each week we make a stupid looking UFO balloon and put Richard Heene inside it and let it loose. Then we track it with a helicopter until it crash lands. After the crash landing we look inside to see what color Heene's skin is. If it's blue that means he died and the show is canceled. If it's pink, we get to make another UFO balloon and launch Richard again next week.

1798 days ago


This delay will give these lousy parents even more time to continue to coach their kids on what to say during the inquiries.

I would like to see both parents take lie detector tests ASAP.

1798 days ago


Poor Kid!!!

Obviously you could tell the little boy had been given some type of sedation and it made him sick.

1798 days ago

June Plessel    

Richard Heene saw the balloon take off, the tiny plywood bottom was all closed up, how could anyone believe a child could get in there, close the door behind him, and not be choking and wanting out when helium started blowing inside? People are watching too many movies with special effects...this episode is not believable, and those parents wanted to cover their tracks after breaking the law and releasing an illegal UFO!

1798 days ago


Yes!! Very weird how the boy dozed off and then raised up to vomit. Very suspicious!!!!

1798 days ago


How did that kid get in there when the police couldn't even get it open without destroying it.

1798 days ago
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