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Falcon Sick of Talking -- Pukes on Live TV

10/16/2009 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: BTW -- the vom-fest was edited out of the West Coast airing of "Today."

TMZ has learned the Larimer County Sheriff's Dept. has called an internal meeting at 8 AM local time to determine what they're going to do in this case.

Just when you thought the balloon boy saga couldn't get more twisted, six-year-old Falcon Heene just threw up during a live interview ... while his father and Meredith Vieira kept chatting it up.

Falcon Heene: Click to watch
Right after the family was asked to explain Falcon's comments on Larry King Live that his "disappearance" was "all for the show," the kid asked his mom to "give me the cup" ... and, well, you can guess what happened next.

He walked off an interview earlier during "GMA" for the same reason.

WARNING: This is just nasty.


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This was a publicity stunt for these parents to get their "invention" on TV so they could see how far it flew. I saw this family on an episode of "wife swap" so they are not new to the entertainment world. They should be brought up on charges and whatever it costs the police, Armed forces, etc for their waste of time and time they could have been out with real emergencies they should have to pay. More importantly, these parents should of thought this out and how their messed up lives are and will effect these 3 boys lives as they continue to live like they are invinsible.

1803 days ago


only in America....

1803 days ago


ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This is wrong on so many levels .. where to begin! MEDIA, TODAY SHOW, this BABY (remember he's FRIGGIN SIX YEARS OLD), pukes on TV during the interview and you keep going w/the interview and don't even acknowledge the distress this CHILD is experiencing???!!!! As a previous poster said, they had a bucket all ready! PARENTS! Your kid is so stressed out that he's puking and you keep him doing interviews? He did another one after this one btw!

Do you also know, that when the balloon lifted off, dear old dad called the news stations before the police???

These people should be arrested for child abuse!

1803 days ago

Amber Berglund    

This is so wrong. The father looks like a maniac. Of course it was a hoax. We've all seen Mythbusters and the myth of the helium balloons - *busted* -
Watching this maniac father reminds me of Kate Gossling refusing to give water to Maddy before an interview.
If you want to exploit someone, exploit yourself. Don't do this to your children.
Why hasn't someone called social services?

1803 days ago

Crabby Appleton    

I guess the Xanax they gave the kid to shut his yap didn't agree with him.

1803 days ago


wow I'm in absolute shock, they are so full of it. Of course it was a stunt! The kid even said "I did it for the show, and the dad got all uncomfortable. Then he talks about how he didn't want to do this cnn interview, yet there they are! I hope they have to pay back every cent to the emergency response. Disgusting, and maybe they should be ARRESTED!!!

1803 days ago


Poor kid, stop parading the little guy in front of the cameras. If YOU want to discuss it fine but leave him out of it, obviously he is feeling very pressured and stressed. Probably because it was all the parents idea and now he's getting that no one is believing him. They probably have been drilling the crap out of him on what to say and what NOT to say, probably laid a big guilt trip on him how child services will break up the family, take him away or put mommy and daddy in jail because he messed up the story. Twisted.

1803 days ago


Dear ol Dad probably gave him something to make him sleep! Maybe too much on his empty little tummy.

1803 days ago

Hon. Rev. Dr. K. Allan Dewees-Arthur III, Phd, MBA, MA Div., DMN    

this was a hoax pure and simple people

1803 days ago


I too like the rest of the nation was glued to this story. I live in Denver and this was the only thing anyone was talking about. I was so worried for this little boy. Now I am worried for him for a completely different reason. IF this turns out to be a hoax, I would hope Children Services steps in and takes all 3 of those boys. Child endangerment is no joke. These boys are put in harms way continually by their parents during these storm chases and now the emotional abuse these kids will endure because of their parents ignorance and self-righteousness will live with them for the rest of their lives. On a good note, not one story of the Gosselins made it to the headlines yesterday. So at least there's that.

1803 days ago


Children throw up when they are stressed out and afraid. I'm sure the parents let him know how much trouble they will all be in if he doesn't play his part and lie. Those parents should be ashamed of themselves.

1803 days ago


These parents are discusting!! Look at what they are putting that poor kid through for their selfish greed.
They need to be investigated.
I just love how the dad carries on with the interview without even caring about Falcon being sick.

1803 days ago


wow...lot of material for late night comics here...keeps getting more bizzare...

1803 days ago

Sandra D    

His parents are full of s--t! Especially the mother!

1803 days ago
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