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Falcon Sick of Talking -- Pukes on Live TV

10/16/2009 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: BTW -- the vom-fest was edited out of the West Coast airing of "Today."

TMZ has learned the Larimer County Sheriff's Dept. has called an internal meeting at 8 AM local time to determine what they're going to do in this case.

Just when you thought the balloon boy saga couldn't get more twisted, six-year-old Falcon Heene just threw up during a live interview ... while his father and Meredith Vieira kept chatting it up.

Falcon Heene: Click to watch
Right after the family was asked to explain Falcon's comments on Larry King Live that his "disappearance" was "all for the show," the kid asked his mom to "give me the cup" ... and, well, you can guess what happened next.

He walked off an interview earlier during "GMA" for the same reason.

WARNING: This is just nasty.


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he also got physically ill on GMA this morning. The father was more worried about the kid's mike. When neither parent got up to go with the boy, Diane Sawyer asked the mom if she wanted to go tend to him...poor kid will be scarred for life now.

1842 days ago


I'm thinking this is a hoax and I'm angry about it. All the people who attempted to rescue him - the family should have to pay for their time. I'm not buying it now.

1842 days ago

the end of the day    

The child acted lathargic, as if he had been given medication to make him drowsy, probably to "keep him quiet" since he told the real truth on Larry King LIVE that when asked why he hid in the attic and did not respond when he heard eveyone calling his name he truthfully replied, "You said it was for the show." I say call Child Protection Services and put the parents away.

1842 days ago


I guarantee that SNL will spoof this part!

1842 days ago


The evidence is mounting that this was a hoax put on by the parents so they could get their own reality show.

1. It didn't make sense they couldn't find the boy in their own garage attic. They said they searched everywhere for him, including their neighbor's houses. Also, what 6yo boy would have the patience to hide in a box for 4 hours?

2. The boy said "You guys[meaning his parents] said we did this for a show." The dad gets all defensive when the CNN interviewer just wants to ask the boy what he meant by that.

3. The balloon wasn't big enough to have the lift needed to carry a 6yo boy away like that. The dad built it so he would have known that. The people trying to find the boy didn't know the size of it.

1842 days ago


COURT ordered individual counseling!!! Parents should have be questioned separately and the children. This family is nuts.

1842 days ago


I feel sorry for these kids; being pawns in the father's quest to be famous.

The kid KNEW he busted his Dad on live TV, hence him throwing up. He probably figured he was going to get a good spanking for telling the truth on live tv against his father's "wishes".

1842 days ago


Watch how the other two boys begin to fidget while Falcon's dad tries to cover Falcon's slip. No wonder Falcon upchucked. The pressure of lying got to him. The brother squirmed because they knew Dad was lying and their disappoint was obvious.

1842 days ago

time to come out    

haha what total white trash.

1842 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Also, it was reported that the brother saw him climb into the flying saucer when it took off. Now clearly that was a lie also orchestrated by the parents. Why hasn't that been addressed?

1842 days ago


What's that syrup that induces vomitting?
Can't believe those kids havent been removed by the state to protect them. This daddy-o is a sick azz freak. Oh and a BAD ACTOR.

1842 days ago


What a bunch of cynics!! It wasn't an act or a hoax!! Sometimes sh*t happens! And if everyone were held responsible for thier child's dumbass mistakes, then I bet most of you would not be so quick to judge. Give them a break!

1842 days ago


Why is TMZ still reporting on this story ? They are not celebrities. Dont you think the local news stations are shoving it down our throats enough ? Come on TMZ !! Seriously !!

1842 days ago


despite whether or not this was a hoax...this is whats wrong with the world. The boy is clearly ill and the family and the interviewer keep on! the "story" is more important than the kid! wtfff

1842 days ago


I say they make the parents pay back all the money wasted looking for this stupid kid. All a big publicity stunt. Reality TV Whores

1842 days ago
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