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Falcon Sick of Talking -- Pukes on Live TV

10/16/2009 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: BTW -- the vom-fest was edited out of the West Coast airing of "Today."

TMZ has learned the Larimer County Sheriff's Dept. has called an internal meeting at 8 AM local time to determine what they're going to do in this case.

Just when you thought the balloon boy saga couldn't get more twisted, six-year-old Falcon Heene just threw up during a live interview ... while his father and Meredith Vieira kept chatting it up.

Falcon Heene: Click to watch
Right after the family was asked to explain Falcon's comments on Larry King Live that his "disappearance" was "all for the show," the kid asked his mom to "give me the cup" ... and, well, you can guess what happened next.

He walked off an interview earlier during "GMA" for the same reason.

WARNING: This is just nasty.


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This makes me sick. It's rather obvious this was a hoax & the poor little guy is a nervous wreck!!! I Hope the authorities investigate these parents!

1798 days ago


This video is a prime example everything that is wrong with people today. I almost peed my pants laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Hello???Hey crappy parents: stay off the tube, and protect your kids instead of your interests (especially when they are hurling their brains out and clearly distressed).Duhhhhhhhhh.

1798 days ago


Def. not faking. The kid realized what his hiding caused, and that's why he's so upset. A punished kid acts like that! Definetely not faking. When he said it was for the show I guess he meant the balloon, not the situtation. So, Anyway, I'm just glad he's ok. And I don't think they faked anything. :)

1798 days ago


This is crazy. I was watching Good Morning America and he did the exact same thing when asked why he said "It was for the show" as he did on the Today Show. A little too concidental don't ya think.

1798 days ago


Those boys are awfully cute but these parents seem to be enjoying the spotlight a bit too much. I would think that if you thought your kid was perhaps dead or dying or fell out of a balloon the day before, you would want to just hunker down and be around family. Couldn't the interviews wait until the kid isn't sick?

1798 days ago


For those folks that are thinking it is funny that there happened to be a "puke bucket" near by~ need to realize that he had walked off camera from GMA a little earlier because he wasn't feeling good and you could hear him gagging in the background. So that isn't just a coincedence, he obv. wasnt feeling well. The family is def. acting goofy~ but I took that to be because of the fact that those interviews took place around 7 AM EST which would make it what, 3 or 4 in the morning where they live.

Aside from those two comments, I do have to say I find the whole story a little far fetched and the dad is sketchy too boot! I am calling hoax!

1798 days ago



If the father is a self-proclaimed "scientist," why wasn't he able to immediately calculate that the balloon was unable to fly at that height and rate of speed with a 50 to 60 lb child on board???

This family is reeking of lies and what's pathetic is seeing these children trying to keep up the front for the parents.

1798 days ago



Sorry for the rants, but this just has me steamed.

1798 days ago


Am I the only one who has noticed that this guy NEVER actually looks at the camera, always looking down and around. Isn't that a sign of deception? These people are beyond odd and my guess are hoping for their own reality series.

1798 days ago


These two parents should be evaluated. They bring their kids with them while storm chasing. They exploit them on a reality tv show, TWICE. Now this. They probably made the kid hide up in the attic. He probably inhaled too much dust and insulation from being up there for so many hours, causing him to be sick. And NOW they keep on the tv doing live interviews knowing full well that he's sick and vomitting.

Those parents NEED to be evaluated.

1798 days ago


Falcon acts as if he's been given medication to make him sleepy, and it upset his stomach. He should be given a drug test, STAT. The father is clearly deceptive. Look at the father's squinting, tightened jaw and slight movement to the right, when asked the question. A six-year-old DOES understand that simple of a question, especially a bright and precocious child, like Falcon. Falcon's answer about "for the show" made perfect sense; the father's explanation didn't; in fact, the father's explanation was too complex to be a six-year-old's answer to what was a simple and clear question. These children are being taught to believe in an alternate reality, which is a form of psychological abuse. And in this case, they also appear to be at risk of physical harm.

1798 days ago

Are You Serious    

These people are an embarrassament to the state of Colorado. I hope the parents are at least fined. They keep talking and keep the boys all sitting there with him sick. I hope Child Services takes these kids from these irresponsible parents. They are using these kids for profit and their 5 minutes of fame.

1798 days ago


That is the funniest video. Look at the his little brothers. ha ha

1798 days ago


For those believing the story "he was in trouble and scared, that's why he hid". You need to go back and watch their episode of Wife Swap. These people allow their children to do anything they want. There is no discipline or structure. I find it hard to believe he was punished earlier and that is why he was hiding. I called BS before the balloon ever landed. These parents should have had these children removed from their custody long ago!

1798 days ago


This is my first time EVER responding on TMZ. That child needs to be given a drug test ASAP because he was given something to shut him up. Do it under the guise of testing for the swine flu. I am a doctor and would be willing to put my license on the line to state unequivocally that this young boy was given meds.

1798 days ago
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