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Falcon Sick of Talking -- Pukes on Live TV

10/16/2009 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: BTW -- the vom-fest was edited out of the West Coast airing of "Today."

TMZ has learned the Larimer County Sheriff's Dept. has called an internal meeting at 8 AM local time to determine what they're going to do in this case.

Just when you thought the balloon boy saga couldn't get more twisted, six-year-old Falcon Heene just threw up during a live interview ... while his father and Meredith Vieira kept chatting it up.

Falcon Heene: Click to watch
Right after the family was asked to explain Falcon's comments on Larry King Live that his "disappearance" was "all for the show," the kid asked his mom to "give me the cup" ... and, well, you can guess what happened next.

He walked off an interview earlier during "GMA" for the same reason.

WARNING: This is just nasty.


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Maybe Falcon was puking because he was sick of seeing Al Roker doing the weather! hahah

1832 days ago


this idiot father just wants a reality show. LOSER!

1832 days ago


Give it up, Dad. You DON'T have the acting skills!

1832 days ago


No question in my mind... that this father is a controlling figure in the household! I wonder... if they gave this young child something before the interview that would make him ill... to draw some sympathy? They are more than capable of such an act! You watch the other brother and he looks horrified... didn't flinch even when his brother is vomiting! He was probably told to keep his trap shut and just sit there! Now this ALL has me wondering... did he find his wife via the internet... internet bride?? Poor kids... Just curious... Anyhoo... these parents belong in jail without their children in their care and custody! Where's the state?? They need to step in ASAP!! Hhhhmmm...

1832 days ago

Bella Donna    

I'm with #19. If that kid was sick they should have called off the interview or stopped it. What kind of parents want to be on TV so badly that they subject their child to being in interviewed when he's sick. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in their house last night when they laid into that poor kid. Especially after he spilled the beans on Larry King that they were just doing it for a show. They probably really let him have it. I'd guess that's the real reason the poor kid is sick.

1832 days ago


Ummmm....did anyone else notice how PISSED the Father looked when the boy was vomiting? I do think this was a hoax that the parents set up and probably got way more out of control then any of them had imagined, especially the boy. The parents should be ashamed of them selves. First of all, if it's not a hoax, don't do the t.v. rounds, enjoy having your child at home and knowing that he is safe. Second if it is an out of control hoax, go see a Doctor and get your head examined!!!

1832 days ago


I wouldn't put it past these parents to pull a hoax, however I would think they would be smart enough to never envolve a 6 year old as the truth would come out. It would be too big a secret to expect a child to keep.

1832 days ago


I hope this wasn't a hoax, but my gut says it was. If so, mom and dad should be held accountable.

1832 days ago


Poor kid. His nerves are shot and he's puking becasue daddy tells him to do something and then turns around and tells everyone something else. The boy is afraid to say the wrong thing. It's obvious the man has a temper.

1832 days ago


Forget the balloon boy this whole story was made hilarious by the two brothers getting puked on, I strongly recommend playing the clip in slow motion the faces are priceless. However, I may only have a degree from a community college but aren't there laws against filing false police reports? Also, at the very least besides being kooky publicity whores maybe these people are unfit to raise children. Outside of being fined, maybe their local CPS should take a closer look into this family clear something is extremely wrong in their household.

1832 days ago


Apparently, the boy got sick as well in a GMA interview. Those parents should not have let him continue on another one! He should have been in bed being taken care of and NOT be forced to do another interview!

Also, the camera crew should not have kept filming him vomiting, the father should have stopped the interview immediatly and Meridith Viera should have done so as well, and expressed her concern for the boy. Shame on them!!!!!!!

1832 days ago


Authorities should take those children away from the parents!!!! That little boy looks exhausted. I can't believe I just saw that and the parents kept on talking, I would have taken my kid and left, they obviously want attention and they are exploiting that little boy...DISGUSTING!!!

1831 days ago


I believe they drugged him so he would keep his mouth shut, but that obviously backfired with him vomiting and swaying like a drunk man with the spins. nothing suprises me out of this family anymore.

1831 days ago

Have no shame    

"Oh honey, you're coughing. Let me give you some medicine to make you feel better."

Gives the kid syrup of ipecac. He's to ill through both interviews to answer any questions. And to prove that he's ill, the "medicine" works right on time just so he can vomit on television.

If you think people are being to cynical, come to NY will a few thousand dollars. I have this bridge that you might want to purchase.

1831 days ago


Absolutely, without a doubt... Totally Bratty Kids they are, no wonder the kids are BRATS, look at the Father, LOONY BIN..!!!!!

1830 days ago
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