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Heene Family's Reality Is TV

10/16/2009 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 2:20 PM ET -- A TLC official tells TMZ the Heene family approached the network "months ago" with a reality show idea, but the network passed.

TMZ has learned the Heene family has been pitching a reality show about the wacky family, as one TV source put it, "all over town."

Heene Family
We're told Richard Heene pitched a series to Relativity Real, as well as RDF Productions. RDF produces "Wife Swap," on which the family appeared back in March.

We're also told the Heene's have made the rounds at the networks, including TLC. Of course, TLC produced "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

So is balloon boy the ultimate reality show pitch?

Stay tuned...


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1744 days ago


They will get a show because you guys keep posting crap about them. Let it die like the Octomom did and maybe we will be saved from TV space being wasted.

1744 days ago

Simone - number 1    

I think rly and the fake "Simone" are the same person. You both are just the same loser trying to get some attention using my name. I just feel sorry for people like you that stay all day long here pretending to be arguing among yourselves. It's ridiculous and pathetic!!!!!!

1744 days ago


They will probably get their own show, that's the sad part. If this is because they were trying to get a show, make them pay back all the money it cost to save the kid that was allegedly in the balloon.

1744 days ago


Now i want to puke
how many ppl is in drama school to be actors and the lazy ones wake up famous?

1744 days ago

told ya so - TEAM LENO    

I wonder what law enforcement is going to think of this now??

This stunt cost law enforcement and emergency response close to $30,000.00, which is paid ultimately by the taxpayers.

I hope no one else REALLY needed help from law enforcement while they were all distracted by this crap going on!!!

I would hate to think someone else was not able to get help in a timely manner because of this family's crap.

1744 days ago


Please say it ain't so. Daddy makes Jon Gosselin look classy.

1744 days ago

Fools Rush In    

I sincerely doubt I would watch this family on a show. If someone picks it up, they can count me out as a viewer, nothing about them appeals to me. Plain and simple.

1744 days ago


Posting "FIRST!" on a website is pathetic, too.

Pot, kettle.

1744 days ago


Have you seen the YouTube video of the kids rapping? I heard it on the radio this morning. Apparently Falcon says the word Sh-t a bunch and the older brother talks about men being p*$$ies. Real nice way to raise your kids there, pal.

1744 days ago


STOP!!! Dont waste no more of your time people out in post land: These people are trashy users we know them really please there all crazy and the kids are abused and you can count on it all.

1744 days ago

Elizabeth Vittal    

im from colorado and watched the whole thing it pulled the heart strings of the state and chooked up our news team. and to find nothing in the basket was a relife but to find out he was home the whole time seems fishy to me since their were news reporters outside their house the second it happpened and news helocopters hovering the house.police in and out. i think that legal action needs to be taken unlawful misuse of medical police and news helocopters. (also dont u need a permit to build a flying anything?) becasue as we know they phoned police first and the news station second.... i also belive that since the child is 6 years old and doesnt know the meaning of consiquince and action i guess ? we should blame the parents for not keeping a eye out for their kids and having a giant floting contraption in their backyard where their should be a sandbox. also this father seems like a angery ass hole and i would be scared of him too if he was my dad. they just want attention and we shouldnt give it to them we gave them a whole day in colorado and ive had enough.

1744 days ago

Simone - number 1    

Ahhaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm!!!!! The fake "Simone" is here now!!!!!! Why don't you use your own name or why don't you create a nick for yourself????? I know, you are a guy pretending to be a girl. You are rly. Hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha.
It's so pathetic!!!!!! Get a name!!!!! Get a life!!!!!

1744 days ago


First of all I want to wish these children the best of luck! They will need it. Second of all if these people get a reality tv show I think most of america would be a little upset. I watched this story all yesterday afternoon and was praying that this little boy was ok (as was much of the US). I was very dishearted this morning when I started seeing all of the reports about this being a hoax. I just have to say that I believe it was. Where they went wrong was involving a 6 year old child, and then let him be inerviewed. The one things parents of small children know is this... never ask a 6 year old something that you do not want an honest answer to. They are brutally honest!!

1744 days ago


Children Services should RUN to this family and check these weirdos out. Total publicity stunt, total set up.

1744 days ago
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