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Heene Family's Reality Is TV

10/16/2009 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 2:20 PM ET -- A TLC official tells TMZ the Heene family approached the network "months ago" with a reality show idea, but the network passed.

TMZ has learned the Heene family has been pitching a reality show about the wacky family, as one TV source put it, "all over town."

Heene Family
We're told Richard Heene pitched a series to Relativity Real, as well as RDF Productions. RDF produces "Wife Swap," on which the family appeared back in March.

We're also told the Heene's have made the rounds at the networks, including TLC. Of course, TLC produced "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

So is balloon boy the ultimate reality show pitch?

Stay tuned...


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I just watched their 2nd wife swap episode on youtube....that man is delusional! I think he should be checked for drugs. He goes into heavy excitement at times, then rage at others. He belittled the swapped woman on the show, and then did the same to her husband when he met him. He even threw a glass of milk at the mother. I am convinced that if he were along with her, he would have physically abused her.

The parents let their children curse, burp, fart, etc wherever and whenever they want, and even encourage it. The Heene kids even have thier own video on youtube called "Pussified".

These children should be removed from these idiots.

1799 days ago


43 - Yes, please! I so wish that.

1799 days ago


So if I am reading correctly they do not even have a show they are trying to get one and this was a pathetic attempt to get a show?

Do they not realize the worry they spread? How many people feared for that childs life and when the balloon was found empty actually cried because they thought he had fell out and died? How about realizing the money it cost for the search and rescue, news crews and not to mention filing a flase police report which is against the law?

They are not going to get no reality show especially after this, if anything they are going to get a huge fine and have to pay back all the money spent on searching for the boy or they are going to end up in jail for filing the false police report

1799 days ago


The Heene parents would NEVER exploit their children!!!

By the way, heres Falcon's rap video:

1799 days ago

Hon. Rev. Dr. K. Allan Dewees-Arthur III, Phd, MBA, MA Div., DMN    

All of these reality show families; the Duggers, the Arndts, the Gosselins are reprobates who deserve the vilification they receive.

1799 days ago


These "parents" are pathetic losers and should pay for their stupid hoax.

1799 days ago


They need to be charged with inducing panic

1799 days ago

Simone - number 1    

Fake "Simone", you are here commenting all the time. You pass your whole day here pretending to be me. What a loser are you, hu???!!!!!

1799 days ago


Just what did Falcon mean, when he said, "We did this for the show"? This just might be a coincidence, but Lifetime was scheduled to re-air their first Wife Swap episdoe, on 10/29, that's titled "Heene/Martel". Meanwhile, I am listening to Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly", while watching that big mylar balloon saucer flying on CNN's Headline News.....LOL!!

1799 days ago


after listening to the 911 call, i say 100% staged.

1799 days ago

nicole leollee    

I want to get sick myself, just thinking about these people making money off exploiting their kid like this..whats next just plain out murdering him then framing it on one of their other kids..frigg'n pigs

1799 days ago


They are BORING with no charisma.

1799 days ago


The evil twin has a few mental problems, she needs a shrink. And her internet taken away. Then she'll get outside more.

1799 days ago


would people watch it?

1799 days ago


All you Simone douche bags, go get a life, comment on the story not eachother, LOSERS!!!!! All of you are obviously on here all day, THAT is pathetic.

1799 days ago
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