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Joe Francis Lets Gay Slur Go Wild

10/16/2009 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A ticked off Joe Francis shouted a homophobic slur at a Voyeur doorman last night after getting denied from the club -- dropping the f-bomb less than a week after he was a one-man pride parade at the Equality March in DC.

Ironic coming from a guy who, in this video, is completely fixated on what's going on between Brody Jenner's legs.

Maybe Joe should read Jane Velez-Mitchell's book, "I Want" -- the pictures aren't what he's used to, but who knows ... he may get the point.


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Grumpy old man    

Uh #34 mamajj, you forgot to include the Gosselins. How on Earth could you forgot those douchebags??? lol

1799 days ago

who dat    

So brody jenner has a teenie weenie =D. All you guys that have nibbled on it, tell us.

1799 days ago


Hey AMD I included Jon. I left Kate out of the list cuz'
someone needs to watch those kids. But lets add that nasty Sands woman.LOL

1799 days ago


lol.umm when does he say the 'slur'?
stuff like this has had me saying 'that's so gay' way more than usual for some 2 weeks ago i rarely used it and now i do like 3 times a day.

1799 days ago


The dude is so coked out, on this video, it's insane.

I hope he knows he's pretty much a joke here in LA.

1798 days ago


This guy is a complete dumb ass!

1798 days ago


Who is he? Apparently this bar didn't know either because they didn't let him in....

1798 days ago


I am getting tired of people being so PC. I am sure Joe (like millions) grew up using the word and it was no big deal. Now that everyone wants to be so PC and this country is full of a bunch of pansies, people are supposed to stop doing what they've done for years? I don't think so. I don't have anything against gay people and fully support their right to get marriage and everything, but I am sure I have used the "f-word" (by the way it's not "the f-word its A f-word) before because a lot of us grew up using it. My right to freedom of speech trumps your being a PC pansy.

1798 days ago


maybe gay girls are ok to him ($$$$), but gay guys aren't. its funny how some people's real colors come out when they are mad.

1798 days ago


ahahahahahaha! What a tool. Kill yourself Joe Francis.

1798 days ago


Can't wait till this drug addict misogynist gets whats coming to him.

1798 days ago


Good for Joe. I'm sick and tired of this double standard bs in this insane PC society we've allowed the liberal headcases to create. If it's ok to bash and make fun of straight, heterosexual, white Christians 24/7, then blacks and gays are fair game as well.


1797 days ago


And people actually wonder why we're rapidly becoming a weak, pansy nation that is no longer able to take care of ourselves. We've become more concerned over a term that homos use THEMSELVES on a daily basis, but God forbid a straight guy using it.

Ooops, my bad. Did I offend anyone by saying "God?"

1797 days ago


Ever notice how liberals, who CLAIM to be the protecters (laughing!!!) of free speech, always get their man thongs in a wad when someone says something they don't like?

It's called HYPOCRISY, morons!! This is exactly why no one takes you people seriously.

1797 days ago

RIP Sweet Spirit    

People Stop the madness, !!!!! All he was saying is that guys with small penises are like guys that have that are short, the Napoleon complex. Now tear this statement apart to fit your own needs.........p.s. I AM GAY stfu haters.

1795 days ago
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