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TLC to Jon -- Pants on Fire!

10/16/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the lawsuit TLC just filed against Jon Gosselin, and the network is essentially saying Jon is a liar by now claiming he stopped production because he's concerned about the welfare of his kids -- TLC says Jon is concerned about the welfare of Jon.

Jon Gosselin -- Launch docs

According to the suit, filed by Paul Gaffney of the law firm of Williams & Connolly in DC, the day TLC recast the show as "Kate Plus 8," Jon's lawyer contacted TLC and demanded that they release him from the "exclusivity" provision of the contract, even though Jon was still drawing a full salary. The suit claims Jon's laywer gave an ultimatum -- either release him from the exclusivity clause within one hour, or Jon would block the filming of the TLC show on grounds it was "detrimental to his children."

TLC notes Jon never uttered a peep about how bad the show was for his kids, until it affected his pocketbook.

And, TLC claims Jon is pulling in some serious bucks from "Entertainment Tonight" -- aka "Entertainment Something."


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Kate is a liar, thief and cheater. Oh, and an abuser. Those "love slaps" were abuse too.

1742 days ago


MamaGray, that turning off the computer thing applies to so many people on here. They are just filthy. :(

1742 days ago


Jon is discusting.

1742 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

watching this stupid fat slob go down is actually very funny and I want to thank Jon for entertaining us. He such an idiot and I can't wait to see him paying child support like all the other divorced father's. Can we get the judge to take the gag order off so we can watch this loser make stupid face and say stupid things?

1742 days ago


The best thing that could happen to these two and their children is for a court to put a gag order on both of them..... no talking to paparazzi no talking to the media...... NO ONE. I guarantee you that this court case would be settled once they were slapped back into reality of the fact that they are just average citizens. There is nothing celebrity about them. john told a reporter the other day that once he stops getting paid from TLC that he will probably remain in television........DOING WHAT??????????

1742 days ago


We don't care who sues whom as long as we all never have to see any of them on TV again - THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER - Praise the Lord.
Kate can get a job at McDonalds and John can get one at Walmart.
Lose the big house. THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER

1742 days ago


Just as I thought. He's a LOSER. I hope they sue the pants off of him, seize his fancy cars, and any money in the bank that he took. He's turning into the most hated man in America. Maybe it's time to leave the country, Jon.

1742 days ago


Jon brought this on all by himself with no help except from his stupid lawyer and new girlfriend. His days in court will take any money he did have and finally he can get a job (ha ha) and support his kids. Maybe now Hailey's parents will see what their daughters life will be like. If I had 8 kids, I would put everyone one of them on a TV show for filming a few hours a week and feed and clothe them. Go Kate and the kids, they deserve to bury the lazy, smoking, clubbing, screwing so called DADDY.

1742 days ago


Jon is a tool and I am glad that they demand a jury trial!
No way will he fool America with the BS he spouts all the time!

1742 days ago


WOW!!! Talk about double standards...Didn't that big BooHooing B***** sit her stupid a** on a couple shows blabbing about this whole situation also, ohhhhhh but it's alright for her - BS! TLC you suck - whatever, I hope to NEVER watch a anything you put out again. You claimed that TLC would stop production if either parent decided to call it quits but OHHHH wait one of them is money hungry enough to keep her children in the worlds face but the parent who doesn't want it to happen anymore is now the villian - if Jon is doing it for the money what the Hell do you think Kate is doing it for??? That heifer make me sick!!! Maybe TLC should move on to it's next victims. So Kate can get a movie role playing a poor pitiful pathietic over bearing vicious "wife" huh and I use that term very loosely cuz she never once showed any signs of being a wife only a "Mother" and I mean a Mother!!!!!! Learn to be a wife and maybe you wouldn't be in this place that you are in. Jon stick up for your kids and get a real job, stay your ass off the TV and let Kate show her true colors cuz they are shining through and I'm not buying her candy coated sob stories!!! UGH!!!

1742 days ago


Doubt TLC cares about Jon or Kate +8, they just want the ratings...

1742 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Knock knock Jon.

Yeah it is me again, I told you I'd be back for a visit!


PS...only ONE way to make me stay away FOREVER! But you refuse to
catch on, so, I'll return yet again, there is yet one more BIG thing
in store for you. Coming soon, so be home this time!

1742 days ago


Who's kids are they? TLC's or Jon's. Screw The Learning Channel, what have you learned lately?

1742 days ago


DRUG TEST HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DRUG TEST HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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DRUG TEST HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1742 days ago


There are non profit organizations supporting the children. The Government is in investigation. I assume they will successfully fight any law suit that will protect the children

1742 days ago
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