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TLC to Jon -- Pants on Fire!

10/16/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the lawsuit TLC just filed against Jon Gosselin, and the network is essentially saying Jon is a liar by now claiming he stopped production because he's concerned about the welfare of his kids -- TLC says Jon is concerned about the welfare of Jon.

Jon Gosselin -- Launch docs

According to the suit, filed by Paul Gaffney of the law firm of Williams & Connolly in DC, the day TLC recast the show as "Kate Plus 8," Jon's lawyer contacted TLC and demanded that they release him from the "exclusivity" provision of the contract, even though Jon was still drawing a full salary. The suit claims Jon's laywer gave an ultimatum -- either release him from the exclusivity clause within one hour, or Jon would block the filming of the TLC show on grounds it was "detrimental to his children."

TLC notes Jon never uttered a peep about how bad the show was for his kids, until it affected his pocketbook.

And, TLC claims Jon is pulling in some serious bucks from "Entertainment Tonight" -- aka "Entertainment Something."


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Maniacal Zebra    

If there's ever been a case to convince people to sit down and have a chat with all of their own multiple personalities to prevent self-inflicted injuries, this is it.

1832 days ago


My mother and I no longer watch ET since they have decided to support this pos. Jon has become a very manipulative,vindictive,emotionally abusive liar. By paying him money for interviews and paying money to film him they are supporting this behavior. I can't stand seeing Jon during interviews...his eyes popping out of his head,him sitting on the edge of the chair looking like he is ready to strangle someone,and watching him lie his a$$ off disgusts me. I hope TLC is able to nail his a$$ to the wall because it is about time someone puts this pos in his place.

1832 days ago

susan matousek    


1832 days ago


I can't believe the ugly comment made about the children. I don't care what you think of Jon and Kate, but it's pure evil ugliness to say what you did in regard to the children. They are the innocent ones, so leave them out of this.

I think Jon is about to get his comeuppance!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, nobody chained him to the house. If he was so abused by Kate he could have packed his bags and walked out. So, enough of poor Jon.

I can't see Jon getting a job. He did not quit his IT job, he was fired!!! Jon seems to have an allergy to working at anything except womanizing, drinking, etc. I don't think Kate will have any problem going back to nursing or whatever she wants to do. Do any of you realize what the bill for daycare/after school care for 8 children would be??? My grandaughter pays $350.00 a week for 2 kids. If you multiply that by 8 you would get $1,400.00 a week or $5,600.00 a month. You think Jon would help pay that?? I think not!!!

I'm not saying Kate doesn't have her faults, but which one of you has never spoken harshly or angrierly to your spouse. If you look back at some of the episodes, Jon was pretty ugly to Kate on many occasions.

Best of luck to Kate and the adorable kids!!!

1832 days ago


At least there are both sides of the discussion here. Radar Online comments are like the pro-Kate version of GWoP it's disgusting. TLC doesn't give a rats arse about Jon violating his contract & neither does Kate. They will do anything & everything to keep the pimping kid train rolling, period. They know this will financially & emotionally destroy Jon; tell me, how is that good for the kids.

1832 days ago


I'm also sick of people whining "How will Queen Kate support the kids without the show,don't you know how much raising 8 kids costs?" HELLO? You'd think they would have thought about that BEFORE having so many kids. There are PLENTY of large families living in the real world that don't need to pimp their kids on a daily basis (this goes for both Jon & Kate). Get REAL jobs, work your asses off, downsize, shop at WalMart & Old Navy for clothing instead of Ann Taylor & Gymboree. There are ways to do it without putting your kids on TV.

1832 days ago


Would someone explain to me how this "suit" has any merit?...
Kate wrote a book that contains "unauthorized disclosures" about the show and made over a million from it...
Kate has been on far too many T.V. shows to count, even a PAID "Guest Host" spot on "The View", and that doesn't violate any "exclusivity" terms of her contract?...
Kate makes her living off of PAID appearances that don't necessarily promote the show, ones that keep her away from the kids, and they're suing Jon?...
This suit is baseless...It is completely retaliatory and highly discriminative at best, and it sets TLC up for some very troubling legal issues of their own...Are they sure they want to go there?...

1832 days ago


THE LYING CHANNEL is doing this for one reason and one reason only; they want Jon to agree to let the cash cows go back to work.
Kate know that the kids working is going to pay her a lot more than child support.
This another ploy by Kate and TLC to keep that money coming in.
A court needs to appoint someone to represent the children and their best interest . The children needs someone more concerned for them than MONEY.

1832 days ago


I feel so bad for the kids, now that they are back in school, ya can't tell me they are not hearing about all this mess and their parents fighting on TV. What is wrong with them. Money can corrupt, Jon and Kate are proof of this.

1832 days ago


BTW #51 -
Kate cannot go back to work as a Nurse...Throughout this mess, we've come to learn that Kate falsified her education credentials to get the nursing job in the first place...Her co-workers don't like her then, and no one in their right mind would hire a used up media whore for a nursing position now...SHE'S A FRAUD...
The overwhelming compassion being given to Kate now is not deserved or warranted, as she has displayed none in the entire history of the show...She consistently berated Jon, which is ABUSE...She strong armed others to get things HER way...And ALL of this is caught on tape for the Judge to see...
Although I don't necessarily approve of all of Jon's recent behavior, I have much greater disdain for Kate at this point since it's painfully obvious that it is she who keeps it all stirred up...

1832 days ago


TLC have a lot of nerve to sue someone because they won't let you film their underage children so TLC can make money. It's bad enough it bust up their marriage and they now hate each other. I think these 2 people need to go back to get of tv and go back to their normal lives and raise their children. They will be better off. Family is important. Look what happened to Lindsay Lohan. Money can't buy happiness that comes from within. This is a tragedy!

1832 days ago


Way to go TLC!!!

Simon: Gosh get life!!! Don’t you have anything better to do with your life than to support a dirt bag like Jon!!!!! Just incase you are wondering this is only my second post, how many post have you made? Losser GET A LIFE!!!!LMAO!

B.YONEST: I can put together a wordpress blog too.
But you are right about one thing there is a stop to Jon & Kate plus 8 because it is now called Kate + 8.

Jon goes on saying how he was looking out for the best interest of the kids by trying to put an end to taping however he is the one who took away the camera crews who have been a constant extended family in there live for the past 4yrs. Then he goes on E.T. films him and the kids carving pumpkins for extra cash. Really Jon all you ever wanted was the money and the "PR", your action speak louder than your words!!!!
Jon is the one who kept asking his older daughters about there mother. Yah that is really in the best interest of the kids!!!
That is just something a moral farther would do, put his kids in the middle. I bet that the lap top he gave his daughter has a remote device so he can spy on Kate. Because he has nothing on her and needs something to try to win full custody of the kids.

Kate may not be perfect but none of us are. As for being a bad mother, if disciplining your kids is bad then I guess we have an epidemic on are hands because so many of us do spank our children to keep them on the right track. It's hard being a single mother of two much less 8. At least she knows that constancy is what is best for her kids. Not giving up for the sake a "Public Opinion.

1832 days ago

Don't understand the confusion    

I think the best thing he could have done for his family was to go out and spew his bologna on TV, so that it would come back and bite him when he was proven to be a habitual liar, passive aggressive, and vengeful. If it's out there, and everyone eventually sees what he's doing, he won't be able to continue to get away with his destructive behavior. With lawsuits looming, it is all eventually proven in court and shows like ET & The Insider are out for ratings, so they don't truly care if Jon is violating his contract. That's all on him and he has to pay the price for doing so, but in the meantime, ET & The Insider can spin it to get more viewers who are either tuning in to support him or see him make more of a fool out of himself ("What Side Are You On Now?") and, sadly, it works. He admitted in an older interview that TLC edited the footage and the verbal back & forth stuff was actually from both of them but they didn't show him mouthing off. He said they played "good cop, bad cop" because it wasn't going to draw viewers if they saw "good cop, good cop". We truly don't know what he did when the cameras were off at home, but from my own experience with people who are very similar to what I'm seeing with Jon, they can be very manipulative and want to be seen by others as a "nice guy" (or "very charming" as he said) so that everyone is on their side and they help play the other party up as the bad guy. That can also be done by baiting them into displaying reactionary behavior as was seen on J & K. Truthfully, some people may be caught up in watching the trainwreck because it reminds them too much of someone/something in their own lives, or they want to learn what might happen and what not to do. Some people have to stay in a relationship and do what they need to do to stay civil for the good of the kids and if they didn't, it could turn into something like this but without the large sums of $ and TV coverage. However, it can be just as nasty. Some people may identify with one party or the other. It can resonate with various people for various reasons. Whatever happens, though, I do hope that he can get the help he obviously needs, fly straight, and be a good partner for co-parenting (they will definitely need those classes as well). She needs help dealing with all of it, too, and needs to learn better ways to deal with frustration and better ways to react. Hopefully she is. The well-being of their kids depends on both of them getting help to deal with all of it. If not, with all that is being proven (not just assumed), he will likely see his kids a lot less than he would like to when final custody is ultimately settled, and they will eventually harbor deep resentment against him. JMHO, but I know there are many who disagree. We'll see what happens. I'd love to be wrong, but...

1832 days ago


Oh! I pegged this guy right... he is stopping the show because his contract states he can't be in any other shows without permission from TLC... LOL He wants out because Lohan and Jon want to start their who show "single fathers". LOL what a piece of crap this man really is.

1832 days ago



In regards to your comments in post # 55, that's easy! Kate is TLCs "golden child", she loves to keep the money rolling in & doesn't give a rats hiney how much the children work or what the emotional damage is to them. I am sure all of her paid appearances (Today Show, Larry King, The View, taping a pilot with Paula Deen, etc) were authorized by TLC because she is the one that keeps the cash cows rolling. It's disgusting really. She has done most of the same things Jon has in regards to other appearances, the difference is she had TLCs blessing while Jon is a "misfit". The poor kids don't have a chance in hell anymore. Jon can't afford to fight this, Kate & TLC know it; he'll have to give in & the little sweat shop workers will be back on TV any minute.

1832 days ago
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