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Katherine Jackson -- This Isn't It

10/16/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Katherine Jackson Something is going on with the Jackson family ... multiple sources are telling us the family has been invited with open arms to attend the premiere of "This Is It" ... but Katherine Jackson and other family members insist they have been snubbed.

Here's what we know -- 60 tickets for the Michael Jackson movie have been offered to the family, yet Katherine insists no one ever called them about getting seats. Several sources tell us they believe the ticket offer was made to certain members of the family but the offer was never relayed to Katherine.

Fact is ... Katherine doesn't want to see the movie. She tells TMZ as far as she's concerned it's not a real movie because there is no acting -- just rehearsal footage.

But we're also told Jackson's three kids have been telling Katherine they want to see it ... bad.

Joe Jackson insists "This Is It" is mostly body doubles and "the media is going to tear this movie apart."

Sources say Sony not only offered the Jackson family seats to the premiere, but also offered a private screening.

Is it possible one of Katherine's sons is hoarding info? Just a theory ...


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Miss U MJ    

434. Posted at 8:54PM on Oct 16th 2009 by sarahp

152. Jury Decision Based Entirely On Evidence
(Media's Declarations of Innocence Inaccurate)

Juries never find defendants innocent. They cannot. Not only is it
not their job, it is not within their power. They can only find them "not guilty."

Posted at 7:56PM on Oct 15th 2009 by dumbazz fans

Posted at 9:05PM on Oct 16th 2009 by Miss U MJ

Nice try a@#wipe. I think everyone on here knows I would not post something like this. But while you are on here, what I said the other night was:

INNOCENT UNLESS PROVEN GUILTY - That is how it goes p.o.s.

1798 days ago


444. Now whether any of you believe this or not... that was in deed a body double who made the announcent of the london tour. And this same person does make an appearance in the film. So, I know Joe can i say this nicely...he is not worthy of being truthful or honest. But I do belive that was a double at the announcement. And I do believe that he is in the film. THat was just a confirmation for myself. Whether or not Michael Jackson is alive is NOW debatable but really friggin unlikely unfortunately =-(

Posted at 9:23PM on Oct 16th 2009 by Vanessa Kaye


Sorry Vanessa but I beg to differ.

Michael and his children were in London at this time and were photograped out and about numerous times.

Michael would never have a BD make announcements for him.

1798 days ago

Miss U MJ    


1798 days ago


jmo smd miss u mj ?i i have to respectfully disagreee with you regarding miss oprah.she has been dumping on michael jackson for years and continues to cash in on him my opinion i suspect in the nineties she felt insecure because of his world wide popularity and success ,when you see her original interview she is obviously intidimated even she knows it was a poor this day it was her highesst rating.when chris rock was on the other day the two of the are yucking it up about the parentage of mj kids.thats right ,three recently orphaned children.her teary eyes are a direct response to her ratings drop and the steady stream of critisism streaming into he website after her one sided remembering mj show.if she is at the premiere rest assured it is for her own gain.... when is the last time you saw oprah stuff on tmz or oprah on local newscats in texas.?.between her support of a presidential candidate and slamming mj she is doing damage comtrol.lets not forget for remembering mj she talked plastic surgery , allegatioms three times never mentioning not guilty,wondering who he was ROCKING with and NEVER mentione having done positives like how he was doing charity work in africa before her.if her show ever goes off and the celebrities cant push their movies any more i feel she will get a taste of th abondonment mj far as being jealous of oprah s money,i would take her friendship with maya angelou over the cash.shes amazing i respect your opinion but i watched her for years and was so offended by the hatchet job she did on mj.that was personal .reccomend she do a fair show on him to her producers .go to be on the show and contact us..have a good night mj too

1798 days ago


deb i had to go out and just saw your response to my post .thank you .i live in ma but my cousim was a lawyer for johnny carson and some other people in L.A. probably about twenty years ago.Wealthy people take care of messy situations different then the average Joe .just the facts.the chandler people i believe started with the Shapiro guy from O J case..the father got pissed when the other lawyer wanted to use Gloria Allred because as far back as i can remember,she used to show up ont he merv griffin show she has been around so long, she wanted to try it in the media and the father was pissed cause he was just looking for a settlement.i just thin k mj was nieve as to how that particular system worked .good with music business ,just plain dumb real life.any way ...if you are the Deb in distress .i am rooting for you and your boyfriend ..take care and mj says are not alone .yes i know not very original..i hope paul anka doesnt call me out on it .NITE

1798 days ago


Hey, Watching Carefully from Europe, The Wandering Gypsy, MiMi --

Am I crazy or has TMZ removed Watching Careful from Europe's repost of the original "MusicGal" post??? I just logged back on to read the rest of the thread and can't find it - AGAIN! This is too funny.... I'm thinking that either "MusicGal" was the TMZ source that tipped them off to the controversy in the first place OR The Wandering Gypsy is correct and Randy Jackson is reading the TMZ comments and demanding the removal of any comments that hit too close to home... Just a thought.

I'll post this message in the newer thread too in case you guy have gone over there.

1797 days ago


I do not think there is truth to this article. I can not believe that Katherine would not hold Michael's work in "disregard" and not want to see what he worked months on creating which was billed as the Grandest Concert Performance ever. She would not disrespect his work....EVER!

1797 days ago


MICHAEL IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, hmmmm, this is the same TMZ that reported Michael's death, 6 minutes before the hospital did. Michael is definately alive, dont be so dismissive, and TMZ know this. As for the son that's hoarding info, I believe that would be Michael. TMZ are in touch with Michael, its obvious. Check out the videos on YouTube!

1797 days ago


think katerine and the rkids are going to a private posts are not going through lately .whoever posted under my name to the chandlers,i tried to respond tmz wont let me.whatever

1797 days ago


I for one can care less what Joe, Jermaine, Randy, La Toya have to say or believe anything/most of anything that comes out of their mouths and most of the time it is not true. Once again Joe needs to butt out along with any of the Jackson brothers & sisters that try do not know what they are talking about, they only come off as NUTS (I am being nice).

I feel that Mrs. Jackson should let the children see the finally work "This Is It" this is what Michael wanted his children to see him at work (that he loved).

Now I hope that Mrs. Jackson does not change her mind and let anyone put Prince, Paris & Prince II/Blanket in this reality show or any other show.

1797 days ago

MJ Fan    

ALL LIES TMZ!!!! Get your facts correct!!! Actually Katherine and the kids are REALLY looking forward to seeing the film!

1797 days ago


whoever is falking about how oprah was saying good things about mj cant watch her show too often .she has beed dissing for years and as recently as last week was yucking it up while speculating on the parentage of mj kids.that was a nice touch ,dont you think?

1797 days ago


TMZ - get those wheels turning. I read that Dr Murray may not be charged over MJ because there were other enablers i.e. the nanny. How true is this? Yes many doctors are to blame for the introduction of propofol for a method of bringing sleep. But there is one to blame right now.

There is injustice taking place and greediness.

Whatever, and however it goes, Michael Jackson is dead because his personal doctor administered improper. Every steps was made by the promoter's to keep MJ working even though he showed various signs of anxieties. There obviously was no way he was going to perform 50 shows. It would have affected him and he knew it. Yes, he looks a pretty picture despite the weight loss, just because you see him dancing, singing etc. Well that was just Michael doing his thing.

Lot of bad feelings around that the AEG pushed MJ. MJ being the person he was always worked to perform. This is what we are going to see in the movie. But it's what we wont see that is more important.

Mr Joe Jackson knows what he is talking about.

1796 days ago


The Oprah clips with Kenny Ortega can be seen here (I don't know what to make of Ortega's comments but it was exciting to see the longer clips of MJ:

Spike Lee in Gary working on short film on MJ to be released mid-October (it may coincide with This Is IT):,spike-lee-MJ-1001.article

1796 days ago


Janice posted this on another site:

by Stan Lerner

In an explosive report delivered this weekend by Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera…Rivera went well beyond implying that Michael Jackson’s concert promoter, AEG, had an interest in the King of Pop’s Death—he used context and comments by Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, to accuse AEG of having the man killed whose comeback tour they were promoting. At the root of Rivera’s allegation is an insurance policy for seventeen million dollars that he reports AEG wants to collect on. And adding a tanker truckload of fuel to the fire, is a deal between AEG and Sony to turn AEG’s footage of Michael Jackson’s preparations for his concert tour into two feature length motion pictures—GERALDO SAYS AEG IS TO BE PAID SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS FOR THIS FOOTAGE!!!

Of course AEG denies Geraldo’s allegations…And I know for a fact that AEG President Tim Leiweke has said that this story is going away today—I assume he’s pulling some of those power strings AEG has paid for or threatening Fox with legal action; take your pick. But what everyone has to be asking right now is why did this very same person said that AEG had no financial interest in Michael Jackson’s funeral event held at Staple’s Center? This lack of financial interest is how Mr. Leiweke justified sticking the city with a 1.4 million dollar bill for event related city services. Trying to dissuade ticket holders from cashing in 50 million dollars worth of tickets + 17 million in insurance money (according to Geraldo) + 60 million dollar movie deal = 127 million dollars of financial interest, if Rivera is right.

1796 days ago
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