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Katherine Jackson -- This Isn't It

10/16/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Katherine Jackson Something is going on with the Jackson family ... multiple sources are telling us the family has been invited with open arms to attend the premiere of "This Is It" ... but Katherine Jackson and other family members insist they have been snubbed.

Here's what we know -- 60 tickets for the Michael Jackson movie have been offered to the family, yet Katherine insists no one ever called them about getting seats. Several sources tell us they believe the ticket offer was made to certain members of the family but the offer was never relayed to Katherine.

Fact is ... Katherine doesn't want to see the movie. She tells TMZ as far as she's concerned it's not a real movie because there is no acting -- just rehearsal footage.

But we're also told Jackson's three kids have been telling Katherine they want to see it ... bad.

Joe Jackson insists "This Is It" is mostly body doubles and "the media is going to tear this movie apart."

Sources say Sony not only offered the Jackson family seats to the premiere, but also offered a private screening.

Is it possible one of Katherine's sons is hoarding info? Just a theory ...


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This story sounds untrue. Why wouldn't the executors who produced the movie provide tickets to Katherine through her lawyer? Why wouldn't Sony give it to Ken Sunshine,the PR firm that works for Katherine.

Finally, why is Katherine having conversations with TMZ? Let her PR guy do the talking.

1842 days ago


Are you sure you checked this story out? Maybe your source has a problem......
you know.......coocoo coocoo!!!!!!!!!!! Why would the Jacksons stab themselves in the pocket book????? Why would they hurt their Grandchildren like this???????
This doesn't make sense!!!!!!! If they're just pissed because somebody screwed up with the tickets, then shame on them.

1842 days ago


Joe Jackson what sadness that you keep thinking about your son as a gold mine. when you've been feeling in your heart?

Ohhh :`( what sadness Mike, so many bloodsuckers !!!

I love you very, very much :`(

1842 days ago

David M.    

Why is Katherine so admired? She has not done anything in her life but have a bunch of kids and sit back and enjoy what her husband did to promote their career. Joe is called all kinds of things because he was strict with the Jackson kids. If he hadn't been strict, they would not have made it in the entertaining world. Katherine is just another momma living off the men in her life.

1842 days ago


TMZ - why don't you call Karen Faye and Ortega and ask them about those alleged body doubles in the film?

1842 days ago


21 .......Michael is not here to put his stamp of approval on anything.

Posted at 1:13AM on Oct 16th 2009 by maizieful

Yes...but he is.

That's what Michael put John Branca in control of.....HIS stamp of approval.

The combination of the two; Branca/Jackson was a moneymaking dynamic constructive juggernaut. Still is.


1842 days ago


I true understand Katherine...She doesn't want see this film because it is about death her son....but I'll go because i'll want see michael again in a good fit and healthy...
but I know i'll be crying

1842 days ago


Michael never allow his father around their business

Why allow it Katherine? I do not understand

I love you very, very much :`(

1842 days ago


I hope the entire Jackson family will go see the "This Is It" film. However, I totally understand the Jackson parents' dilemma too because all these years they have witnessed how the media dissected Michael and they certainly don't want to see their son being further dissected in his death. I hope Kenny Ortega and his crew did a great job in putting together the footage and make the film a true gift to Michael's kids as well as to his many fans around the world. I would love to see this creative genius at work.

1842 days ago


FYI: Remember when that lying evil Catfish looking Devil Joe said this:

The 79-year-old Jackson patriarch — who Michael accused of being abusive when Joe managed his career as a boy — also mentioned the youngest of Michael's brood, 7-year-old Blanket. "[He] can really dance," Joe said. "That's what they're saying. He can really dance."

THAT sorry Devil didn't even know Michaels "Blanket" well enough to know that he could dance. He and Katherine didn't know any of them that well. That's how far MJ kept his children away from "this" family.

Sleeping bags! In that huge mansion. The children got sleeping bags! After all those years of their Daddy paying for the roof over Hayvenhurst, everything that went on in it, and every blade of grass mown and leaf blown on its grounds. Sleeping bags.

I better go have a drink. And a smoke, yeah I still smoke. :( !


1842 days ago


Posted at 4:00AM on Oct 16th 2009 by TheWanderingGypsy


1842 days ago


A.B. and TheWanderingGypsy,

The "MusicGal" post was under the TMZ story "New Michael Jackson Song Leaks Early." (Here is the link: ) It just disappeared. (Or I am completely blind!) There are 478 comments under that story from the other day. I even replied to her a little while after I read her post bc I saw a "breaking news" story about what she wrote (way before TMZ posted the story in the afternoon) and included the link. Thing is if you go to those comments now, you can find my reply to her say "OMG you were right!" and on the last page there is a comment (#470) from someone called MiMi referencing the "MusicGal" post, but the "MusicGal" post itself is gone. It just struck me as odd bc her post was very detailed, named names, and especially the stuff she said about Randy's involvement. Next thing you know, that afternoon Randy is defending himself on TMZ. Her post was not mean or attacking, but damn I'd love to talk to her - it was very straight up. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN FIND IT, bc I'd love to reread what she wrote. Thanks!!!

1842 days ago


60. body doubles? what the hell does that mean-somebody's playing the part of Michael in silhouette or from the neck down so they could complete a "story?" don't waste my money--it better be mostly Michael.

Posted at 2:06AM on Oct 16th 2009 by lovemichaelforever

I definitely want to see it but will have to wait until it is available on DVD....can't wait!

BUT get ready for it.....there WILL be ALOT of bodydoubling...alot of editing and work work work has gone into this film...remember it's replacing the money that would have been generated by the 02 concerts.....everything will be done at any cost to make it marketable.

1842 days ago


Thank you MJ Lives On! Appreciate it.



1842 days ago


10. Is it possible one of Katherine's sons is hoarding info? Just a theory ...
Well tmz anything is possible but why make this statement when you do not know for sure? You do not know what is going on behind closed doors so stop assuming and get facts! Better yet leave the Jackson family alone and find out what is going on with the invesitgation!

Posted at 12:57AM on Oct 16th 2009 by MJ fan


1842 days ago
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