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Cops Believe Balloon Boy Was 'Real Event'

10/16/2009 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Balloon Boy The Larimer County Sheriff's Office just held a press conference on the Heene family's flying saucer caper -- and they said, as of now, they feel it was a "real event" and not a hoax.

Sheriff Jim Alderden said Falcon's parents "expressed statements, non verbal communication, body language, and emotions that were consistent with the events taking place."

He confirmed Richard Heene called the FAA first, then a local TV station before calling 911 -- because 9 News had a helicopter they believed could help the situation.

Also interesting to note -- Falcon's parents were asked if they wanted to be present when investigators interviewed him yesterday, but they didn't care, so he went solo.

Alderdon said the video of Falcon from Larry King has raised skepticism in the department and they will re-interview the family tomorrow -- giving the boy time to recover from that puke filled interview on "Today."


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Barney Fife and Co. think it's real? Horse$h!t.

" with new video of the father releasing the balloon...after the quote from the 911 call saying the balloon was tethered and shouldn't have taken off???" ABSOLUTELY!

1740 days ago

Cat MacKinnon    

i love living in Colorado. i've always felt that we have some of the best scenery in the country

but apparently, we've also got some dumb f%@ks looking for a quick buck on national TV with an elaborately-staged hoax...please don't let that sway your decision to visit our fine state, though.

1740 days ago


Bet Dr.Phil's already been in touch with them.LOL I don't think it was a deliberate hoax. I think the mom and dad were looking for a way out, after(accidentally) releasing the balloon, which is why the dad forced the boy to hide out, and obviously didn't have time to get the story straight before authorities showed up. Simple case of the parents looking for a copout. The dad reminds me of a cowardly bully. You really have to question his mentality, so far as raising those little boys goes. It's pretty obvious he comes first in that family. I didn't get the impression those little boys think too highly of him. They were looking at him like he's a nut, and kept looking at their mom for guidance.

1740 days ago

Balloon Dude    

Even with Video Evidence of the boy clearly not being near that stupid balloon when it was released, they still believe it was real? WOW. Excuse me while i call 911 to tell them King Kong took my baby so i can get my 15 secs of fame.

1740 days ago


"expressed statements, non verbal communication, body language, and emotions that were consistent with the events taking place."

So... did they take into account that the mom and dad met in LA, taking acting classes?

1740 days ago


What got me was when the sheriff said that they didn't search the attic because there were no stairs or a ladder. So how did the poor kid get up there?? By balloon? Sheesh.

1740 days ago

lidia t    

All this was planned, the boy said on a live interview on CNN that "it was all for a show" please,the parents coached the kid, i cant beleive the police cant see that!! they just want the t.v attention.

1740 days ago


Dialing 911 FIRST would have been the smart move. They can contact the proper authorities faster than he could have. Oh, wait, I guess he looked up the FAA and television station phone numbers before he put his child up to this.

1740 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

Don't the cops know how many cubic feet of helium is needed to lift a small boy?

1740 days ago


I heard the cops dropped the investigation after Richard Henne promised them all free balloon rides.

1740 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

Look people, it happens. Tethering sometimes gets undone.

I remember when it happened with the scarecrow and the wizard.

1740 days ago


Funny co-incidence that the boy hides for hours at the same time the balloon flew away

1740 days ago

karl malden    

the sherrif should be locked up too. where is this place even neighbors who were on seem cooked.100% farce. and the militery was thinking of getting involved? what if a chopper crashed? this is what these tv shows create

1740 days ago


The dad is clearly lying and manipulating the things that come out of his kids' mouths to make it seem like it was a 'real event.'

Note on the Larry King Live interview when the reporter asks Falcon where he actually was when the balloon had lifted off. Falcon says something along the lines of how his dad had yelled at him for playing near the 'flying saucer'. The dad goes on to explain how he yelled at Falcon EARLIER for playing near the balloon. So how does that make sense? The dad yells at Falcon earlier during the day, which causes Falcon to hide in the attic/garage... then why in the world would Falcon's older brother think he went into the balloon? Oh right, because the kid said how Falcon told him he was going to go into the balloon and then it flew away -- all the while Falcon is hiding in the garage/attic?

For a hoax, they sure didn't plan their stories AT ALL. It's confusing.

1740 days ago

Are you kidding me    

We're talking about cops who have already proven that they are incompetent, have no common sense, and wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars of my tax money because they were too stupid to do their job. Any cop worth his weight in dog crap would have searched the house before doing anything else.

1740 days ago
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