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Cops Believe Balloon Boy Was 'Real Event'

10/16/2009 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Balloon Boy The Larimer County Sheriff's Office just held a press conference on the Heene family's flying saucer caper -- and they said, as of now, they feel it was a "real event" and not a hoax.

Sheriff Jim Alderden said Falcon's parents "expressed statements, non verbal communication, body language, and emotions that were consistent with the events taking place."

He confirmed Richard Heene called the FAA first, then a local TV station before calling 911 -- because 9 News had a helicopter they believed could help the situation.

Also interesting to note -- Falcon's parents were asked if they wanted to be present when investigators interviewed him yesterday, but they didn't care, so he went solo.

Alderdon said the video of Falcon from Larry King has raised skepticism in the department and they will re-interview the family tomorrow -- giving the boy time to recover from that puke filled interview on "Today."


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music city    

thay all need a ass kicking even mom & dad dum asses..............

1801 days ago


I don't know who is worse...the idiot family or the cops who believed the idiot family.

They obviously never saw them on "Wife Swap", or heard about them recently pitching a reality show about their family, or they would have KNOWN they are full of it.

I hope that poor farmer, whose crop was destroyed now for two years because of the BS, sues the daylights out of these guys.

1801 days ago


This was a Hoax!!! The dad thinks he is slicker than a miner's peter but hes not...The damn kid already told what they were doing..GET A REAL JOB DUMB ASSES

1801 days ago


This is so sick.

Richard Heene puts his children under such pressure by involving them in this stunt, they will bear this with them for life.

Does the police need anything more than the non-Oscar-winning parody phone call to 911, the call to a TV station *before* the 911 call, the revelations from Falcon during interview, the body language from a family being psychologically tormented, I can go on ...

But the only thing I want to see: Please, save these children! The cops have to admit a failure and do their job, not waste precious police time defending a past job.

All the inconsistencies in this family's behavior compared to how people normally react to the developments Richard Heene describes are entirely obvious, as is the consistency in which Richard Heene is fighting for spotlight.

1801 days ago


Cops set it up too then, they also wanted attention for their town.

1801 days ago


The cops think this real? This proves what I've always though, many cops are stupid.

1801 days ago


Even Barney Fieff wouldn't fall for this one! Really now, it does' t take a Sherlock Holmes to tell the fathers story does not pass the smell test.

1801 days ago

Karla Hart    

This was a hoax, these people have been trying to get a reality show for a while now and used this to get there next 15 minutes of fame. The nation knows this was a hoax, what the hell is wrong with the cops? the kid even said " dad it was for the show" department of family services needs to watch this family very closely and this guy needs to get his azz in a sling for trying to get his kids to lie, and to become hoods. bad family crazy azz wife for going along with it !!!!!!!!!!

1801 days ago

hoping he gets the max    

I doubt the police want to incur more expenses on a trial and wasted efforts to prosecute them, plus they probably figure if they prosecute, they themselves may end up on a tv show,lol. I dont blame the cops!

1800 days ago


I don't believe it. Not even a county sheriff can be that stupid. "Body language?" what kind of cop is this. I think he's just sandbagging until the investigation turns up enough evidence to burn these morons.

1800 days ago
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