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Lindsay Lohan -- Justice Delayed is Sweet Justice

10/16/2009 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's hard to imagine wanting an extra year of probation, but when you're Lindsay Lohan -- and facing possible jail time -- it's actually a good thing.

Lindsay Lohan

A judge today decided to extend Lindsay's probation another year so she can finish her alcohol education classes. Her lawyer, the effervescent Shawn Chapman Holley, told the judge Lindsay has been extremely busy and has only been able to complete about half her classes.

Specifically, Lindsay has completed 15 of 26 individual alcohol classes and 13 of 26 group alcohol classes and 13 of 28 self-help sessions. She completed all six education classes.

Lindsay LohanLindsay's lawyer says her client is doing a movie in Texas.

The prosecutor said if the court has to jump through hoops again to accommodate Lindsay, jail is the only answer.

All sides will be back in court for another progress hearing on December 15.


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She has more problems than alcoholism, she is an ADDICT.
On top of that she is an arrogant bitch who always blames others.

1835 days ago


Anyone else read Dina's twitters? She seems crazy and out of it.

Bet her and Lindsay are taking the same special "prescription medications". And whatever else.

1835 days ago


She can't have much money left, it was spent on snow trips. And she hasn't done anything worthwhile in years.

1835 days ago

its me    

i do feel bad for lohan because its just not her family that has messed her up in her own personal ways but i firmly believe HOLLYWOOD has messed this young girl up more then anything. i wish her the best . shes a pretty girl but PLEASEEE stop with the fake lips . you dint need them. when these people get surgery , the doctors always throw them pain pills so i hope this isn't her way to get pills. she could easily say I HAD SURGERY AND NEEDED PAIN PILLS.

1835 days ago


Wheres Madd. There making mothers agianst drunk drivers look like a dog and pony show. I got 2 dui's and guess what. House arrest 30 days, 18 months of a classes 4 years probation, cant even go to a club anymore, no lic. for a year. If I miss to many classes there not gonna ask me to go back to court im on probation. Ill get hauled to jail automatic. O ya mel gibson on my record for 10 years. Did I forget i have done more red cross work than I can even remember. Not lookin for simpathy but thats what happens to the commin folk in Cali.

1835 days ago


Lindsay you will be ok. Don't listen to these losers. The bad comments they are saying about you is really about them. JEALOUSY WILL GET YOU NO WHERE PEOPLE. IF YOU HAVEN'T GUT ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY, THEN STFU.

1835 days ago

jOhNNy bOttLeS    

She dont have a drinkn problem, she's supposed to look 50 years old

1835 days ago



1835 days ago

ex lax    

part of my probation was not to be where alcohol was made available much less have a drink or do drugs.. goes to show ya that judges can be bought with a lil lezbo action if your from horrywierd

1835 days ago


#3 you are such the victim....I mean tool. People like you are SO backwards. Maybe if people regardless of race or celebrity status would stop trying to live above the law, there would be nothing to complain about. Stupidity knows no color and prior offenders/those who are legitimate threats to society will get what they deserve. So to you I say waaah...get over your racial issues and try realism on for size.

1835 days ago

Steven R    

I just want to say why is L. Lohan still doing these classes from a DUI from 2007?
I've received a DUI (not proud of it) here in Los Angeles, you are required to start taking these classes immediately! I even started before my court case but it is really bad in the eyes of the court to put these classes off! My point is that she obviously has been doing this same thing under the radar for a few years and the court finally got fed up this time or the class got fed up. I think you should invistigate this because you will not be disappointed what she is doing should have been handled 2 years ago! Somebody knows somebody in the courts is what I think!

1835 days ago


They let her off the hook cause she's white and rich. If she was a minority her ass would be in jail.

1835 days ago


I think that instead of jail she needs court-ordered PRODUCTIVE TASKS relevant to her career. You know, movie duties, etc. Why not use her LEGAL interests, such as movies, etc in her sentence so she is DISTRACTED for those years of probation by movie opportunities. INTRODUCE HER TO SENSIBLE, WELL-OFF MOVIE PRODUCERS NOT INTO THE FAST-LIFE, ETC. but just movies, production, dinners on the town, quiet evenings in meetings with others, etc. She needs to hang out with cheerful, light-hearted, yet educated people.

1834 days ago


This isn't over yet as Li-LO is now thinking about leaving the USA altogether

1834 days ago

love her!    

Lindsay isn't going to make it to live to see her 40th birthday. She is so trashed on the outside I bet that her internal organs will give up. All the abuse of addiction is slowly killing her. She looks older than her mom and I wish I was trying to sound funny but it's a true statement

1834 days ago
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