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AllGood Socks Jackson Estate Hard

10/16/2009 9:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AllGood Entertainment is now going after Michael Jackson's estate in the battle over profits from the upcoming movie "This Is It," along with revenues from the Sony catalog -- and the company wants more than $300 million!!!

Michael Jackson

AllGood previously filed suit against Michael Jackson, AEG Live and Frank Dileo for $40 million -- that's when Jackson was alive. Now AllGood filed an amended lawsuit today in federal court, which now includes the estate of Michael Jackson. The original defendants are still named in the amended suit.

AllGood sued because it claims Dileo acted as Jackson's agent and agreed to a Jackson family reunion concert and that got torpedoed when the London concerts were booked.

As for why the demand has swelled from $40 mil to $300 mil, AllGood says it never anticipated that Jackson would die and that a movie would be made, which now ups the ante.

AllGood is AlsoSuing John Branca and John McClain, co-special administrators of the estate.


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1799 days ago


From the blog deathbya1000papercuts in July 2009:

Neverland, AEG, and Dr. Tohme

In our previous story we reported that Dr. Tohme stated that he had “previously worked” for Colony Capital. Tohme, as an “unpaid” adviser, had “escorted” Jackson to the meeting where Jackson agreed to 10 concerts promoted by both AEG and Colony Capital. Tohme also stated that he was “working with” AEG and Colony Capital.

Tohme, Colony Capital’s Tom Barrack, and AEG’s Philip Anschutz

Tohme claimed he set up the original meeting between Barrack, Tohme, and Jackson. One result of the meeting: Barrack wound up saving Neverland from the auction but also gained ownership, with Jackson given some sort of profit sharing agreement. It was Barrack who contacted the owner of AEG, Phillips Anschutz.

On June 2, Business reported that Barrack’s own fortune, which Forbes estimated in 2008 at 2.3 billion when Barrack met Jackson, had dwindled to the “multi-millions”. Barrack and Anschutz believed worldwide ticket sales to Jackson’s “greatest” comeback tour could exceed $450 million. The money that Barrack invested in Jackson was backed by his investment in Neverland. Phillips Anschutz’s AEG’s investment in Jackson: $20 million.

More from the Business Mirror and Dr. Tohme:

“In an interview last week Dr. Tohme Tohme, an orthopedic surgeon-turned-businessman who had previously worked with Colony Capital, identified himself as the singer’s “manager, spokesman, everything” and spoke about the benefits of dealing with business titans Barrack and Anschutz rather than their “sleazy” predecessors. “Michael Jackson is an institution. He needs to be run like an institution,” Tohme said.

The next day, however, Frank DiLeo, Jackson’s current manager and a friend of three decades, claimed he was Jackson’s manager and said Tohme had been fired a month and a half earlier. Tohme denied being fired but declined further comment.”

It’s been reported that there’s a “fortune at stake” for concert promoters AEG and the ill-fated fifty Michael Jackson concerts slated in London at AEG’s 02 Arena. According to Billboard, “more than 85 million tickets had already been sold” with AEG shelling out more than “$30 million” for pre-production and promotion costs and an estimated $10 million paid in advance to Jackson. AEG would also be responsible for the cost of refunding ticket holders to Jackson’s concerts.

Billboard reported that on May 12, AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips claimed his company was “well-insured” in case Jackson were unable to perform:

“AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips told May 12 that his company was well-insured. “We have one policy in place and we’re negotiating for an even larger binder,” said Phillips, who couldn’t immediately be reached for comment regarding Jackson’s death. “We have insured the production costs. In order to get the first part of the insurance in place, [Jackson] had to have a physical, and he passed it with flying colors.” AEG CEO Tim Leiweke made similar comments in March at the Billboard Music & Money Symposium.”

Billboard reported that a “source” claimed there wasn’t an insurance policy in place and that even if Jackson had passed a physical, any “pre-existing condition or drug or alcohol related, a normal cancellation policy” wouldn’t have covered AEG’s losses.

On July 23, reported that AEG Live had filed papers in order to petition the probate court handling Michael Jackson’s estate. According to the AEG spokesperson, AEG filed a request for “special notice, meaning we can receive copies of papers filed as part of the proceedings”. AEG went on to state that they were an “interested party” and that they have a right to be aware of the information”.

On July 29, the Chicago Tribune reported Sony Pictures had paid $60 million to concert promoter AEG Live for the “rights to 80 hours of Michael Jackson rehearsal footage recorded in preparation for his ill-fated “This Is It” tour”. Even so, purportedly 90% of the $60 million will go to the Jackson estate.

1799 days ago


330 Posted at 12:58PM on Oct 18th 2009 by Firpo Carr is a con man & Gloria A is a media whore

out of all usernames i always love yours best

1799 days ago


329 Posted at 12:57PM on Oct 18th 2009 by Jan

It would really be helpful if posters would include the source and the datelines when referenced articles were published, if not they are relatively useless information they could have been published 10 years ago for all anyone knows and unless specific could be referring to any number of events.

Not necessarily this posted comment but noticed that alot of articles are being posted without credentials.

1799 days ago


331. I wish lightning would strike geraldo Riviera! he is trying to take focus off Joe Jackson's and Conrad Murray's hand in killing MJ. Those are the 2 people who killed MJ NOT AEG, not Branca, not Randy Phillips. RIVIERA IS FULL OF Shi*. All of a sudden he has stopped cussing Joe Jackson, WHY? Has he been paid off? Geraldo just wants to create sensation. I hope AEG sues Fox.

Posted at 1:05PM on Oct 18th 2009 by Firpo Carr is a con man & Gloria A is a media whore

AEG will be taking more than Fox to the cleaners before this slanderous and libelous garbage is ended. And when they do alot of careers in the entertainment industry will be past tense.

1799 days ago


331. I wish lightning would strike geraldo Riviera! he is trying to take focus off Joe Jackson's and Conrad Murray's hand in killing MJ. Those are the 2 people who killed MJ NOT AEG, not Branca, not Randy Phillips. RIVIERA IS FULL OF Shi*. All of a sudden he has stopped cussing Joe Jackson, WHY? Has he been paid off? Geraldo just wants to create sensation. I hope AEG sues Fox.

Posted at 1:05PM on Oct 18th 2009 by Firpo Carr is a con man & Gloria A is a media whore

Maybe because all the dots seem to be pointing to the corporations?

Tohme's advertising company TRW has Colony as a client...guess who has an ad promoting the TII movie under their "new work" section of the website---Tohme's ad company. Funny how his ad company has wiped their site clean of Tohme's name...remember this is the site that had all of his bogus bio info on it pre-June 25th.
Colony partnered with AEG in promoting the concerts. Tohme was in on getting the concert deal started. Sounds like a conflict of interesting if he was indeed in on the meetings doing the negoitating.
Colony owns part of Neverland, doesn't it? If any tourist site is developed, who gets to do the advertising and stuff for that..Tohme's ad company, perhaps?
Tohme who was FIRED by MJ..the same Tohme who MJ said in that tape recording that he didn't trust the guy anymore. The same Tohme who coughed up $5 million once the estate executors starting doing their job.
Then there is the conncection between AEG and Sony..with Sony being a client of one of AEG's branches:

The list of companies who are making more money off of MJ being killed seems to be growing by the day.

1799 days ago


Oh, yeah, forgot to add to the list on my previous post...why WAS the fired Tohme (who seems to have had his fingers in ALL of the pies) side by side with Jermaine when he was doing that press conference???

1799 days ago


Does anyone think that maybe AEG is behind some of these companies that are popping up say MJ owes them money? JUST A THOUGHT

Love the Jackson's

1799 days ago


This is what Mj fans have been trying to say, the vultures are out there, have been there and will continue to be there.
If there was a list of lawsuits against MJ and his fortunes, I'm sure it would stretch to the moon.
I challenge TMZ TO LOOK UP all of MJ lawsuits and post them

1799 days ago


More attention defending small and petty lawsuits and less on developing the estate. Micheal was under constant pressure and no one looked out for him just dollar $$$.

1798 days ago


I am really surprised there have been no new developments in the Michael Jackson investigation. Has the case been presented to the District Attorney's office yet? What in the world is taking the L.A.P.D. so long?

1798 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    


Sounds like someone was afraid they would be sued because Michael refused to tour with his brothers. Joe was really upset because Michael wouldn't do his tour.
It's all coming to light..

Thanks again Joe, for all the Pain You Caused Michael.
These are my opinions only

The whole family will eat themselves up with Greed!

When the Special Investigation Unit finishes it's reports, then head's will roll.

1795 days ago


This has gotten out of control. I can't believe the nerve of some people. The lawyers are extremely happy with all of these frivilous lawsuits because they are the only people that will ever make money. I believe that if the judge put a cap on attorney fees to fight these lawsuits or hire good staff lawyers just to fight these stupid people, most of the claims would go away. The estate will never earn a dime if all of these lawsuits keep coming in because the lawyers will eat up all of the earnings.

It's sad that even in death, MJ cannot rest in peace. "Leave Him Alone". Now we start to see some of the stuff that he went through alive. No wonder he wanted to sleep. Can you imagine having everybody want your money. It started with that kid's family telling a lie and it's never stopped! Leave Him Alone!!

1769 days ago


More money hungry people who did NOT care anything about Michael Jackson at all......People need to stop the name calling and negative opinions of Michael....Michael has made history again and again because of his talents....We should all be so lucky.....We were indeed blessed to have him on Earth for the short time we did....Michael: Rest in Peace....You will forever be loved and missed by millions.....I'll see you in Heaven (one day)! In the meantime, I will continue to pray for your mother, children and family members who truly unconditionally loved you and cared about your best interest.

1549 days ago
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