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AllGood Socks Jackson Estate Hard

10/16/2009 9:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AllGood Entertainment is now going after Michael Jackson's estate in the battle over profits from the upcoming movie "This Is It," along with revenues from the Sony catalog -- and the company wants more than $300 million!!!

Michael Jackson

AllGood previously filed suit against Michael Jackson, AEG Live and Frank Dileo for $40 million -- that's when Jackson was alive. Now AllGood filed an amended lawsuit today in federal court, which now includes the estate of Michael Jackson. The original defendants are still named in the amended suit.

AllGood sued because it claims Dileo acted as Jackson's agent and agreed to a Jackson family reunion concert and that got torpedoed when the London concerts were booked.

As for why the demand has swelled from $40 mil to $300 mil, AllGood says it never anticipated that Jackson would die and that a movie would be made, which now ups the ante.

AllGood is AlsoSuing John Branca and John McClain, co-special administrators of the estate.


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I think the Allgood people have been smoking too much
It's 8:12 here but it must be 4:20 where they are

1810 days ago


19. I guess 40M wasn't enough, so now they want 300M just because Michael is no longer with us and there is a movie

involved? I thought you could only recoup what you would had lost.

TMZ, could you stop stories like this and replace them with all the good that Michael did?

Oh, that's right, good stuff doesn't sell.

Love you Michael!

Posted at 8:58PM on Oct 16th 2009 by Kim

the Allgood angle is paramount to the murder investigation

1810 days ago


78. It's really sickening. Everyone wanted a piece of Michael in life and so it continues after his death.
Posted at 10:10PM on Oct 16th 2009 by Lynn

Maybe if he paid his bills and didn't back out of deals people won't be going after his estate right now. Just because he is MJ don't mean he gets a free ride in life. He should have paid his bills.

1810 days ago


allgood's logic is screwed up. if MJ's raking in money of this magnitude, that's because he was NEVER with allgood! to them he's just F-ing dollar signs!

MJ, thank you for showing us again how low people can go. bottomless greed, and utterly shamelessness to exploit people's name to sell stories, publicity, defile you so their has-been azz can be in spotlight again...WOW. there's no end!

1810 days ago


Hey Harvey thanks for not putting RIP MJ up there this time it was getting old. I bet the fans didn't even notice that. Ha Ha Ha

1810 days ago


I have no idea what that is suppose to mean

1810 days ago


36 knew I smelled catfish....they have a distinctly malodorous smell that comes from living on garbage - or in this case, actually BEING garbage.

Sorry....I can't like Joe no matter how hard I try!

Posted at 9:16PM on Oct 16th 2009 by Deb

he is a devil he has stopped at NOTHING to get his hands on mjs money & power

1810 days ago


In interviews for this week’s EW cover story on This Is It, Michael Jackson’s collaborators shared new details about the pop star’s final rehearsals for his planned comeback concerts and the day the shocking news of his death broke. Throughout the rehearsals, those around Jackson were often concerned about his health but didn’t see any major cause for alarm. Choreographer Travis Payne remembers, “Michael would come in and say, ‘I didn’t sleep last night.’ But then we’d be on set and you’d see he had his A-game, so you didn’t really question it.” As for Jackson’s apparent prescription drug abuse, director Kenny Ortega says, “Honestly, we were clueless.”

On June 25, when Jackson was rushed by paramedics to UCLA Medical Center, Randy Phillips, the president of the concert promotion firm AEG Live, followed the ambulance and watched as the emergency room team tried to save his life. “I’ll never forget this: There were all these people running around, frantically trying to revive him. [Jackson's personal physician] Dr. Murray was in there, and he was completely a mess. A nurse came out and said, ‘Where is Mrs. Jackson?’ Michael’s parents weren’t there yet — they’d gotten lost. They’d gone to St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica. The nurse said, ‘He’s on life support.’ I said, ‘What exactly does that mean?’ She told us he was brain dead but still breathing.” Phillips says he and Jackson’s manager Frank DiLeo informed Jackson’s children of their father’s death. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever lived through. I’ll never forget the look of fear in their faces.”

As doctors struggled in vain to save the singer, his collaborators on the concerts were waiting anxiously at L.A.’s Staples Center and trying to sort rumor from fact. The plan that day had been to rehearse a David Copperfield-style illusion that would serve as a transition between the songs “Dirty Diana” and “Beat It.” When the irrefutable news of Jackson’s death finally came, says Payne, “There was just this general feeling of numbness. People didn’t know how to process it.”

In the weeks and months that followed, those closest to Jackson were still struggling to make sense of his death — and his often troubled life. “I was in awe of his talent, but at the same time I pitied him, because I felt his life was so unfulfilled,” says Phillips. “He had been almost chased into this isolation.” Says Payne, “I knew Michael led a very lonely life at times, just because of the nature of who he was. But I choose to focus on the fact that now Michael is not suffering. Now he doesn’t have this daily struggle he had to be who he was. And the world is going to have his music and his art forever.”

1810 days ago


37. God just leave this family alone... he died what four almost 5 months ago... it just keeps coming in... this must be putting a toll on Katherine.

Posted at 9:14PM on Oct 16th 2009 by Christina

if not for her own sake then she should have divorced joe 40 years ago FOR THE SAKE OF HER CHILDREN
its too late now

1810 days ago


Come on tmz i have seen alot of good questions about the death investigation and murray but you guys refuse to answer them!!!
It's noones business what the f*ck happens in court with the estate that should remain a private matter! MJ provided for his children and mother thats all that should be known!

What is going with the investigation?
Are the cops keeping an eye on murray?
Any word from the DA yet?

Leave MJ,his children,and family alone!

1810 days ago


Simply greed. I wish these companies and people 'suing' Michael's estate would think of what they would be taking away from his children.

1810 days ago


I hope this case gets thrown out! that about their are "asking" for is ridiculous!

1810 days ago


Wow this whole Micheal Jackson estate its all about money. Let the guy rest in peace.

1810 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Au Contrare.Catfish also feed off of mud, but thats another story.
Yea, I think this is the the Leonard Rowe/Catfish Devil enterprise which is somehow connected to the 40 million dollar Jackson brothers lawsuit as well. I think they should be suiing DeLeo, wasn't he the one who signed Michael's name with AllGood, then turned tail, or was that Tohme? One is just about as bad as the other and just as confusing because they were in cahoots. I for one would love to see Tohme and Deleo sign Michaels name on blank pieces of paper and compare it to that Will. IN A COURTROOM! and then bring in other contracts that they both signed and then compare. Like I said before, Branca seems to be one of the best lawyers in the business, but then again where money is concerned, the sky is the limit.

1810 days ago
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