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Ripley's Believe it or Not

10/16/2009 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 49-year-old resurfaced at some event, looking loved.

Jenette Goldstein

In 1997, Jenette appeared in "Titanic" in the role of "Irish Mommy."

Goldstein owns a Hollywood boutique specializing in large-size brassieres called Jenette's Bras.


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damn chef now you made me hungry and i forgot my comment

1801 days ago


She looks pretty good for her age and the fact she is not obviously some high priced actress who can have all the surgery etc. in the world. I actually remember her role very well in Titanic. For such a small scene it was heartbreaking.

1801 days ago


She was such a badass chick in Aliens. Best movie ever.

1801 days ago


I think she also played John Connor's step-mother in Terminator 2 (T-1000 kills her then mimics her on the phone).

1801 days ago


Thank-you! I love her!!!

1801 days ago


Damn if I didn't have the hots for that girl 23 years ago!
So hard and hot and tough looking then -so sweet looking now.

1801 days ago


Did you notice that in the "Alien" flicks the female characters were all strong and heroic while the male characters were mostly weaklings and weasels?

The only really heroic male character was Lance Henricksen Bishop character in the second flick, and he was a droid. Paul Reiser and Bill Paxton played weak characters, as was that Gorman guy who lead the mission. Vasquez, Newt and Ripley were the heros of the second flick.

In the last flick, Ripley and Winona Ryder had a strong lesbian vibe going, while the male characters were mostly monster bait.

The Alien flicks were totally feminist, and it was about abortion. Think about it.

1801 days ago


Loved her in Aliens, yes she was the foster mom in Terminator 2, was heartbreaking in Titanic. Jim Cameron likes casting the same actors in his movies. But does anyone know the name of the vampire flick she was in in the mid 80's? I remember it also featured Lance Henrikson & Bill Paxton. One scene in the movie had a shot of a movie theater that was playing The Terminator, classic.

1801 days ago


The movie you are talking about is Near Dark.

1801 days ago


Awwww, she looks so happy and natural.
She was damn butch in that Aliens movie!

I've never noticed her in any other movie.
Now I'm gonna have to check that out.

1801 days ago


you also left out that she is good friends with James Cameron - who did Aliens AND titanic.

she along with Bill Paxton (Hudson)and Lance HEnrikson (Bishop)was in a vamp movie called Near Dark that was directed by James Camerons then wife - Katy Bigelow.

1801 days ago


thank you, artep and nicole. That vampire flick "Near Dark" is what I was trying to remember. A group of nomadic vampires roaming the Southwest in a battered van.

Jenette Goldstein was/is a great character actress. She could disappear into a role, and the parts she played were so different from each other.

Remember she also was a detective in one of the "Lethal Weapon" films, the one with the South African diplomats.

1801 days ago


Vasquez! I loved her in Aliens and Near Dark. I forget the Irish mom in Titanic though. I guess she was one of the people trapped in steerage or something?

1801 days ago


Memorable in whatever work she does. Rock on, Ms. Goldstein.

1801 days ago


You guys are better than imdb! I love it when people know their stuff (talking about the posters not the article). And you are right Joho, she can disappear in to her roles. You are not sitting there thinking "there's so and so". Great!

1801 days ago
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