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TLC to Jon Gosselin -- Sue You!!!

10/16/2009 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon GosselinTLC is dropping the legal hammer on Jon Gosselin -- filing a lawsuit against the guy for breaching his contract on "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

In the suit, filed Friday in Maryland, the network claims Jon was contracted to be an "exclusive" employee -- but broke his deal when he began taking money to appear on other shows and talking about "Jon & Kate" without proper permission.

Jon has appeared as a guest on all sorts of shows lately -- most recently appearing on "Entertainment Tonight."


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It really is time that TLC took action against Jon. He's making the talk show rounds making an a@@ of himself by talking out of both sides of his mouth. As soon as TLC took his name off the show then it's NOT good for his kids and now he wants to make friends with Kate and work on what's left, if anything, of their marriage. Jon is a tool and when he opens his mouth to speak he makes a bigger a@@ of himself. I'm sure TLC is tired of his antics of running around with every slut out there and saying that he is not going through a mid-life crisis.

1832 days ago

o rly    

"14. Sue o rly for being so stupid. How about getting a life twit? - Simone"

This coming from the same person that admits to staying on ALL DAY so she can say "FIRST" and was actually dumb enough to put "Simone - Number 1" as her name. Pot, kettle...both inanimate objects are smarter than SIMONE.

1832 days ago


Jon's contract "expires" NOVEMBER 1. So he accepted money and did apprearances BEFORE the contract is up with TLC.

He's still TLC's bitch, so he can't fart sideways without getting their permission.

So SCREW YOU Jon. Thought you could get away with making appearances, taking money, screwing every whore out there, etc. Awe looks like BALDY boy is having yet another bad day! LOL

OH AND THE DIFFERENCE between Jon making apperances and Kate's guest appearances, KATE GOT PERMISSION from TLC to appear on these shows.


1832 days ago


Some of you people need to get a clue. Jon was dropped from the show, not released from his contract. Big difference. Obviously, when Kate appeared on other TV shows, it was with the approval of TLC. They aren't suing her are they? Why an idiot like Jon Gosselin though he could take on a corporate network like TLC with their high-powered attorneys - and win - is beyond me. Let's see how his fourth-rate "attorney" - who can't even practice law anywhere he has litigation pending - comes to his rescue now. Karma's a b*tch.

1832 days ago


Seriously. TLC is getting ridiculous. I guess they're trying to recoup money that is being lost since they can't exploit the little children. They don't want Jon to talk. Well, too late.

1832 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Damn! This man is nothing but a screw up. His little power trip he is on is catching up to him. He is going to do what he wants, even if it breaches contracts, holds him in contempt in a court of law, or what. Next it will be TAX EVASION, I don't want to pay my taxes or be told I have to, but I DO, because it is against the law NOT to!

Way to screw up at the expense of your children Jon. I think you need a new shrink, a new lawyer and to work on creating a new image if you are going to stay in the direction you are going or you are going to end up penniless.

I was hoping TLC would wait until the divorce finalized and after Kate took him in divorce court for all she could for the kids to have more.

But Jon chose this, so if he has to give his portion back for breaching it or reimburse them for all the perks, WOW, just WOW.

Although another lawsuit against him shows the court just how irresponsible he is, in a custody case and how reckless he is managing money much less managing a household or family.

What a fricken moron!

ROL has another clip from the Nanny today yet too and how he stole 100 grand from Kate this last summer yet too.

A liar, a thief, a cheat, what could be next! Yet he wants to restore family values? Is his little charity foundation even legit or registered, does the IRS know about it and the 100k he claimed he stole to deposit into that foundation, did the money even go there for the children he claimed he wanted to help who were too poor to eat. Did he take from those children like he is taking from his kids?

Kate, I applaud you for hanging in there as long as you did with this numbskull~ unbelievable!

1832 days ago


o rly has fallen off the stupid truck too many times.

1832 days ago


Yay TLC, sue the bum. One can be let go from a show and still be under contract. Happens often, especially if the person let go has been warned repeatedly. Jon is the one acting crazy, and there is no proof the children love him more.....he acts like a kid himself. Obviously, Kate was pretty tired of being the only grown up in the household.

Jon quit his IT job and bragged to everyone he was never working again. He loved TLC when he was getting paid and pretending to be a responsible adult. But when he was called on the carpet for bad behavior, then he hated TLC and worried about his children.

JON is the one who is and has hurt his children by chaising the babysitters, 20 year olds and running around with drunk, drug addicts, and lying to the press. I hope TLC sues him for every cent he has hopes of making. Then notice how soon all his new friends disappears!

1832 days ago


for one Jon is bashing TLC and two he has been caught in several lies. Anybody see the insider and entertainment tonight? Hes been on there for 2 weeks lieing and how he wants plastic surgery and bashing Kate.Hes makeing money for his interviews with those 2 shows. The morning shows dont pay. I gues he got take some of that money and pay back the accounts he took from. You can be sure Kate has all her accounting records in order.

1832 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

o rly, Simone admitted to being a proud GWOP blogger on yesterday's Gosselin thread, so that should help you out understanding her mentality, they HATE KATE and think their precious Jon does no wrong, ever! Even if he raped some one they'd still snark on what Kate wore that day to pick up her kids.

1832 days ago


they need to lock these two up in a padded cell and let them just beat the s---out of each other !!! NOW THAT WOULD BE A STORY TO READ AND THEY CAN HAVE ALL THE FUN THEY WANT TO HAVE AT THE EXPENSE OF JUST BEING STUPID.MAN THESE POOR KIDS ARE DOOMED WITH A LIFE OF WORTHLESS PARENTS...THEY HAVE BECOME INVISIABLE TO JON AND really is a sad thing!!! sue from tampa

1832 days ago


And KATE was having an affair for MONTHS. She's so freaking evil, you people have no clue. The kids are scared of her.

1832 days ago

Anne Marie    

TLC needs to pull the pulge on both of these losers!! Nobody cares and the show is boring. Those poor children.

1832 days ago


Scott: The reason Kate is not in trouble with TLC is she gets permission from them for every appearance. She lives up to the contract she signed. Jon ignored his contract and decided to do as he pleased. Jons ship will sink for breaking his contract with them. The media has enough evidence of him doing that so it makes TLCs job in court a cake walk.

1832 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

GOOD, now TLC has leverage and Jon can stop that blackmailing them, Kate and all the skanks he slept with. It appears he is blackmailing a lot of them lately with threats.

BUT now TLC has leverage over him and in order to make this go away he will have to give Kate consent for her TLC show to tape appearances with her kids on that show WITHOUT little peter pan loser Jon!

Now Kate at least is assured she will have a source of income coming in for her and the kids. If he doesn't, his pockets are not deep enough to pay for the legal in all of this, they will also sue him for all he got paid (his share and any perks he received, they can take back anything he received off of that show that has monetary value, no wonder they took back that motorcycle.)

Jon won't be able to afford to pay his attorney for a divorce, to shut up his skanks coming out of the wood work (who I believe over him now after he lies so much), and then legal to fight TLC's legal team? His attorney will dump him if he cannot pay. That shady attorney anyway is no good.

So, score one for Kate and her 8! Good, I hated to see all of those opportunities for those children taken away, the film crew family they know and adore, to the nanny, the security guard, etc and all the fun those kids had this year that helped them stay distracted from the divorce ugliness! To see them riding those horses, playing on the beach, no worries and they were laughing, building memories! So hopefully those children will get some of that back now that TLC has the firmer hand in all of this!

GO TLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon is too much of a whiner to play with the big dogs. He acts like this child who needs to be parented and obviously lately, SUPERVISED!

1832 days ago
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