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Balloon Boy Box Bursting with Questions

10/17/2009 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OMG -- we haven't been this excited to find out what's inside a box since "Seven."

Balloon Boy
Since Richard Heene's extraordinary press conference this morning, the questions have been flooding in to his magical box of wonder. What kinds of questions does it contain? Does it perhaps contain suggestions of where Mr. Heene can put his question box?

We'll find out tonight at 6:30 PM PT/9:30 PM ET when Balloon Dad comes out to answer them -- and we'll have it for you live.

Stay tuned ...


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hoping he gets the max    

It would be my guess, that the Heene Family has ruined any chance of getting a reality tv show now. Theres nothing real about isnt even a good hoax, it was lame, and if they were to gewt one, the public would be turned off by it and not watch it anyhow.The only reason there getting this attention, is because so many people dont beleive them and want punishment. Bottom line.....bad hoax, end of story, good bye to all and to all a goodnight.

1811 days ago

too sad    

how much $$ did they pay the Sheriff to let them off the hook ?

1811 days ago

tigers lair    

Maybe the father will put a gun to his head as TMZ is streaming "live". Lets put an end to this misery or as hes speaking the funny farm wagon pulls up and takes him and his wife away....this guy is a KOOK!

1811 days ago

too sad    

the only interest we have here is to SEE JUSTICE FOR A BAD HOAX ,
fine them, let them pay for it ,
it's baaaaaaaaaddddd and he needs
some sort of treatment for metal disorders and i would say the wife does too .

1811 days ago

too sad    

ooooops mental

metal .

1811 days ago


AWWWW MAN! I wish I lived up there. I so wanted to put a card for a good psychiatrist in there


1811 days ago


Those kids need to be taken from that home at once... Elian Gonzalez style!

1811 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

all this publicity is gonna b peeving off Jon boy..omg...u r taking the glare away from him...and the Pratts must b freaking abt Jon..omgomg...the world is turning upside down..

1811 days ago


I want to ask Heene what medication he used to make the boy sleep & what medication he gave the boy to puke?
Say good bye to those boys, FREAK!

1811 days ago


Lock his ass up

1811 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Is the box still there with notes inside? It's after 6:30p.m., Wha happen? Hu? Wha? You mean Heenie Weenie promised to come back out and nobody came? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ...............!

1811 days ago


Thanks for bringing it to us live TMZ! I can't wait!!! There are few things more entertaining that watching some creep who uses, abuses and exploits his children digging his own grave :)

1811 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

A$$holes. Famous for nothing but being a$$holes. LMFAO.

1811 days ago

you just don't get it    

Can anyone with a brain say bonfire?

1811 days ago


Th best thing to happen to this nutjob was the Barney Fife of Larimer County.
The Sheriff seems to live in the same parallel universe as the loon.
The home video is priceless.
A pristine silver balloon-sans any tears-is proof positive that Box Boy could not have secreted himself in the craft.
Unless he was a shape shifter.
The father knew this from the beginning .
The Doofus Sheriff keeps making excuses for the family.
Yesterday's presser was a doozy. The Sheriff said that it was completely plausible that a 6 yr old boy with hyperactivity would remain still in a cardboard box for five hours.
Where did Barney Fife come up with the five hour figure ?
George Jetson watched his paycheck float away and the best way to retrieve it , was to call a twisted Amber Alert.
It's no different than forgetting where you parked your car and then calling the cops to say your car was stolen with a kid inside.
And after the cops use all their resources to find your car- you suddenly discover Junior hiding under the bed.

1811 days ago
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