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Guy Claims He Helped Plan Balloon Boy Hoax

10/17/2009 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man who claims he once worked for Richard Heene says Heene was obsessed with becoming famous, wanted to get his own show, and had an idea for a massive media stunt that involved a "weather balloon" that "resembles a UFO." Sound familiar?

Robert Thomas claims, in an interview with Gawker, that Heene believed such a stunt would "be the most significant UFO-related news event to take place since the Roswell Crash of 1947."

Thomas said Heene was "driven by ego and fame" after appearing on "Wife Swap." He says Heene's idea for a show was something like "'MythBusters'-meets-mad scientist."

Thomas says he worked for Heene from March through May 2009.

Thomas came out earlier in the day saying he had proof the entire incident was a hoax and wanted to be paid for it. Gawker openly admits they did in fact pay Thomas.


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Seacrest is a Shorty    

Does anyone know what ever happened to the so-called box that CNN showed "maybe falling" from the balloon? Supposedly the boy could have been in the box and fallen to his death. Richard (the jackass Dad) said it was attached to the bottom creating even more of a frenzy. When we saw the home video shot by the family there clearly wasn't any sign of any "box".
I am sick and tired of people manipulating the public (emotionally and financially) to get a TV series. The "Octomom" was enough already.

1643 days ago


Attention Richard:

Your above post in a poor example of a bald-faced lie. I've known some liars in my life and your attempt is just half-assed. You even contradict yourself in your above story. First you claim that you don't have cable, therefore you don't know what people are saying about your family, but now you write that you have Internet and you're just oh so taken aback at what people are writing. Here's a little do something stupid with obvious holes in it, people are going to start casting judgement. It's just human nature.

What in the hell do you need a spokesman for? Why can't you just answer questions like a normal person? Or are you just not that slick off the cuff?

"why would we make a hoax without a kid"? I don't know Richard. Why would you make one with a kid?

Why would you tell your kid he'd have to hide in the attic to escape his fans? That doesn't even make any sense. God, you're worse at this lying game than my family members who like to play this. Put some effort into it, man.

1643 days ago


Richard Heene, you are soo busted. All these reports "disturb you"? It disturbs many people involved in your hoax and the poor farmers that got their field ruined. Putting your youngest in such a position is sick. Keeping him on camera when he is obviously shows you are an unfit parent. The cops came to your house and saw your wife hurt..Any comments on that. The video you put out on U Tube is so offensive you should be ashamed. Fess up loser.

1643 days ago


why weren't the kids in school?????

1643 days ago


I believed Heene was a fraud right from the start. Of course, that may also be true for Robert Thomas. These weird stories always bring more weird people out of the woodwork.

1643 days ago


Only 1 Rob(ert) Thomas I would listen to.....

1643 days ago


They are the center of attention now! I hope their happy. Just look at the video. Hilarious!

1643 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

This Richard guy is a fool. The letter sound moronic. His wife is subsurviant and his kids are afraid of him.

1643 days ago


best hoax since War of The Worlds. Hats off to you !!
TMZ are a bunch of degenerates.

1643 days ago


Richard Heene is a bigger media wh*re than the Gosselins. He even comes here to post! What a loser.

His wife should take the kids and leave this guy. He's a horrible excuse for a father and a husband.

Hey, us all a favor and walk into a tornado. You won't be missed...

1643 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

Yeah.....Why WEREN"T the kids in school....? One thing for sure they won't be back in school for awhile. Can you imagine the ridicule these kids will get? Better move far far away......

1643 days ago


This is mental abuse to make your kids go along with your lies and teaches them to play people and now call the DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES ON THE BOTH TRASY PARENTS! There on drugs and and there fake tears did not fool anyone.

1643 days ago


They HAVE TO BE ARRESTED BY NOW. Just watch "Wife swap" and you will understand, they are all crazy

1643 days ago

A Person    

I heard this on E!. The guy commented saying it would be out later today.


1643 days ago


I agree! Take the kids away and hope there deprogram them into reality that there messed up parents do not care about anyone but there fake ass selves. YES DIRTY TRASY SNEAKY WHORES!

1643 days ago
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