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Guy Claims He Helped Plan Balloon Boy Hoax

10/17/2009 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man who claims he once worked for Richard Heene says Heene was obsessed with becoming famous, wanted to get his own show, and had an idea for a massive media stunt that involved a "weather balloon" that "resembles a UFO." Sound familiar?

Robert Thomas claims, in an interview with Gawker, that Heene believed such a stunt would "be the most significant UFO-related news event to take place since the Roswell Crash of 1947."

Thomas said Heene was "driven by ego and fame" after appearing on "Wife Swap." He says Heene's idea for a show was something like "'MythBusters'-meets-mad scientist."

Thomas says he worked for Heene from March through May 2009.

Thomas came out earlier in the day saying he had proof the entire incident was a hoax and wanted to be paid for it. Gawker openly admits they did in fact pay Thomas.


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Oh please! They are bord to death losers and this is all so funny now and there kids need to be with some real people.

1800 days ago


# 45. Be fair folks, they deserve their 15 minutes of fame, "Worlds Dumbest Criminals". If ratings are good give them another shot on "Locked Up"

i agree 100%, fair is fair!

1800 days ago

too sad    

you are a jerk

a bad actor

crocadile tears,
better go back to acting school .

no one believes you .

1800 days ago


I think the poll's results come from the fact that the question is confusing. I couldn't tell if they were asking if the new guy's accusations were a hoax or if the balloon boy fiasco was a hoax.

1800 days ago


balloon boy's cousin,

Maybe you should ask your cousin that. He's the one who perpetrated this hoax.

TMZ should just stop reporting on this guy. Our lives were so much better without Richard in it.

I feel so sorry for his kids.

1800 days ago

Kenneth Small    

The man is a big kid who wanted to get his big toy back, so he told his boy "we are making a show so go hide till I tell you to come out". When the ballon was caught he had him come out. That is and was the big hoax. Now we all know how to get our ballons back when we realy want them back. Tell the police my kids stuck to it please chase it down for me.

1800 days ago


dumb and dumber. and the kids need to get on out of there.

1800 days ago


That is not Richard Heene posting. His kids are not homeschooled. They were home that day because all the kids in that school district were off on Thursday and Friday for parent/teacher conferences.

1800 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Where's Richard? Thought he was coming out, or did his ego get in the way once again?
He's not half-ass . He's ALL ass!

1800 days ago


Jon Gosselin must be so happy now. There's actually a bigger jerk than him!! Richard is making Jon look like father of the year and a saint all rolled in one.

1800 days ago

Patrick M.    

I now have to prepare for my press conference. I will be on this site and other sites after to see the reaction.

I want to thank my friends over the years for supporting my projects such as the quantum field array, the Da Vinci replicas, etc. John Skutnik, Joey Davis and Al Richardson and special thanks to Michael Korposky.

Richard Heene

1800 days ago

too sad    

people just want the family to pay,

we will see justice and go away like the family should.
gosh, they have been on tv a lot, why ????
idiots , bad actors .

really annoying, the kids look like they are out of control .
are they on ridalin ?

1800 days ago


How does this family make a living? It doesn't look like anyone has a day job?

1800 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

OK "Richard". Past your take your meds and go to sleepy town. Remember to go potty before you get into bed. We don't want to have to change the sheets again tonight.

1800 days ago
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