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Michael's Kids Hang with Auntie Liz

10/17/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking well after having heart surgery earlier this month, Elizabeth Taylor went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Los Angeles -- along with two of Michael Jackson's kids, Paris and Prince.


Liz TaylorLiz didn't go on any of the rides.


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Now Liz Taylor is part of the outings with the kids. Why not before? I'm glad they are doing fun things and I hope the kids are put in public school where the other Jackson kids go. Or a private school not home schooling. Enough of the control as they need a normal life, somewhat and to get to know other kids their age not just the Jackson kids.

1831 days ago


Posted at 10:49AM on Oct 17th 2009 by dr bob

You're a doctor? Lemme guess - you got your MD somewhere in the Caribbean, you recommend "herbal" medicine to all of your patients, Bob Marley plays on the loudspeakers in your garage - er - clinic all day, and your address is 420 High Street! As for your spelling - with the level of education a "doctor" has to have, you must have paid someone to take your English classes for you! KB, anyone?

Posted at 12:14PM on Oct 17th 2009 by Deb


I just spit coffee all over the computer! LMAO! That was funny! And, probably correct!

1831 days ago

Michael Jackson #1 fan    

9. those are no way his kids i am a dr so i can tell these things,,michael jacksonc was not able to have children,,just ask lisa marie ,,joe jackson kicked him in his nutz too many times so his voice would stay girlish so he had no gonads,,thus no kids

doesnt take eistien to figure that out

wikll someone please cut their hair..this sint the 70's and its not thing those punks will be smoking weed

Posted at 10:49AM on Oct 17th 2009 by dr bob

LOL ,you are a dumb doctor, bc only a genetic test can accurately tell if someone is the father, not by looking..Plus if you were a doctor, why didnt you took up English Grammer??? you put 2 commas in your sentence. "SMH and LOL"

1831 days ago


Is Halloween Horror Nights really the best place to go after having heart surgery? LOL

1831 days ago

blue pen    

9. Doctor my ass. If you diagnose as badly as you spell then heaven help your patients.

Those kids have Jackson's genes for sure.

1831 days ago


Jan - thank you for the link! It is great, several interesting things there!

1831 days ago


Wouldn't Miko Brando's kid qualify, too, as friends. Yet, we never see pics of them... These children are very fortunate to have such a strong support system.. Blanket needs a hair cut, however. And a change ofname...

1831 days ago


I think the hot girl in front next to the Jackson kid is one of the singing brazilian triplets I've been seeing around town. One of them dates Taj Jackson. Anyone know the name of their group??

1831 days ago

MJ's PYT    

Good Morning All ....Great day I'm off to take ride to Neverland.
See the grounds I guess.Anyway its beautiful in California .Great
day for a drive..Wish me luck.
Good to see the kids having fun with aunt LIZ.

1831 days ago


It is wonderful to see Paris w/someone who was a true friend to her father, and there for him when his family or no one else was. And I love Blamket's hair and name!! My son is four and his hair is longer than Paris'!! And the name Blanket means to cover w/love---beautiful!

1831 days ago


More stalking of children. Unbelievable!!

1831 days ago


Glad to see the kids out having fun with Aunti Lizzie!!!

MJ Tribute!!!

1831 days ago


The cousin/relative behind Paris is wearing a Michael Jackson T-shirt. Glad to see they're having fun and glad to see Liz out and about after her operation.

1831 days ago


Who takes care of Elizabeth Taylor on a daily basis? And who handles her affairs because they do a good job. I have never heard anything negative regarding finances or lawsuits for this woman

1831 days ago


DR BOB you stupid klutz, you can't even spell right. so get off mj's ass and stop pretending to be a doctor haha.

1831 days ago
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