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Roman Polanksi Undergoing Medical Treatment

10/17/2009 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roman Polanski has been moved from jail to undergo medical treatment, his lawyer announced today.

Herve Temime wouldn't go into too much detail, telling Reuters, "All I know is that he has been taken from prison for medical attention. I don't know where he is or when he will be returned to prison."

Polanksi has been in a Swiss jail since being arrested three weeks ago to face extradition to the U.S.


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#27 Patti - Lets see you say it's okay for a grown man to give alcohol, drugs & have sex with a 13 yr old? You blame the child for taking the drugs that Polanski gave her? The mother did wrong by leaving the daughter there & because Polanski's wife had been killed he should have gotten a get out of jail free card? Eventually you won't be going every where your adult daughter goes to & if she is given a drug unknowing to her and if she is raped, then you would blame your adult daughter for taking the drug and forgive the rapist. You would sure be a forgiving person. Not until then should you make any more stupid comments.

1798 days ago


Psych treatment is what is needed!

1798 days ago


Sorry, no sympathy here. Even if you say - as that View host did (can't think of her name) - that it wasn't "rape rape," still, he promoted the horrific and utterly devastating crime of child rape. Sorry, no sympathy here.

1798 days ago


Unless I read his name in the obituary column, I don't believe there's anything wrong with him that money can't buy.

1798 days ago


The Swiss took it easy on the Nazis -- why not Roman Polanski?

The Swiss government finally had to admit that they hid Nazi money in their banks. Talk about blood money! Neutral my azzz. And now they let Polanski go on a medical leave?!! We have doctors in the U.S. who can treat his hemmoroids or whatever else he has -- why not fly him here and we can deal with himhere in the good 'ol USA?

I'm sure there are other pedophiles in prison waiting to take Roman Polanski's rectal temperature.

1798 days ago


Pedolansky is probably being treated for hemorrhoids.With luck he will be plagued by it for the rest of his sordid life.

1798 days ago


at #10, ur blaming Obama for Polanski's release?? U know what, I'm not even gonna argue with you. Arguing with a fool makes two

1798 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

To Whoopie Goldberg, this indeed was more than just "rape-rape". The drugs used make it foracable rape. He only pleaded out to the lesser charge to avoid trial. A mistake the DA made. Since he fled the sentencing hearing, the plea to the lesser charge is thrown out. Now, he is a fugitive wanted for forcable rape of a minor. Jamie Foxx was right, he said if it happened to his own daughter, he'd fix Polanski, Texas style.

1798 days ago


Do not forget, in addition to drugging the 13 year old girl, he repeatedly ignored her pleas to stop, and HE SODOMIZED HER.

This guy needs to do some serious prison time with the other pedophile sick f*cks. Polanski is probably having a nervous breakdown at the thought, he knows he'll be beat the hell up because the guys in prison have NO tolerance for people like him. The corrections officers will simply turn a blind eye.

1798 days ago


boo-hoo. He did the crime. He took AMerican money to make his movies. He lived in the USA. He did the crime in the USa. HE NEEDS to rot in prison for 2 years for what he did. Innocent people do not flee. I am ver liberal but crimes against children there is no excuse.

1798 days ago


Patti, this was California in the 1970s. Maybe you're not familiar with the area or the with decade, but that aside, are you seriously blaming a mother for her daughter's rape? She wasn't dropping her daughter off at the whorehouse. Polanski was photographing her for the French edition of Vogue. Her mother was an actress and a model and I'm sure she assumed nothing but professionalism from Polanski. He is a class A dirtbag pedophile and rapist. Don't blame the child or her family for this.

1798 days ago


Good point, Stan. He DID take American money to make his films but chose to evade the American justice system. Now he has to face up to American law, at last. I have a feeling that this so-called medical treatment is an excuse devised by his lawyers to make extradition harder. The U.S. now might have to prove that he is physically fit enough to withstand extradition. What a creep... and so are all the celebrities who stand behind him just because they feel he is "one of them."

1798 days ago


Dear Patti, or should I call you Cleopatra, Queen of DaNile (Denial),
Anyone who uses drugs, like the date-rape drug Roofies - to overpower, subdue and control a child or woman for the purpose of sexual gratification - is a rapist. Plain and Simple. I don't care if celebrities like Whoopie Goldberg don't classify it as "rape-rape". How retarded and misguided is that?
I was date-raped - call it "rape-raped"- when I was 18. This criminal used Roofies. Does that make me a slut?
Sorry, but I don't buy into the "Blame the Victim" mentality. It was a hell of a long time ago but I still bear the scars.
Your way of thinking puts the Women's Movement back a millennium or two. Be quiet. Please.

1798 days ago

AMC Fan    

29. while your all frying him for having sex with a girl he thought was older than 13 or 14, how bout some of that blame going to her Mother! what kind of parent drops her little girl off alone to do a topless photo shoot with anyone at a private residence? Really! lets not put all the blame on Roman, he did not lure this child to his friends house to hurt her, her Mother sent her in there to try and make it big in hollywood. Thats what it was like back in the 70's sleep your way to the top. But she had NO business taking the drink or the pill, she was a teen trying to be a grown up and lying about her age. She had No business being there without a guardian if she was not old enough and though I have not looked up when it became law, there is a law that a child is not allowed to be on any set without a parent/guardian on set at all times. My daughter is 18 and I still go with her on shoots and auditions just to make sure she is not being scammed in any way. I think Roman was off his rocker on drugs and the loss of his wife and child and I think her monther was willing to let her kid do anything to get a chance at the big money.

Posted at 4:05PM on Oct 17th 2009 by Patti

Bottom line. He was the adult. She was the child. He, the adult, took advantage of her, the child. Maybe her mother does play a part but she's not the one that sodomized a child. He was!

1798 days ago


They don't know where he is.....Try the airport.

1798 days ago
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