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C. Brown & The How Not to Beat Women Booklet

10/18/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has a lot to learn in his 52 hours of court-ordered domestic violence counseling -- but if it gets too overwhelming, at least now he'll know how to keep a cool head with the use of a proper "time-out."

Chris Brown Domestic Violence Booklet

TMZ obtained the booklet for Brown's Domestic Violence Awareness Group, which is spearheaded by Commonwealth Catholic Charities in Richmond, Virginia.

The book is full of tips to help Chris learn how not to throw temper tantrums -- including "Time-Out Rules," and the benefits of "deep breathing," "backward counting," and "pleasant imagery."

The booklet also has chapters on all the big no-nos:

- Using Intimidation
- Using Emotional Abuse
- Using Isolation
- Using Male Privilege
- Using Coercion & Threats

When it all comes down to it, Brown just has to remember his ABCs ... as in his Anger button, Behavior and Consequences.


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Chris can do "deep breathing" and "armpit farts", but nothing will stop him from meeting/dating crazy women except a little willpower.

1768 days ago


Why isn't Rihanna required to attend "anti-violence" classes? It's usually the woman who throws the first punch before she gets punched out..LOL.

1768 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Hey Brown,Lil Punk Azz, I have a bet on you. I bet you will violate probation within the next 6 months,and off to THE BIG HOUSE YOU WILL GO.The reason I made the bet is, You keep Dancing in the Mine Field, and it's fixing to blow up in yo face...Just keep dancing

1768 days ago


Rihanna THAT LEZ GIRL, SHOULD BE PUNISHED ALSO DAMIT!SHE SHOULD ALSO HAVE A BOOK "HOW TO NOT ANNOY US MEN" KRAPDAMIT! I'm tired of Chris Brown getting all the blame, This Rihanna girl is a Boyish lez troublemaker SHE PROBABLY STARTED THE WHOLE THING DAMIT!Leave Chris Brown ALONE!

1768 days ago


Rihanna LEZ GIRL, SHOULD BE PUNISHED DAMIT!SHE SHOULD ALSO HAVE A BOOK "HOW NOT ANNOY US MEN" KRAPDAMIT! I'm tired of Chris Brown getting all the blame, This Rihanna girl is a Boyish lez troublemaker SHE PROBABLY STARTED THE WHOLE THING DAMIT!Leave Chris Brown ALONE!

1768 days ago

whats up Doctors    

I was looking at the comments for the Chris Brown story, and only half of them are about Chris,The rest are a Klown and his friends, no harm they are funny.But I'm using that for my point. People are put you out of their mind. which makes you the following and please read it close...
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1768 days ago



1768 days ago


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month! Please do not minimize or trivialize the domestic violence handout by making it gossip news. Chris Brown is a batterer in every since of the word. Perhaps he will learn something in his 52-week training. Most batterers continue to abuse after these types of training. Many of the sessions become victim-bashing sessions. Just be aware TMZ and maybe mention the significance of the month!

1768 days ago


Wouldn't the title "How Not To Be A Typical Black Man" be a more accurate name for the booklet?

Just sayin'.....

1768 days ago


You wrong TMZ, what about xeroxing copies of that damn book and handing it out to the many white folks you pamper on here who have been involved in domestic violence including your staff Harvey, leave Chris alone and go after Rhianna's stupid azz.


1768 days ago


I wonder if the book says anything like, "Don't be a damn player if you expect to have a life free of drama and trauma. Don't beat up your woman when she gets in your face about your girlfriends, because this is the root cause of virtually all Domestic Violence."

That's why Brown beat up Rhianna in the first place. She got in his face about his cheating on her with other women.

For Rhianna's part, if she wants a one-to-one relationship she should find a good honest Man who won't cheat on her. Getting beat is what happens when you try to have an honest relationship with a lying little player like Chris Brown.

1768 days ago


But isn't (c)rap all about:

using Intimidation,
using Emotional Abuse,
using Isolation,
using Male Privilege,
and using Coercion & Threats?

1768 days ago


Are you kidding me ..he needs a book to tell him it's wrong to beat up woman!!..i was married to an abusive drunk trust me no booklet could have helped.

1767 days ago

jOhNNy bOttLeS    

What about the chapter on act'n like a b*tch

1767 days ago


tmz kiss my ass!!! why can't you all leave Chris alone!! guess you all have nothing else to do, ok!!!! ass****!!! Chris Brown supporter

1767 days ago
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