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Cops Search Heene Home

10/18/2009 3:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officers from the Larimer County Sheriff Department showed up at the Heene home with a search warrant late Saturday night.


At least three officers showed up at the home to execute the warrant. They wouldn't reveal what they were looking for but cops were seen carrying away several boxes and a computer.

Sheriff Jim Alderden said earlier in the evening they were planning to file charges against either or both of the parents as a result of the crazy balloon incident that went down earlier in the week.


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Richard, hope you hid your drugs as well as you hid your kid!!!

1797 days ago


It would seem there is a never ending supply of insane people who insist on creating problems for everyone else just for attention. Some people call it personality disorder. How do you treat "bad personality"? Back in the day some one with a personality disorder was better known as an A$$ h----. Come-on please, disorder or not they have to pay the penalty for disrupting others lives. No way should they be given a pass because they are crazy. you can't fix crazy but you can scare it half to death. I hope the cops find the incriminating evidence needed to lock old boy up...he will not learn his lesson if they don't. Promise.

1797 days ago


The KamaSutra - Tantra
I want a refund check for this kind of rubbish .. I take my money and doing real well as help animals .. or woman in Jackson who has to sit on your lazy ass and wait for someone to give him money to feed their children The KamaSutra - Tantra

1797 days ago


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1797 days ago


Jon Gosslien must be so thankful to the Heenes.

1797 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Well their dreams of getting a Reality T.V. Show aren't going up in a balloon. I believe their dreams are going up in SMOKE, Possibly with a little hanger time :)

1797 days ago


What a HOAX that was, the whole family should be arrested... They shut down the Airport, & the POLICE & RESCUE went on a wild goose chase, SHAME ON THEM !!!!! The whole family has LOOSE SCREWS IN THEIR HEADS !!!!!

1797 days ago

whats up Doctors    

I watched the balloon for about 3 hours, while talking to my brother on the phone about it concerned for the boys safety, We were getting altitude reports of 5,000-8,000 feet in the air,knowing if he hit 10,000 feet he would run out of oxygen. I would guess 20 million watched this for 3 hours also. That's 60 million hours this prank disrupted our lives, No telling how many work hours were lost to this hoax.The LOSS to AMERICAS PRODUCTIVITY COULD BE IN THE MILLIONS. Hope the Sheriff contacts all the Agencies to see what laws were broken.

1797 days ago


I don't know what's taking so long. Haven't they seen the video where the mom untethers the balloon and the dad is swearing at her? There are no children in sight. The idiots released the tape themselves. That was enough for me. The really sad part is the farmer who is going to go bankrupt because their wheat field was destroyed with the rescue vehicles driving around it.

1797 days ago

Fred Newsome    

"Ex-Colleague of 'Balloon Boy' Father Says Incident Was Not An Accident"
"Ex-girlfriend of Father: Balloon Incident a Hoax"
Read the stories here:

1797 days ago

Democrats are evil    

I don't understand the anger towards these people. Hollywood and progressives eat up reality shows. You support them and thrive on them. They mostly encourage malicious behavior for ratings and you watch it like never before. Now, what "You" created "The Henne family" you now condone. They are just a product of your less than honorable TV entertainment value and now you've decided to punish them because they acted out their maliciousness on you, and you're pissed. Why? They only did what they thought you wanted to see. And you did. For 2 hrs. you were glued to the flat screen. Liberal Dems, especially in hollywood confuse me. This behavior is OK to exploit for money on your TV shows, but it's deplorable if it bleeds out in real life. You never think about social consequence by what you broadcast. For some reason, there is always a double standard involved. You run Hollywood and you now run politics. You make decisions that affect the public and you don't understand when your influence turns against you. Good luck with that healthcare reform. I image it will turn out similar to the direction that this Henne family is headed. And it is no place good. And they have you to thank for it.

1797 days ago


I'm sincerely pissed at you and your minions Harvey. I spent a good 15 minutes writing/typing connecting the dots between corporate America (in this case Budweiser and Saturday Night Live) and this ridiculous Falcon hot air balloon hoax.

I understand if you would want to sensor hate speech or profanity on your website, but I did nothing but offer prospective to your readers.

It's clear where you loyalties stand: not with the truth, but withe the almighty dollar and those that are responsible to bringing you more of them.

I don't appreciate being censored, ever. You and Craig have something in common, perhaps a couple of things.

1797 days ago



1797 days ago


I'm sure the police in that area are getting a ton of pressure to take legal action, considering majority of the world thinks this was a hoax. The hammer is gonna come down hard on these people. It should. They didn't consider how many lives would be affected by their little stunt.

I just hope the kids will grow up at least somewhat normal.

1797 days ago
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