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Cops Search Heene Home

10/18/2009 3:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officers from the Larimer County Sheriff Department showed up at the Heene home with a search warrant late Saturday night.


At least three officers showed up at the home to execute the warrant. They wouldn't reveal what they were looking for but cops were seen carrying away several boxes and a computer.

Sheriff Jim Alderden said earlier in the evening they were planning to file charges against either or both of the parents as a result of the crazy balloon incident that went down earlier in the week.


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1740 days ago


I literally GASPED when they did not find that boy inside the baloon. I thought for sure that boy was dead and that was a horrible feeling considering my 12 year old was watching along with me. IF THIS WAS A HOAX those kids should be taken away from those freaks and yes they should be punished severly.

1740 days ago


I was wondering if anybody knew who the black guy was that left with them at the police station?

1740 days ago


Sources from within the Sheriff's Department have confirmed that the boys will be charged (remember he said charges AGAINST THE HEENE FAMILY). They repeatedly lied to police and emergency responders during the search. Specifically: "making false statements to law enforcement in the course of an investigation, and obstruction of justice. The office will claim they intend to charge them as adults, in an attempt to calm the local outcry. They will be charged as juveniles and placed into protective custody. This is a faster remedy that waiting for CPS to investigate if the general Heene lifestyle of storm chasing is dangerous for the kids. It will also pacify the public. It will be done as soon as the papers are finished being drafted, e.g ASAP. More to come! I hope this doesn't turn into a murder suicide thing, I really do.

1740 days ago


President Obama, our brave commander in chief is going to end all wars, and peace will guide the planet and love will rule the stars. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.In the bible it reports signs of change and the return of Christ , it says.."look to skys and you will see strang sightings" I think this story proves we are on the brink of his return!....PSYCH!

1740 days ago


Update: Various members of the extended Heene family have been contacted by the Sheriff's office in an attempt to secure temporary supervision of the 3 boys after they are all arrested. None of the extended family members have been willing to accept the responsibility. Our inside source spoke despite not being authorized to comment on the case, under the condition of anonymity. The reasons the family gave were that the boys were impossible to control and that they didn't want to be a part of the spectacle this story has become. Some family members cited the former, some the latter, some both. The boys will be held in juvenile detention, not foster care, since they are being considered willing participants and will be accused criminals, not victims.

1740 days ago


Man, I hope Homeland Security or the FAA can tack on some sort of terrorist act charge to the Heenes for releasing an unauthorized flying object into public airspace.

Let the father face up to 25 to Life and see if he pulls this type of media whore crap ever again.

1740 days ago


Oh, no. This keeps getting worse. You can't arrest the little boys, they were doing what their whack job parents were telling them to. Arrest the parents, and find a sane place for the boys to be taken care of.

1740 days ago


That can't be serious, the juvenile hall thing. A six year old in juvenilee hall with the teen offenders. Yeah, that would improve his long term outlook.

1740 days ago


UPDATE: According to various sources with direct knowledge of the investigations' progress--The parents did not have a lawyer accompany the children while they were questioned for several hours down at the station. Instead they accepted the generous offer of free babysitting by the Sheriff's office! Various statements made by the children during this long "visit" were included in their arrest warrants, currently being drafted. The officers selected were chosen for their casual and fun loving demeanor. The kids trusted them and played with them, speaking freely ("bragging") about the whole ordeal!

1740 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if they're searching for evidence of the parents having intentionally given the boy something to make him vomit during those interviews. (Ipecac, etc) The sherriff's comment that he's looking for more serious charges is a tip.

1740 days ago


So apparently the police had a master plan, lulling the family into a false sense of security.

The network was smart cancelling their show. I mean, after this, who'd believe that these fools weren't faking in a "reality" show as well?

1740 days ago

They were in it for the money    

After watching Larry King Live again last night about this family. I am very concerned about what this Heene character might have done to his family in the past. The boys look like they are in fear as does the mother. They are also on the thin side for their ages. When Falcon runs off from his dad, the dad had this crazed, pizzed look on his face and tried to pass it off as a smile. I sure hope we don't hear about a murder suicide either. He looks like he has pyschotic tendancies. He needs to be Baker Acted.

BTW, what was in those cans the boy kept bringing their father; Beers?

1740 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Well, now we know why Richard never got back to the questions in the suggestion box. As far as I'm concerned, the guy did his wife, kids and himself a Big favor. By pulling this stunt, they can now get the help they all so deperately need. You can see he tried to pass off his visit to the Sheriffs office as no big deal, but the wife got it.

1740 days ago

tigers lair    

I hope the search warrant was for these two nimrods brains....take the kids away from these two freaks!

1740 days ago
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