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Gosselin and Glassman Play Kissy Face

10/18/2009 3:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman arrived to a dinner date at The Oak Room in New York in a horse and carriage.


That loud explosion you just heard would be Kate Gosselin's head exploding.


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Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

roflmmfao 157

1800 days ago


Posted at 11:36PM on Oct 18th 2009 by Jons Fans Are Fatties

Desperate meets Desperate and we know Jon fans are desperate and Jon is most definitely desperate. An attraction based on loneliness and desperation and insecurity,


Is that why Khate was attracted to Jon? Didn't she balloon to over 200lbs?
I'm not a fan of Jon or Khate. They are both douche bags. Just saying what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Jon get's slammed why shouldn't Khate.

FYI, I'm 5' 7 and model for a well know catalog. Guessing you look like a warthog.

Hey Maggie, l told you the "gloves are off" How'd ya like me now hon?

Love Madeleine (Mady)

1800 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

haha, some one struck a nerve of a fattie poster.

MadeLYIN, you remind me of that comic where the fat old dork with the dunlap belly disease is sitting naked at his comp giving stats claiming he is a hot young model. People who feel a need to give their stats and claim they are a model, hahaha, yeah and I am a rocket scientist!

Your BS stinks MadeLYIN! Just you responding to it says volumes that you are one of the tubby two by fours. If you were a model you would not be posting on here ALL the time. The only model you are is a fat chunk of cellulite sitting at her computer fingering herself and modeling for America of what being a frequent flier at McDonalds can do to a lonely woman.

Thanks for your post it cracked me up. You wish you were a model, but you are just a sad person living an altar ego online.

1800 days ago


Kate balloned to over 200 lbs? Yeah because she was pregnant with 8 FRIGGING BABIES!!!! MORON!! How much should she have weighed? 98LBS? Well knowm model my ass. Like that's something to brag about anyway. The losers who troll the internet are always good for a laugh. Are you that stupid whoever said that? Man you need to shut up.

1800 days ago



1800 days ago


LOL Sunka kin hohu wan eyeyapelo mita kola lmao

1800 days ago


There appears to be several people using the name Maggie. I am the one to whom mds145 (#151) directed her ire. I have told no one to look at clips. I spent no time looking for any clips. I saw the photos on Radaronline and, quite frankly, would take back that second of my life if I could. I certainly wasn't expecting Hailey to be wearing something like that. She tends towards the grunge look. I don't care who wore those leggings/tights/etc. They were awful, tacky, and tasteless and I would question the credentials of anyone who wore them and claimed to be an expert on fashion.

To Mady/Madeline/mds145/whatever the heck your name is, get a life! If you want to play some sort of spiteful game, play it yourself. I have long believed in the maxim, "I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed."

1800 days ago


John your x Kate has been gettin her share as well.....take care of your kids and be happy ..misery is not worth it ..And Kate seems hyprocritical .she seems overbearing battle ax...she wears the pants..those kids should getthe $...Kate wants her diamond ring...sorry kids..

1800 days ago


Jessie (#159)

Fair is fair. I don't defend Ms. Glassman's behavior, but that's just a bad outfit. It's like bicycle pants. The only people I have ever seen who look good in them are hardcore cyclists who race or do long distance rides. I think it has something to do with the muscles that are developed doing that that makes them look ok on the cyclist. Anyone else, no matter how thin, looks like either an overstuffed sausage or a sack of potatoes. Even at my very thinnest (which was very thin and very long ago), I would never have worn pants like that out of consideration for my fellow human beings.

1800 days ago


I think that brown mark on the bottom of his shoe is there to remind the world what a sh*t stain he really is! Reminds me of the photo the moron posed for in front of a dog poop pick up truck, there he was with his ugly mugg smiling with the wording on the truck that read something like got unwanted poop, call the Mr. Poop, lol, how appropriate was that for the loser! He is so brain dead he didn't even have the wits about him to realize what a joke it really was! Someone over at ROL made a comment about the picture of his (cough cough) romantic ride in the park to the effect that it's the first time in his life he has taken the reins, so true! Hard to tell from the pictures which horses ass is bigger of the 3 of them.

1800 days ago


Maggie it's probably Arch posting under different names; someone discovered just how whacko the loon is by googling "Jon Gosselin and Arch" and seeing how many posts the loser has made so he is probably picking other screen names now. He has been literally to dozens of different sites spewing his nonbelievable crap; I swear it's old Jon Juan himself trying to sway ppl's opinions, after all he is obsessed with the "court of public opinion" as his lawyer has appealed to and stated he was trying his side of the story in (Larry King). Has anybody heard that the Hellers are cousins of the Glassmans? I read that earlier and couldn't believe it, but hey these ppl are obviously a bit strange themselves.

1800 days ago


You know this s..cks i've been there in a divorce. My ex was very volatile leading up. He accused me of cheating while he was the one cheating. He lost his job, put us into bankruptcy, yet blamed me for not handling the money right. He never could handle the day to day...I always felt like a single mother. I understand that Kate probably did have 9 kids (instead of 8). My ex just admitted to the fact that he was abusing cocaine at the time our marriage fell apart. Might explain the irrational behavior and paranoia, Jon much??? I'm divorced 5 years now and he still is irrational about child support. Now in arrears for $10K, blames me for it. Last text said to get the "dogs off him". GL Kate do what's best for the kids. Yours are young. My daughter was so mad, sad at her father that she started looking for father figures. I'm now raising her child, and she just flaked out and left home. Keep the kids in counseling.

1800 days ago


Jon is finally getting something Kate was not giving Jon.. Romance...... He was a SLAVE.. Do this Do that Do this that this that... Jesus I would have left her too, You could see he was going nuts, It is easy to see he is a sweet guy and good guys are hard to find in this day and time. He is also a good father, People should stop bashing this man.

1800 days ago


its no secret that Heidi is a much better kisser but kate loved anal

1800 days ago


PATHETIC!!!!!!Always being a douchebag and now he has to whore out his whore!! Yeah Hailey I mean you!!! Douchebag just give Kate the divorce already!!! No one believes you anymore and the one that do are stupid as YOU!!!!!!!!!

1800 days ago
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