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Gosselin and Glassman Play Kissy Face

10/18/2009 3:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman arrived to a dinner date at The Oak Room in New York in a horse and carriage.


That loud explosion you just heard would be Kate Gosselin's head exploding.


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I have a great idea for a reality show for John. Let's put him in a big helium balloon with the Heenes, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, and let it go...and go....and just keep on going...

1831 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

180. Actually Maggie, Your "maxim" should have read... "I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed APPONENT"

You're such an idiot.



Posted at 2:53AM on Oct 19th 2009 by mds145


Hahahahahahahahhahahahah.....Oh Hell Bells, are you really that stupid. What? You don't have SPELL check? Heheheheheheheheheh!!!!!

You try your best to come out sounding like you have at least a triple digit IQ....but you just failed that test, BIG TIME.
First of has to actually HAVE wit, to battle with it.
Secondly.. wasn't that you that said just because there aren't pictures of Kate & Steve doesn't mean they aren't having an affair...but you read about it somewhere? ( Snicker...snort...hehe)

5'7 and a catalog model? For what? John Deere? I'm the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe ( I chose Zimbabwe cuz I like the sound of it). I guess being a "catalog"( snicker) model gives you plenty of free time to roust your buddies from the cornfields and gather around your dial up computer to support a loser like Gross-ling. Why is that then? Does he remind you of someone you love? Father? Brother? Boyfriend? Husband? Sister?

"What you lack in intelligence, you more than make up for in stupidity".

1831 days ago


I think what makes this so amusing to me is the fact I saw him in an ET interview early this morning (I think it was ET) saying that in court he looked over at Kate with love but she didn't look back and he can only give love if he gets love back. The interviewer then asked him if he wanted to get up (during their court hearing) and go over and ask her if they could work on the marriage and he said he had felt that way but knew not to with the media around because they would judge his actions (ummmm, you think?). He felt it should be in private. He appears to me to have at least a dual personality (along with any other mental issues not yet diagnosed). One personality says he dislikes Kate and is out with his 20-something and the other personality is saying he wants to get back with Kate. I used to think she was rough on him but the longer I have seen him in action, the more I have to side with her. He says his priority are the kids, maybe he means the kids down between his legs and not the eight at home?!?!?!? Who knows?!?!?!

1831 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Hehe...Well, this Monday is starting out with a bang. Just watched clip on RO with "herself" Octomonster. She thinks Jon is HOT! ( she is so eloquent).
There you have it..its official..and there couldn't be a more lovely couple ( of idiots).
Nice way to prove your jealously toward Kate, Suleman. We all knew that when you ripped Kate to shreds over her picture on the beach. Thats when you said she cheated because of her tummy tuck...and that yours went back naturally...because you have "elastic" skin. Well, if thats the case...why haven't your lips gone back to natural.Or are they a different type of elastic?

ps...don't expect Glassman's father to give you more PLASTIC surgery...once Jon dumps their daughter ( and he will) all the freebie surgeries will be longgggg goneeee.

1830 days ago


gross. they are so nasty and so lame. lookin' good jon! you make yourself look more and more like a douche everyday.

1830 days ago

rose ann    

He is such a dirt ball. what is he going to do when all the money his kids and wife made for him is gone because he has spent it on his girlfriends,his New York apartment,his and his girfriends cars he has bought, his smoking,dining and drinking? Where are her parents? He tells such lies. He takes 230,000.00 out of the bills account claiming he thought this was his salary but the same day claims he is quiting the show and the children can not be taped. Why would he even get a salary for being such a lazy butt as he is always been. If Kate would not of been so in charge telling him how to wipe his butt where would he be?

1830 days ago


How disgusting he can afford dinner at the Oak Room - spending the kids fortune is so despicable. This guy got Wayyyyyyyy too big for his britches. He's one step away from being on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here". He's in Sanjaya territory...

1830 days ago


All you need is love..... la la la la la....(grins)

1830 days ago


Hailey's parents must be so proud.

1830 days ago


Dear Journal
its me again Jon the Con Gosselin yes me and my Ho Hailey Glassman had a nice ride and dinner and you guys didnt!! See I put my kids to work for me that way I never have to work,you guys should try it! this freeloading stealing lying lifestyle is the bomb! and Hailey Ho Glassman doesnt mind as long as I'm stealing money from my kids Hailey Ho will stick around,it doesnt matter if i pay Vegas Hos to sleep with me or cheat with other woman like that nanny I hired from the bar,as long as I freeload and make my kids work and steal from the kids bank account we are good! Ho wont leave she has no shame like me! Showing the world I can afford rides to dinner like this when I dont even have a J.O.B!!!!!! yES DEAR jOURNAL ITS ME JON THE CON AND MY NASTY HAILEY HO MAKING ASSES OUT OF OURSELF FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE!!

1830 days ago


He is a disrespectful pice of $h!??.

1830 days ago


wonder if his mouth taste like a cheap chinese dinner...thats idiot and his new whore!

1830 days ago


God is so ugly. Stop taking photos of this moron. He lost the best looking woman he will ever have.

1830 days ago


#30 Carla:
And Jon Gosselin is supposed to be a lesson to teach the women-folk to "put a smile on their faces and learn to say please and thank you" as they take crap from useless do-nothing, ambitionless slugs like Gosselin? THIS THING, JON GOSSELIN is something to worry about LOSING? Does the mosque or the polygmous sect you belong to know you are on the computer, CARLA?

1830 days ago


Wow! Kate, you sure have been busy trashing your soon to be ex! Who is watching the kids while you sit at the computer posting all of these negative comments about your ex? You are allowed to date when you are separated. You are just jealous because no guy in his right mind will ever have anything to do with you. Kate, you are such a control freak and you are just frustrated that you have no more control over this poor guy.

1830 days ago
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