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Gosselin and Glassman Play Kissy Face

10/18/2009 3:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman arrived to a dinner date at The Oak Room in New York in a horse and carriage.


That loud explosion you just heard would be Kate Gosselin's head exploding.


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Kate Gosselin's Top 10 Angry Moments

by The Daily Beast Video search word: Kate Gosselin


1831 days ago


Be very, very grateful to TMZ for showing her outfit only from the waist up. Radaronline has full length shots and she is wearing skintight leather/pleather leggings (or pants that were painted on her). GWOPers obsess that Kate's outfits or shoes look like something a hooker would wear. I've lived and traveled in major cities and Hailey would fit with street hookers a whole lot better in that outfit than anything I've ever seen Kate Gosselin in. If Hailey is Jon's style consultant, if I were Jon, I wouldn't count on anyone picking up on his proposed clothing line, especially a children's line. I know there's a lot of controversy these days that clothing that stores carry for little girls is too mature and even too sexualized, but I suspect that even people who defend what's on the market now would draw the line at stuff that would make a Bratz doll's outfit look like a nun's.

1831 days ago


Jon, You are a JERK. Kate will be hurt but your kids will never understand. If you can't control your self then do it behind closed doors. If you were my son I'd kick you so hard your dead ancestors would feel it! GROW UP! BE A MAN!

1831 days ago


"Gee your honor...I have no idea where all that money went that I took from my family"....

1831 days ago


I bet Kate Gosselin will shoot some needles out of her porcupine reverse mullet weave when she is provoked by this disgusting photo of Jon playing kissy kissy with some slut.

1831 days ago


Sorry Hailey, but you are f---in ugly. No wonder you're stuck with Jon.

1831 days ago


Jon claims to admire the Jewish people because of their family values. On what planet does a still married man with 8 kids think that he's demonstrating good family values here? So misguided....

1831 days ago

what a loser    

This guy has no conscience. He feels totally justified in what he’s doing, and he just lets the criticisms roll off his back. It’s amazing. He sees himself as some poor guy who inherited a passive or avoidance dna from his father and his father from his grandfather, etc… He believes Kate was his tormentor for a decade and now he has seen the light. He must feel that by living his own ‘truth’, he is doing the best thing he can for himself and his children. I think the term for that is narcissistic with a heavy dose of delusion. He truly believes he has a future in the limelight earning many times more than what he did as a high-school educated IT clerk. He’s going to keep up with these antics and living way beyond his means until the money starts running out (and it will) and he is paying alimony and child support – and fast money celebrity opportunities dry up. No one will even read a tell-all book by Jon. Then all his ‘friends’ who only hang out with him because he pays their way will disappear, as will Hailey. How do I know this, because it happened to me. Jon, the writing is on the wall. Denial may be OK for now while you have money, but it can all change so quickly and you’ll live the rest of your life bitter, broke and alone. Your kids will resent the hell out of you – especially your sons who will defend and protect their mother. Try to salvage your reputation and your relationship with your kids before it’s too late. Quit trashing their mom in the press and try a little discretion.

1831 days ago


would a real movie star please stand and do something interesting so TMZ can take your picture....Anyone!

1831 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

This guy has to be without a doubt the UGLIEST guy on--or off--TV.

1831 days ago


What a complete loser. He needs attention, what a shame. Did he put the money back in that account? Maybe we can get lucky and he will go to jail.

1831 days ago


Finally as he said to Nancy Grace "actions speak louder than words"
interesting actions Douche Bag Wonder what he got paid for that action?

1831 days ago


The more comments on websites the more money the paps make for the photos and the paps pay Jon in cash for posing for them. The paps and Jon are raking in the money right now and we are posting to help them.

1831 days ago


He gives a rats ass about his children. Its all about Jon his pot, and high priced tail.

1831 days ago
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