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Letterman Intern Ready for Late Nite

10/19/2009 1:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Much like he did with Stephanie Birkitt, David Letterman also used Holly Hester in sketches on his old "Late Night with David Letterman."

David Letterman

Here's a bit Dave did with Hester, who claims to have had a relationship with Letterman, all the way back in 1988. In this scene, Hester went by the name Phoebe.


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Girl Matrix    

It's funny how she was "acting" like a studio member...

I guess that's why Dave seemed so surprised by the name she chose, lol.

1831 days ago


So Dave has been on his high horse for years calling other people sleazy. It always comes back dosen't it?

1831 days ago


To: 6. David Letterman is an fugly old man. And his interns are homely whores

Posted at 1:06AM on Oct 19th 2009 by

Couldn't have said it better myself.

1831 days ago


Police running after Letterman's wiener because the intern was curious about it.

1831 days ago


A male celeb using his celeb-ness to get pu$$y!!!?? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That just never happens.

Could we move on now? Like Mr. Lettermen has been the first male to use his power and influence to get some? Or, as if he is the first one to cheat on his woman?

Seems to me he is in a large group of you men out there.

A man is faithful as long as there isn't anyone hitting on him.

Most of the men out there whom have very average looking gals would cheat in a minute if a better looking chick wanted them. Well......Dave's woman whom he has been dating on and off for 20 years is a dog. Sorry, but she is, and it isn't a stretch to see why he got some on the side, sure these gals are not great, but they are better then his wife.

Ladies, a lot of you have not given a sh!t how you looked for decades. Look around your office or workplace and most of the gals of a certain age, look like crap. They could care less, they have a husband and kids now and they don't clean up. No make-up, hair short and in a whatever style, clothes form the 90's. Frumpy.

Now throw a woman on your husband who isn't all of the above, and your man will cheat on you given the chance. Don't fool yourselves.

There are some husbands of the ladies in my job I know would love to see their wives in just a dress let alone some make-up and lipstick! How about some heels?

Wake up ladies, like it or not men are VISUAL!!!!!!!!! they like us to be their little slut, their little pretty slut to be exact.
So, stop being mad when you are walking around with your man and he is checking out the gals who care what they look like. I'm sick of your dirty looks!

I have a man, one I had for twenty happy, sex driven, years!

1830 days ago


Letterman is a typical hypocritical, liberal, POS pervert who is under the Marxist belief of "do as I say, not as I do." I wouldn't expect anything less from such an American hating clown.

Where did all the Mark Sanford jokes go, Dave? KARMA!!!

1830 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Here is a good poll for TMZ to post:
Would you rather give Bill Clinton a BJ or let David Letterman climb on top?

1830 days ago


Letterman is a sad old pervert. Only the homely looking plain Jane types he could pork. They did it too keep working on world wide pants. Even the name of his company is pathetic. CBS needs to get a new replacement for him- he is disgusting!! CBS could do alot better..

1830 days ago


Here come the Letterman trolls trying to convince everyone that it's no big deal because god forbid any MONEY be lost.

This is sickening to watch. She looks like his daughter. This could not be more predatory. What is this pathology where he goes for the most vulnerable girls - kids, unpaid, powerless. Also, he was in a relationship. Why even bother being in a relationship if you're dogging interns? What a user. She is about the age now that he was then. She probably could not imagine hitting on a college intern.

It's really disappointing to fans who loved Dave and bought his good guy schtick. Especially female fans because he seems to have hostility for women.

The idiots who say nobody got hurt either have a personal agenda, or know nothing about being female in the workplace.

1830 days ago


Was this chick even 18 when this picture was taken!?!?! Talk about a pedophile. I suspect dirty Dave's closet goes much deeper than the handful of hapless interns he bullied into sleeping with his miserable arse!!!

1830 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

CBS should hire Jay Leno for that time slot. Conan O'Brien is as boring as David Letterman. Guess there aren't too many morals at CBS. Remember the long married CEO of CBS left his wife for that slutty Julie Chen. She gives new meaning to "sleeping your way to the top". Letterman should retire - he's old, ugly, not funny, and a pervert. What's he going to do now that he can't make fun of other people?

1830 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Having sex with David Letterman makes me want to barf. YUCK!!! Guess these girls felt they had to, to keep their jobs. What's with his ugly band leader wearing sunglasses all the time? Is he on drugs? Letterman and his band leader are the most unattractive men on televsion - downright nasty looking.

1830 days ago
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