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DMX Goes Ballistic at Charity Concert

10/19/2009 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He was late ... to a very important date ... and when he arrived, DMX went nuclear on security guards who wouldn't allow him perform at a charity event this weekend.

DMX: Click to watch
The rapper got into a screaming match with security when he arrived to a Colorado Springs concert nearly 90 minutes after security was told he was scheduled to perform. In the video, both sides can be seen going off on each other.

X, his bodyguards and fans eventually got into a shoving match with security in front of the stage, while the crowd -- who had already been told he wasn't going to show -- chanted "DMX! DMX!"

He eventually got on stage -- but the sound system was reportedly turned off so he couldn't perform.

Only DMX could turn a charity event into a melee.


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Tye Tanikk    

Way to go hippies... you've burdened us with these terrorists.

1839 days ago


what concert starts on time, they know they should have let him perform, and as you can see the crowd still wanted to see him

1839 days ago

love her!    

DMX go away...signed all the normal people with enough respect to show up on time...

1839 days ago

doc murry    

yeah man when i be livin in cave creek i had a real nutjob loser for a neighbor ,,some jive ass punk named bruce..reason i was late was this cracker was parked behind my ride..

1839 days ago


TMZ imma have to correct the statement and footage... for the full real story go to this link and see the story and other videos related... dmx was made too look bad but he was not wrong in any way it was the promoter of the show fault cuz he aint have the money he owed dmx to preform... so he cut the sound and threw security on dmx for being late wen in fact he was the one that told dmx's people that he wasnt preformin til 11 so he was there wen he was told its just that john from soulclay that was tryin to come up wit a way to finishing payin DMX or gettin out of payin that was the issue... NOt DMX

1839 days ago


I was there that night!! crazy crazy crazy!!! haha!!! i was pissed they didnt have chrome soda too!!

1839 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

God it's so good to not know people like him and his crew. I love the people in my life and they are nothing like DMX, he and his crew are bad seeds and they need to go back to the hood to which they fit in at. DMX is a DRUG ddict with a very low IQ and his only way of solving a thing is through violence and being aggressive.....straight stupidity. This is one of the reasons black people can't have functions and are treated differently, when push comes to shove they only act with fist,guns and screaming. Must suck to not know how to talk to people and use your mind, how to make something good out of something bad, how to find an answer without riots.

1839 days ago


Lmao! that was funny. That buttkisser was screaming more than DMX. I dont know why though aint like DMX is gonna toss him some extra money for takin up for him. This was real stupid.

1839 days ago

S D M F    

How do you spell has been.......DMX

1839 days ago


He's an idiot. He was 90 mins. late. I gather they didn't want him to take the stage because they didn't want to pay him because it appears he broke his contract. If he begins his show then he can argue he completed his obligation. DMX is a BUSTER!!!! People need to stop hiring him.

1839 days ago


Starting a riot is against the law. Put the thug, DMX, behind bars.

1839 days ago


I like BMX. It's kinda like riding motorcycles, but on a smaller scale.

1839 days ago


1839 days ago


Leave it up to the media and TMZ to create a bias view of what really happened. Most people that have made a negative comment about this have only seen TMZ's version of this video. There was no riot, but there were many upset fans. DMX did not cause anything, but instead, tried to do what any dedicated artist would do and give the fans what they came to see. Instead, he was met by security that decided to abuse their power and not "secure" the situation. Instead their actions caused most of the "melee" that was seen in this video. I personally know quite a few poeple that were a part of this event, and they're stories all seem consistant, and are to the contrary of what TMZ has done to this video. And so everyone knows, as a performer myself, this is what happens when a promoter tells his artist one thing and his security another, things go bad, and the media gets their hands on it to make a quick dollar off of someone. But good or bad, publicity is still publicity. Nice try TMZ, but you didn't make a beleiver out of me this time.

1839 days ago


Oh and by the way, I will agree with some of you guys and say that DMX, as a multi million dollar artist, could have acted more professaional. but the same goes for the promoter of this event. This could have been avoided if he would have interviened instead of letting things get out of control. in any footage that you will find, you will not find the promoter anywhere trying to reason with DMX or defuse the situation.

1839 days ago
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