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Larry Birkhead -- DA Tried Strong-Arming Me

10/19/2009 3:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead was asked today whether the prosecutor in the case tried to unfairly influence him.

Larry Birkhead: Click to watch
During cross examination, Ellyn Garofalo, the lawyer for Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, asked Birkhead if Deputy DA Sarah Slice cornered him in the hallway last Friday and accused him of taking Howard K. Stern's side when he testified. Birkhead acknowledged the conversation and felt chastised.

Birkhead testified Slice suggested something was developmentally wrong with Dannielynn because of Anna Nicole Smith's drug use.

Outside court, Birkhead said Dannielynn was not only fine, some doctors have told him she's advanced for her age.

And there's this ... Birkhead testified he's raked in around $2 million from media outlets.

The best part -- the prosecutor was asking about reality shows, and the judge jumped in .... "I don't care about that unless it has to do with a balloon or something."


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I give Birkhead credit he fought for his child after Anna death & taking care of his child.I don't believe he was involved with any drugs when he dated Anna....

1832 days ago


Larry is being greed.

1832 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

This disgusting parasite, opportunist, hom**exual is back-tracking; they need to play his previous testimonies against Stern and "catch"him! he and Stern are now best buds and prob more, so now he doesn't want to put him away. I hate this vulture LB; after making Debra O dust him off and make all America believe him to be a choir boy, he turns around, teams up with Stern to crucify her! And what about the money LB, you gotta pay!! Don't give it all to your boyfriend! Pay Debra.

1832 days ago


Here we go again! The greed, and stupidity of these people is never ending. All the selfishness they bring to the taxpayers of their communites should be paid back. He seems to have made enough to dip into his pocket and pay the citizens back.Americans are sick of all of the non payers Jacko, Dr. Murray, The Quaids,the drug heads like Anna,Jacko,and the dead ones like DJ AM, Ledger and those lists are miles long.Next up are the pedophiles like Polanski.What this freak has caused in taxpayers monies for years has to be huge. It is astounding how many times all of the freaks get a break from the law ,and the rest of us have to do time in jail, or, pay increased costs to courts and police and DA's,EMS services to help these criminals out.America is sick and tired all of them!

Posted at 2:37PM on Oct 19th 2009 by jean

Read more:

Your 'raving like a f'kn LUNATIC'??! Let's see how many 'bones' are lying around in YOUR closet?

1832 days ago


First off, Larry and Howard are not best friends. They've come together to do what's in the best interest of Dannielyn. Howard is the executor of Anna's will. Second one of the main reasons Anna dumped Larry was the fact he wanted her to stop taking drugs, he's said on many occasions he was always trying to get her to stop so get off your high horses you haters! Larry's a great dad and I'm happy for Dannielyn that he's there for her!

1832 days ago


Isn't it illegal for a DA to confront a witness like that. She should be held in contempt of court and brought up on ethical charges for that display of blatant tampering and strong arming a witness.

1832 days ago

Wasted Spice    

just wonderin what will happen to Anna's estate if they all go to prison ? will HS lose his license to practice law ? how does that work ?

1832 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Larry and his lawyers have been folding over every corner to save his ass with these stories he's telling on the stand. Backtrack, deflect, backtrack, deflect.

Same tricks, different day.

1832 days ago


I do not think under any situation the DA had a right to tell larry about DanniLynn and her stages of developement. That is none of her business and it was a cheap shot.
DanniLynn seems fine and intellegent. if she has any learning disabilities it is NOT something Ms.Slice had any right to comment on.
This judge is better then Judge Larry.
If Larry was druggin he was not a heavy user and he did try to get Anna to stop..That is way more then Stern did. Stern is a huge part of why Anna Nicole is dead. He enabled her, handed her drugs just becasue he was scared she would tell him to leave if he did not.
If he really loved and cared for Anna, he would of NOT given her drugs, or gotten them in his name nor enabled her as much as he did.
When she was in the hospital Larry refused to bring Anna drugs. Stern on the other hand snuck the drugs in and gave them to Anna while she was pregant.
The reason Anna left the states was to get away from Larry becasue he would not enable her to do drugs and that was her way to get payback.
Howard k Stern, gave Anna whatever she wanted, and was too much of a whimp to say NO...
This Ms.Slice had NO RIGHT to say anything to Larry unless it was under oath and in questioning.
I personally hope Stern and the two enabling doctors who cared more about Anna's money, then weather she was a addict or not end up in prision. If they were legit doctors, and Howard was a man Anna would maybe be alive today.
Anna had a severe infection in her butt and instead of getting a real doctor, Stern was more worried about the media and publicity. I do not see why you all dis-like Larry he may not be perfect but he is being a great dad to DanniLynn and he love Anna enough to say NO, and try to get her help. It is too bad that others around her did not say NO..And get her the help she really needed...

1832 days ago


This whole case in going on because of Virgie Author wanting to take Dannielynn away from Larry. Anna's mom has been looking for a payday since Anna died. Quinn and team has been pushing this drug case through Brown so she can get some of Marshalls money IF AND WHEN IT COMES..Go after Howard and get him off the estate and then go and get Dannielynn money, or a portion of it.

1832 days ago


Larry Birdhead's whole story changed once he got the golden child. I remember what he said under oath in Florida about Howard giving Anna drugs. He can't have it both ways now.

1832 days ago

Attention Ho    

Well look who took this pic of Anna passed out on the dance floor.

1832 days ago


I have never seen Dannie Lynn walk. She is always held by Larry Birkhead. Maybe that along with her crossed eyes suggests developmental disabilities. Parents never like to accept their child is slow. Just sayin.........

1832 days ago


The reason Anna dumped Larry, she used him to have a baby. And the reason she moved to the Bahamas is because she was afraid Larry would fight for custody because in the United States with her drug problem she would be a unfit mother and Larry would get cusdody and Anna new this. Anna WAs a lier and she did drugs the way Anna wanted to do them. If anyone said anything to her about it like Michael Jackson she would cut them out of her life.Thank God Larry has Danielynn she is alot better off growing up away from Annas crazy drugged up life style.

1832 days ago


Dannielynn running. Perhaps u forgot this or chose to ignore it

1832 days ago
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