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Larry Birkhead -- DA Tried Strong-Arming Me

10/19/2009 3:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead was asked today whether the prosecutor in the case tried to unfairly influence him.

Larry Birkhead: Click to watch
During cross examination, Ellyn Garofalo, the lawyer for Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, asked Birkhead if Deputy DA Sarah Slice cornered him in the hallway last Friday and accused him of taking Howard K. Stern's side when he testified. Birkhead acknowledged the conversation and felt chastised.

Birkhead testified Slice suggested something was developmentally wrong with Dannielynn because of Anna Nicole Smith's drug use.

Outside court, Birkhead said Dannielynn was not only fine, some doctors have told him she's advanced for her age.

And there's this ... Birkhead testified he's raked in around $2 million from media outlets.

The best part -- the prosecutor was asking about reality shows, and the judge jumped in .... "I don't care about that unless it has to do with a balloon or something."


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As I posted on before this hearing began, when TMZ reported Jerkhead's testimony would suddenly be "very favorable" for Stern, CHARGE HIM WITH PERJURY if his testimony differs from what he said UNDER OATH in Seidlin's courtroom.

1793 days ago

Elaine 27    

Larry and Howard K Stern are high fiving each other and laughing to the bank. Is Larry going to sue this DA now? Just asking, we know that he has a reputation of suing others for a living.

1793 days ago

paris phillippe    

it looks like birkhead has face makeup on.

1793 days ago


32. I have never seen Dannie Lynn walk. She is always held by Larry Birkhead. Maybe that along with her crossed eyes suggests developmental disabilities. Parents never like to accept their child is slow. Just sayin.........
Posted at 6:57PM on Oct 19th 2009 by missy

God you Virgie supporters are sick. To actually want something to be wrong with DL just so Howard can be brought down …sick
Gee. I wonder why Larry lets Virgie have nothing to do with DL. That’s a real head scratcher

1793 days ago

Jury Consultant    

31. Well look who took this pic of Anna passed out on the dance floor.

Posted at 6:56PM on Oct 19th 2009 by Money Hungry Birkhead


Nice try , that photo is a fake .

1793 days ago

Jimmy Davis    

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1793 days ago


i cant stop looking at that picture of him! he is so beautiful. great, now i've got a crush on harvey and larry. just kidding!!!!! maybe

1793 days ago


The kid's fine. Larry Birkhead's hot.

1793 days ago


Birkhead is covering for Stern because Stern is still involved in the case against the Marshall and Birkhead wants the money so he has to befriend Stern. You think Birkhead could wear just a little more makeup. What a sad whimp he is?

1793 days ago


I'm ashamed of him. He is by far the worse coward I've ever seen and gives all men a bad name. His father is rolling over in his grave over the disappointment of a piece of crap like Birkhead

1792 days ago

Wasted Spice    

No one believes a word Howard OR LARRY speaks. With both of them they change the story according to the weather report , every day it's a new world, like we can EVER FORGET what happened with Howard's LOVE.......

1792 days ago


The DA shouldn't have to strong-arm Larry into condemning Howard and those quack doctors. Anyone who could witness that sort of reprehensible conduct and NOT absolutely use the court room as a vehicle to make sure those monsters get what they deserve is gutless! If Larry is holding out because he thinks he needs Howard for some kind of revival of Anna's bogus claim against the Marshall Estate then he needs to think twice because that claim can only go down in flames and his incriminating testimony against Howard would be a chance for him to do some real good and see that justice is served.

1792 days ago


50. I'm ashamed of him. He is by far the worse coward I've ever seen and gives all men a bad name. His father is rolling over in his grave over the disappointment of a piece of crap like Birkhead

Posted at 8:03AM on Oct 20th 2009 by Tom

I see. First we have to drag a 3 year old child into this crap. Now we have to drag in Larry’s deceased father. You all are something else.

1792 days ago

bring it on    

Birkhead is now a puppet for Stern. I can hear Stern now, DIVERT the attention Larry, it will be worth your while at the end of the month when I give you your monthly check.

Hey Birkhead... did you forget you testified about STERN taking the duffle bag to Anna when she was in the hospital? Guess what puppet's on tape!!


1791 days ago
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