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Attorney: Heene to Plead Not Guilty

10/19/2009 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A lawyer for Richard Heene says he expects the suspected mastermind of the "Balloon Boy" hoax to be charged by Wednesday -- and when that happens Heene will plead not guilty.

Richard Heene

Heene, less chatty than before, brushed past photogs this morning as he went into his home.


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the truth hurts huh    

6. Leave the guy alone.

Posted at 12:45PM on Oct 19th 2009 by ken

Yeah - alone in a jail cell.

1829 days ago


i knew he was either going to lawyer up or plead insanity. i wanted this over with darn it.

1829 days ago


Looks like Daddy's been "Pussified"!

1829 days ago


When they make a movie about this, and they will, Treat Williams should play the dad. Treat's a little bit older, but there is quite a bit of resemblence.

1829 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Only in America an idiot can film him and his wife letting their ufo go flying off and then blame their boy. It took less than a week for authorities to file charges
Only in America a Doctor injects an entertainment icon with drugs and icon dies, admits to doing it and is still on the loose after almost 5 months.

Whats wrong with da pickture?

1829 days ago


You have your 15 minutes of fame - was it really worth it? Was it all you thought it'd be?

1829 days ago


The Heenes have been very busy designing a private website that you ALL should visit!!! I can't believe his has been overlooked... viewers of TMZ should LOVE this!

Check out his website at! I checked the domain registration, and it is registered to "my you me" and Richard Heene.
It is unbelieveable, I promise!

1829 days ago


That`s what happens when you beg for get the wrong kind of attention. What an idiot.

1829 days ago


Even if a show was involved in getting them to do it which I doubt seriously...they would also be in trouble. This is what a defense attorney does and that is make everything be proven. He will make some bucks, hit the talk shows for his client and play along. I would imagine there is plenty of proof that can be used.
The parents never mentioned they were the ones letting the thing go in the air and it took 20 min or more before they called the cops. call FAA and a news station to get a helicopter going before you call the cops. Duh!

1829 days ago


HEY LOOK!!! It's media!! The hoax worked!!! Dumb ass!

1829 days ago

Sad sad    

Why is everyone staring at his butt in the picture? Is his BOXers? hanging out?

1829 days ago


He is a douchbag....And when the Sheriff said that some media outlet has given him money for his story, i wonder if its TMZ.....

1829 days ago

Buck Naked    

Stuff this douche bag and his wife in a big balloon and let them float way. Dumb asses.

1829 days ago


Regardless if he gets charged or not .... this freak will STILL get a Reality Show out of this ... IT ALWAYS HAPPENS!! just like octo mom did ... there will be a cable network that will want him, becasue they know that people will watch this nut job!

He may get fined, but I doubt he will face any jail time .... some sorry @ss network is going to feel sorry for him casue he will not be able to afford to pay off the restitution for damages and will give him the means to do so .... and the greed will set in just like OCTO MOM!

as long as the media follows him around, (which is giving him waht he wants) this will just further his "reality career" The media once again will allow a this media whore to gain what he wants ... this is how octo mom got her "start" the media needs to stop gin=ving this nut job what he wants....

1829 days ago

Malibu Barbie    

PLEASE TMZ and all other Media outlets.....stop the reality tv covereage......jeez, all these wannabes are losers.....enough already.....Hollywood please come not make this loser husband & wife the new Jon & Kate

1829 days ago
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