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Big Time Reality Producer -- Heene's a 'Liar'

10/19/2009 7:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The CEO of a big time reality show production company says Richard Heene lied his way through Hollywood trying to hock a reality show that could have put his kids in harm's way.

Richard Heene, Tom Forman

Tom Forman, the CEO of Relativity Real and creator of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," tells TMZ he saw the Heene family on "Wife Swap" and was both "intrigued and aghast." Forman says he ended up speaking with Heene on the phone a month ago and discussed Heene's idea for a reality show about his family -- including the small kids chasing storms.

Forman says Heene gave his word that he had not pitched the show to anyone else. Turns out, just days later, Forman's people were in a meeting with TLC about another show and they raised the Heene proposal. The TLC folks said not only had Heene pitched the show to them a week earlier, he flew to L.A. to personally make the sell.

Forman says Heene is a "liar" and he made one last call, telling Heene never to contact them again.


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The word is Hawk, Hawk, Hawk, Henne tried to Hawk a show, not Hock. Come on TMZ, get it together, Harvey, you are an attorney, you know better than this

1828 days ago


just let him go so he can build a balloon big enough for Lindsay Lohan and John Gossleinso they can float away on , and then POP in the middle of the Atlantic !

That would ROCK !

1828 days ago


Reality Real must be Real Racists because they hate asian mixed children and they don't allow asians on their shows.

1828 days ago

homie 1 kanobe    

Yo Heene,The JIG is up, You crazy Mo-Fo.

1828 days ago


I see someone beat me to the "hock" correction. No big deal really, but geez guys, you are in the biz. I would have thought you knew that.

1828 days ago


Clearly this dude is unstable and needs immediate medical attention. The kids need to be taken away from them and the mother needs to go back to where she came from. She has a face of a beaten woman. She is abused and its VERY CLEAR. I hope they investigate that as well.

PS: SORRY DONNAR your incorrect. Look up YOUR word!! Your wrong darlin!!!

1828 days ago


Ok, ok, OK, I'm happy for the Heenes being caught, and imma let this story finish, but I have to say that the Japanese make the BEST DAMNED REALITY SHOWS EVER.

1828 days ago


Why haven't the authorities taken away the children from this insane couple?

1828 days ago


Hawk : (verb)
1: sell or offer for sale from place to place [syn: peddle, monger, huckster, vend, pitch]

1828 days ago


wow i guess this storm is a bit to much for him

1828 days ago


bloggers check out you can post anonymouscomments about anyone, celebs, co-workers, exes, you don't have towait for an article to comment. Start your own topic or people

1828 days ago


Hawk means to solicit, pitch, etc. Hawk, not Hock Two seperate meanings. Check Websters Dictionary

1828 days ago


Put this tool in prison and bill him on top of that.

1828 days ago

jim goosh    

I hate these people. First off they are such bad actors. She does look beaten up, but she' s also homely as hell. The kids are cute, for now, but in a few years, they gonna be all Sean and Julian Lennon-ny.... EWE ...YUCK>>>>>>BARF, But these kids need to be taken away 'cause you know that sicko is gonna beat up that kid for slipping up , if he hasn't already done so.
Put them both in jail and and make them pay that poor farmer, whose barely getting buy, whose crops they ruined by having all those vehicles drive over their wheat.

1828 days ago


Amazing.......TLC has Scruples

1828 days ago
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